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Trade Me.

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posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 09:55 AM
So what you got to trade? I got all this. I'm looking to trade. I guess we have to play with in the rules so that means no money or actual material possessions will be traded. But we can trade other stuff like ideas and words and thoughts.

I got 10 years on the line most extreme form of suffering you can imagine experienced top quality pain suffering 24/7 for 10 years.

I believe in the future when thoughts are setup on a market. My suffering and pain will go for top dollars.

I must be like the oldest man in the world pain wise. I am old and i'm only 35. I am an old man. I have lived 100 lives no one at all.

I perhaps have a few perfections developed from suffering though I can't name them and i'm still very weak.

So what do you have to trade. I reckon I can afford just about anything. Trade me your words. Ebay me some of your thoughts and ideas.

What do you have to trade me?

Also not only am I looking to trade but i'm looking for charity as well. I'm poor spiritually and of mind. Your charity would be appreciated which could go in the form of a post of some of your words in unique arrangement in this thread. Yay for charity.

So I want to trade. A long term sufferer of the top 1%. Already from this first post you receive life I hope, it's possible.


What you got to trade?


posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 09:58 AM

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 11:09 AM
Clicked on this thinking you had some collectibles.
I've got some coins.

I am disappoint.

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 11:59 AM


Or married.

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 10:24 PM
Well we must have something we can play the trading game with other than money and material possessions. I reckon there's other things to trade. Matthew 13:45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.

So this is me seeking fine pearls. I'm a merchant and trader as we all are possibly.

My words offer trade. Words aren't possibly given enough value. The truth is extremely valuable. People who know the truth have an advantage. I'm looking for a fine pearl. I don't know what it is yet. I'm hoping i'll know it when I perceive it.

Spend some words in this thread in charity or trade. I have initiated the trade with my words coming first. If you post you are trading back.

Your words probably have no value to me but it depends on what you write.

Information can be encoded in and exchanged with words. Can you help ManKind? What do you possess that will help or improve the world that can be traded to others so you yourself profit?

How can we profit each other? What resources do we have apart from money and material items to trade in, there must be other things?

I guess we are all just that poor that we only have money and material items to trade in. Poor poor poor.

We are trading right now as you read my words I think.

Anyway I just thought that as a merchant looking for fine pearls I could trade something that I have in excess for something of value that you have in excess in return.

There are no established trade protocols I mean we don't even know what we're trading in.

Can you trade in LOVE between friends family strangers and even enemies? There's plenty of anger to be traded in the world.

How do I lift some of your burdens through trade? I'm sure I can make your load lighter as you can mine.

I can't think of anything to trade other than these words i'm writing which don't hold much value as of yet.

How do you know your not talking to someone who will one day be famous thereby making these posts famous along with those who replied?

Ok I propose this. Oneday I will be famous. Making this thread and any thread of mine on ATS Famous. If you post in this thread then oneday when the truth finally comes out this thread will be dragged up and depending on what you say you will be viewed possibly by alot of people. How you respond to me will be measured on a world wide scale.

Yep. This is something else i'm offering in the trade. I say I will be famous in the future one day, it could be after I die but I will be famous.

You need to trade with me by posting in this thread. You get the chance to operate in the dark through faith maybe this. If you fail to post in this thread yet read it and remember it then it will be counted as a missed opportunity. You really need to post something.

So i'm offering a trade. Couple things. My suffering experience and that I will be famous making posts in my threads possibly famous at least to be viewed by many people.

If you post in other threads they will be forgotten. My threads will remain for a lot longer. This is the trade you get for posting. All you need to do is post in this thread.

Be careful what you trade.

Trade me something in this thread today other than material and money. If we rule those out what do we have left possibly to trade? What is the fine pearl.

Trade Me Please.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by leeda

We all have pains. Behind every of our smiles we hide our bitterness, behind every victories we hide our defeats.

It's not something you trade - it's something you hold on, dear at the center of your heart. For only someone who knew darkness will try to see the light. Only someone who saw defeats will try to make something great - and that's how geniuses are created. That's how one changes the World.

posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 11:59 AM
We have to lift and elevate people and help them in their current positions hopefully taking them to the next or a higher level. If the planet or whole world has an output rating or life measurement then we need to lift the output or measurement.

I believe every lifeform on the planet counts towards the total output. We need to lift everybody and everything. We must love our enemies and find peace perhaps where there had been none.

If you intervene in someones life at the right moment you could have them living in a class above what they would of been.

So this is what we need. I charge you to help people. The planet as individuals can be lifted. Everyone just needs to do a little bit more than nothing and we can win. Not even everyone needs to help but obviously the more that take the effort to help the greater the life output rating and the greater the victory.

By your choices you can also live a higher life follow a higher stream. It might not take work but a choice you make can affect your life and the stream you live.

Your own current class can be lifted by your own efforts. So it's also about helping yourself.

Everyone grows stronger everyday. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

I hope I have altered your world. This comes from me as a kid at kindergarden. I was thinking about grace and good and evil. I came up with that evil copies good and learns from good twisting what good gave to evil to it's own ends. I figured that as evil was copying good I could lead evil into captivity by getting it to copy me in a certain way.

