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Who to believe about the WIPP plant radiation leak?

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 07:44 PM
Ok, I just wanted to start this thread to find out what others thought about the current situation going on with the WIPP plant in southeastern New Mexico. There was a "small" radiation leak that happened a few weeks ago and apparently it has a lot of people concerned.

There is an announcement making the rounds that was released by Turner Radio Network, of which I really don't know much about, nor do I know about the credibility of the Network. Apparently though, they think this is a big deal.

On or about February 14, 2014, a widely publicized incident took place in the underground nuclear waste storage facility in Carlsbad, NM. Despite the federal government initially assuring everyone "there was no release" of radioactive materials, it turned out that a massive cloud of 10,000 cubic meters of plutonium-contaminated air was vented from underground, resulting in 330 MILLION units of radiation being released into the air. The federal government knew this on the day it took place but did not tell the public the true extent of the radiation release. Even local and state officials were kept in the dark.
The DOE apparently DID tell someone they cared about, the Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, which quietly placed a sole-source order for 1,200 radiation particle suits, to be sent immediately to that air force base. While the DOE may not have been telling anyone at the state or local level how dangerous the radiation leak is, its clear they told their fellow federal government people, and now, the military is making certain its people will be protected. Is anyone making sure YOU will be protected?

At a community meeting which took place on Monday of this week, officials from the DOE acknowledged there was, in fact, a massive release of radiation, but no one had to worry because it was long gone by that time. (Or, to put it in Layman's terms, if you already breathed it in, you're already cooking inside and the likelihood you'll get cancer is a foregone conclusion. What they're banking on is that you won't get sick for maybe 5 or 10 more years and once it happens, you won't remember to blame it on them - or be able to prove it!)

Most troubling about the situation is that federal officials also acknowledge the leak of radiation is ongoing. Between 6,000 and 7,000 units of radiation are escaping from the plant every minute since the incident first took place. These units of radiation are known as Becquerels.
Since radiation levels underground remain incredibly high, no one from the DOE is able to physically go into the spill area and see what spilled, how much spilled, or begin any kind of clean-up effort. In fact, this situation may get very much worse. Since the WIPP stores a wide variety of radioactive materials and other things like rags, tools and such that are also contaminated with radiation, there is a very real possibility that, through a process known as "Radiolysis" the leaking radiation will cause an unanticipated breakdown of the other nearby materials.

Therefore, a very real possibility exists that once those materials breakdown and mix together, they will spontaneously combust in a massive explosion. Should this take place, citizens within 100 miles of the WIPP in Carlsbad, NM should immediately evacuate to upwind of the fallout. The map above shows a 100 mile radius around Carlsbad, NM. The evacuation area includes parts of west Texas. Depending upon which way the wind is blowing at the time of any explosion, the evacuation area may have to be much farther.

It goes on to list things to do in case of an evacuation, including bug out bags, money, and such.

Then, I found this youtube video ( I know, not much credibility there, but the material that the video talks about comes straight from the RSOE feed, which I find pretty trustworthy.)

Now, the DOE is releasing this.....

CARLSBAD -- Radiation levels appear to be on the rise in Carlsbad and around the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Air monitoring results since last month's radiation leak appear to show the amount of radiation trending upward near Carlsbad, but Department of Energy officials say there is no proof it is related to the leak.

A DOE air monitor stationed on Carlsbad's eastern border, near the Bureau of Land Management office on Greene Street, has shown an uptick of radiation from 1.6 disintegrations per minute (DPM) on Feb. 18, to 7.1 DPM as recently as March 4. DPM measures the amount of radioactive contamination from alpha and beta rays in an area. Similar increases were also detected at the DOE's six other monitoring stations scattered throughout eastern Eddy County. processed by IntelliTune on 28032013 175943 with script 11*New - blk-new SUB processed by IntelliTune on 28032013 175943 with script 11*New - blk-new SUB Roger Nelson, chief scientist for the DOE's Carlsbad Field Office, said air sample screening analyses showing a radiation peak on March 4 was nothing more than background readings and emphasized that there's no hazard for humans or the surrounding environment. "No, it absolutely does not point to that fact," Nelson said, responding to rampant rumors that leaked plutonium and americium has been spreading from the nuclear waste repository site and into Carlsbad, 26 miles away.

So, I come to you know seeking advice from those that may know a little more about radiation and the possibility that this might very well be a valid threat.

posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by Veritas1

There doesn't seem to be any interest in this subject, or perhaps I posted it at time when no one really saw it, but I believe it should be addressed. It appears it could affect many people, so any input would be good. Thank you, and have a good day.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 11:50 AM
reply to post by Veritas1

I am curious about it as well! I saw a small blip about it on my local station but nothing else sense then. I was just hoping to get more information on it. Thank you for making the post!

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