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Big flood in my Complex, nobody would help. So I stepped in.

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:54 AM
This was after I first moved to Florida, roughly 2 months before that I had lived in Michigan. It was a very rainy day and it continued on for almost two days when the unthinkable happened. They say that our Complex was safe from Flooding, they were wrong:

It started out small. You can't tell in the pic but on our Golf Course there is a small pond and along the road's edge we have a small river that flows around some of the complex. I kept watching as the rain continued to pour down and the golf course started to increase with more and more rain. I wasn't surprised, I have seen this type of downpour before. What I didn't expect was for the Pond and River to connect and how deep and strong the current could actually get.

As you can see, some elderly people believed that they could make it through. Before this car, another was stuck in the ditch and almost turned over (the blazer in front). That was the first person I got out and the depth wasn't all that bad yet. People continued to try and get through and soon I would be taking out 8 people from their cars thinking that they would have no problem reaching their street:

In the deepest parts the water would reach up to my chest. While I was trying to get this lady to come out of the car, she kept asking me "Will my car be ok?" She was saying this as water was rushing in. I knew I just had to get her out or she would either drown or be swept away with the current.

During this time a lot of people were outside taking pictures and recording. Most were old so I can understand why they weren't helping but there were a few who could have. I guess I can't blame them for not helping but I never had a doubt in my mind that I needed to get these people to safety.

After awhile, I noticed a cop car sitting at the edge of my street (you can't see it here and nobody got a picture of it) and I had told him that he needs to block the street off right now. They didn't listen to me and was waiting for the fire department. People still continued to try and drive through which, like the others, got stuck as well.

After I got all the people out and the Fire Department finally blocked the street off they brought out their rafts. I had already told them that I had gotten everyone out but I understand that they wanted to double check. By this point, my feet and legs were tore up from Fire Ants, something that had never happened to me in Michigan and I eventually had to go to the pharmacy to get some pain relievers. It was one of the worst feelings in my life. I noticed my feet and legs were itching really bad before I found them but I had to get the people out before I could check what was going on. The Ants had attached themselves to my Socks and shoes trying to cling on to something so the current couldn't take them.

The Main News Stations in my city could and would not cover the story because it would "look bad on the complex" and, even though I didn't expect any, I received no thank you cards from any of these people. I'm not saying this because I think I should have got some, I would have done this regardless as anyone that cares would have but it was like they had all forgotten about me. I would like to have at least had some feedback from these people to make sure they were ok and nobody contracted any sicknesses (we have recycled water in our complex and this river is really nasty).

Would you do the same for these people?

Well, that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I have been meaning to post this for a long time so I figured I would finally do it.

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:34 AM
That was very thoughtful and courageous of you. Those people might not have gotten out if it weren't for you. I totally understand your feeling about being forgotten. When someone goes above and beyond for others it's nice to know it was appreciated. You should be proud of yourself because you did something not everyone would do and possibly saved 8 lives. Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't jumped in to help?

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:04 AM
I love reading about conspiracies, esoteric teaching, and other random nonsense, but it's threads like these that restore faith in my fellow mad. Kudos.

Lol, ATS emoji

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by Polymath

Good job. - I have spent my life doing kind and generous things and not getting "recognition" for it. There's a reason religions and mystical traditions say you can't expect rewards for altruism, and human nature is one - people really do not like feeling beholden to others and they'd mostly prefer to deny the debt ever happened. But it's still just better to put good energy into the world than bad vibes - think of it as a "pay it forward" initiative.

And on behalf of all those people who did not say thanks, a great big THANK YOU! from your fans on ATS.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by Polymath

Unsung Hero,
it sounds as if the description is fitting. I appreciate people who do not just stand in the crowd and gawk as trajedy begins to develop. When you have people like yourself who take action, often times trajedy is prevented.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 09:42 AM
You're a hero in my book! What a horrible mess that was. I'm very happy to hear you helped these folks! Well done sir!!!

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by Polymath

Yeah, peeps are strangely not so independent/resourceful while behind the wheel.

Up in Wa. state some years back we had a good snow storm that got hard-packed by all the cars in the supermarket parking lot.

Cars would get stuck in ruts and potholes. And the line of cars would just sit there. Like they're waiting for a firetruck to come rescue them...

Nobody lifted a finger for anyone until after I got out of my car and started pushing the car ahead of me.

All of a sudden, a mob of willing participants got the line of cars moving again.

Thanks for making yourself available to help these people. I'm grateful even if nobody else gives a snap.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 11:46 AM
I'm glad I could share it with you all. I really didn't want nor expect recognition from the people in my complex. None of these people even knew me since I was new here anyway. I would have just liked to know that none of them got sick from the water or anything else.

It was definitely an experience I won't forget. I remember thinking the whole time "I hope there's no gators"

A few days after this they came in and redid a lot of there sewers so it couldn't flood like that again. I just hope that they actually fixed it instead of applying a quick and cheap fix.

@Mods: Thanks for moving the thread. I wasn't sure what the best section would be so I just thought..Flood? Fragile Earth.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Polymath

Maybe it wasn't so much that they took you for granted...
More than likely, especially if they were elderly,
they were probably in shock & everything seemed to happen so fast!

Probably a few days later, when things calmed down,
& they had time to think about what had happened,
they realized how serious the situation had been.

Did you recognize any of them at the time?
If not, & they didn't know you either,
then later they wouldn't know who to thank.
I'm sure at the time everything was a blur too!

People of the older generation, are usually very quick to say, 'thank you'!
So I'm pretty sure that's what happened!
I'll bet their families are very appreciative too!!!!

Thank goodness you were at the right place at the right time!

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by Polymath

Good for you from a current Michigander, once a Miamian as well. Thats why Im a disaster volunteer with Homeland Security and FEMA.

I dont do it for any thanks...I do it because I like helping those who cant help themselves, and because someone has to do it. May as well be me...and you.

I'd like to thank you...for them in Clearwater...that you helped.

Best MS

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