It gets a bit fuzzy but at the standard nobody does nothing rate with evil copying good then evil would match good grace point for point and eventually evil would beat good. But if good people start lifting others and themselves then good starts to get extra turns before the next cycle and more abundant grace is produced and it starts to be that for every point evil produces grace abounds even more and produces multiple points.

There is a teaching from good that you get a choice. If you choose to convert it to evil you condemn yourself and there is no one to blame but your very own self. Good is the original source. All will be seen in the light.


posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 12:22 PM
Good thread. It'll make people think.
What about your life would you trade with another person?
Do you think your suffering is more than someone else?
Would you be willing to give that person your suffering, if you took his instead?

It reminds me of that story that people get told ...

A man tired of carrying his cross asked St. Peter if he could trade it in for a different one.
So St. Peter took him to a room full of crosses and told him to pick one that he would rather have.
So the man went around the room ... looked at all the crosses.
Some were huge and heavy. Some were small but red hot with pain.
Every size and shape and color and weight ....
When the man had gone all around the room he pointed at a cross near the door.
He said 'that's the one' ... it was smaller and less heavy then the others.
St. Peter said 'sure, pick it up and take it. It's the one you came in with and left by the door when you went to pick out a new one'.

posted on Apr, 15 2014 @ 07:16 AM

Good thread. It'll make people think.
What about your life would you trade with another person?
Do you think your suffering is more than someone else?
Would you be willing to give that person your suffering, if you took his instead?

Now that my suffering has completed to a certain extent it's always going to be part of me. It is now who I am. I think it would be impossible to separate it from me. I also believe my suffering, it terms of giving my life so someone else and many others can live, I believe this is what I have done and am doing fromthrough the suffering I have experienced.

Surely such great suffering as I have experienced can't be wasted. It's like O NO. People aren't aware of this really. I came from paradise. You live in paradise. I fell to the lowest depths of hell in terms of pain. Living in paradise it's impossible to understand hell. There is a complete lack of theory in paradise of what exactly hell is. Sure you have a notion. But I shall surely boast of my sufferings and their greatness. Woe.

They make a good fairy tale now my sufferings. I am so great. I have suffered massive sufferings and have lived. I have survived the floods and I am a well built house. I know that many others would of faced total destruction under the suffering that I experienced. People are completely unprepared and underwhelmed. It's time to wake. We are surely in a WAR. I am afraid this is the news. It is WAR. Such is the level of pain that can be experienced. It needs to be destroyed. Pain and suffering needs to be gone forever. And its WAR.

I call you to WAR time, to think as a soldier, in the destruction of death the final enemy and the destruction of pain and suffering.

I am not your Leeda. I am just Darced in the wind. You've been Darced.

So WAR it is. If your ready for it. Which few are. I TRADE THY the knowledge of where we are at.

It is WAR. On death on suffering on pain. If you don't mind experiencing pain, suffering or death then you shouldn't fight.

My suffering has and will give others opportunity.

All these words on this page I give thee. You are in a WAR. The enemies weapons are pain, suffering and death. Also poverty as well. Fight against all these things.

We are in the dark. We have so many questions that need to be answered. Try and answer a few in this thread.

The potential of human suffering outweighs many smaller things and we need constant knowledge of this for combat.

People need to be lifted. Write some words. In this thread. Write some words. Say something. Communicate.

I should issue a warning. Here goes. The potential for a human to suffer is currently greater than thought and greater than understood. The purpose of this suffering is unknown but it is truly a horrible miserable experience. To what end this suffering nobody yet knows. I say it is bad. A negative. Not constructive. Nobody needs the experience.

Suffering is therefore something to fight against. You can only hope that you don't suffer. While you are free prepare yourself. While you are young and still can.

Not a very good warning. I think people need to discuss suffering more. I believe it will certainly lesson killing and torture and so forth if the truth be known.

Just let it be known. It's worse than you think. It's worse than you know.

Thanks for reading.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 09:51 AM
Ok i'm giving away for a small fee shoulders, bracers and other armor and other various clothes and addons. These shoulders look like something out of world of warcraft. These are digital armor or even spiritual. Certain people who see the matrix technology and make use of it will be able to see your armor.

The spiritual armor is a God pretend armor. It takes more to be real. But is far superior to the digital matrix man made armor if it can be made real for others to see.

Walk around in your armor. It's light. You can't feel it. It can be totally transparent and can light up in an instant.

So there is digital martix technology based armour and clothing and accessories where u need to be interfaced and well they probably chip you to be honest for you to use the matrix and see its graphics on other people.

And for those who believe in a god spiritual then im saying it's possible to see armor on others if they wearing it (I think this is the future anyway another level above matrix tech clothing and armor). Kids can see it better than adults. Imagination but real. What accessories have you just painted and added on overlaying your natural clothes with your thoughts and mind. You can do it this way. To believe in something of substance.

Everyone will be wearing matrix vr outfits possibly oneday over there cotton cloths. But yeah Gods armor if he real will actually be more than ornamental and serve more than a purpose than to just look pretty.

So buy my belief I mean clothing and armor. Matrix VR all the way.

Wear your new clothing accessories in comfort and beauty and glory.


posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 10:19 AM
a reply to: leeda

I'll trade you my attention in the form of this reply for your silence in the form of no more cryptic posts.


posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: leeda

Can I make a another proposition?

I'll trade you my apology for more cryptic posts.

I think your last post was pretty interesting actually.

I think I know what you mean.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 12:45 AM
a reply to: leeda

Also trading in matrix and spiritual decals for your house and car and spoiler kits for your house and car pretty shubery and trees.

Selling mansions. You plop this baby overtop of your house on your land. From the outside your house now looks totally different cause anyone using the matrix tech sees graphics in full realism overlaying your house interacting with your house but only to the people using the matrix. In the future its possible that crims might only see the matrix and not reality so it's future proofed with a security system that tagged criminals will struggle to identify in reality with. Matrix dinosaur pets selling. WTS. Any pet you can think of selling all matrix ai pets. Also pokemon and digimons to battle and mate.

Selling rivers of living water matrix style. Rivers. For your backyard or swimming pool. Waterfalls as well. Pretty much any decoration you can think of to add to your property that can go digital.

Selling pet AI aliens. Its a human ai behind the matrix but its representing possible different aliens what an alien would be like. (But yep they have knowledge of aliens but thats off topic a little.) This is a smart companion. It can change form and become more intelligent. 10111001.

I guess it's possible to breed thoughts with one another. Using the matrix. Or even text breeds other text as in the case of my postings.

Looking FOR Coders/builders for the Matrix. Text is code. Code in this thread to apply.

This stuff is all digital matrix or even spiritual.

What do you offer in trade? Also what are you selling?

Sorry for boring you.

I'm just a trader looking for fine pearls and treasure in heaven.

What particular things do you have for sale?

As with the catch only the people with matrix enabled technology where by they chip you and you interface with an ai will be able to see most of these products that im selling.

But they still good for the future. D1 original.

Now the spiritual items. Getting others to see them could be difficult. But it's possible. Spiritual items are much rarer than matrix computer generated items but the two will probably eventually intertwine perhaps.

Draw some things with your mind. You don't necessarily need to see it's image in your mind but you can still envision what our thinking. How far along out can you go with your thoughts. I'm limited to short thoughts that are often forgotten quickly with the next thought. It's hard to calculate.

Add some thoughts up with this variable in mind. It could be you in the future with age. If you have the luxury of a mind become creative. Use your thoughts up rather that store stuff up. If you discover a tool a mind tool perfect it then show it off. But be quick about it. I'm 36 and I lost all my gear that I had been storing when I was 20 and never even got a chance to develop it. I was hoping by hiding it, it was being developed in the background and adding to the sum total. Most of it it turns out was matrix human technology based anyhow. But there could've been something spiritual that was worth of being stored in heaven and called a treasure.

Gear could be considered brain body mind eyes ears nose touch heat cold. Also the fruits of these things. What other gear is there?

Ever get those feelings from nature like a read on your environment but it doesn't convert to English very well

The otherday I was at someones house and there was moss all over the ground it felt like a total wilderness even with the house right there. Thats just an impression that my senses picked up.

Thing is gear can be broken and not work right. But there's nothing like working gear.

WTT Want To Trade. Print your text here. My gear has produced this post my senses my mind my brain my fingers my eyes. All from experiences ive had.

What does your gear say in return? What are you going to do with your gear in your life. Gear, your brain, can overlay stuff in your eyes from my experience without even the aid of the matrix. I experience them as words and visuals sometimes.

The world needs help. So use what you got to help.

Matrix incoming.

All this stuff is for trade.


posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 08:13 AM
I'm wanting to trade parts to the human mind and body. Things that could possibly improve my thinking and functioning of my body. There must be over a billion parts to the human body.

While living you might of possibly created some short cuts or refined or improved some of these parts.

I'm not sure how it's possible to trade things like this or to confirm if it is actually an upgrade for myself. Im pretty much in the dark.

Perhaps we need a part to be able to trade or understand the trade.

Write some words in this thread. Each person is a processor. Your processing must've given you something to trade by now.

Your words are a form of currency. Trade with words. Post some words in this thread.

Word exchange. These have been my unique arrangement of words. Now post some back in exchange.

Iron sharpens iron. I suggest trade and the seeking of fine pearls.

I trade in the game World of Warcraft. I buy one pet on one server then sell it with a markup on a different server. Sometimes i've made 6-7k profit in just one sale.

So it must be that I have got some things to trade just by living that have value to others. But what are they? Is it knowledge? I can't really pass on any knowledge.

What do we all have for trade? How do we trade it?

I think words are a place to start. Perhaps you could put some words up.

Trade ME.

posted on Oct, 3 2014 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: leeda

I feel incredibly filled with sorrow for you. At times it sounds like you experience despair. I experienced despair once for about two hours. It was the most horrible feeling I've ever had. Worse than depression, worse than grief. If I could I would take your pain, (for maybe 72 hours?) so you could rest from it.
So so sorry. If you don't mind my asking, what is the source of your pain?

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