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The revelation of Being

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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 02:55 PM

The operating system is a part of Being that functions in the system of creation. The human being is an operating system (o.s) that has been programmed with beliefs, that as a whole are not from direct experience but are mostly handed down from other humans (o.s)or other operating systems.
All plugins, in all operating systems can be updated. for humans the only real great update comes from being. All other plugins contain hidden agendas which consciously or not will disconnect the o.s. from Being. Never fully but enough to disorient that o.s. from Being. Being is ultimate,to be away or diverted from Being is sufficient for survival but is insufficient for real Beingness. One operating system that is disconnected from Being will corrupt another, this is a natural phenomena. Some operating systems make it their mission to update themselves in a way to fool other operating systems. This gives them a sense of superiority and a kind of meaning to their lives but this could be known as self deceptive updates that although are impressive at times, they ultimately do not lead to Being and thus in reality are not satisfying. Decoding or unplugging of programing is essential for the return to Beingness, because its the very programme that blinds us to the reality of Beingness. Seeing that Being is really everywhere is hard for an o.s. to accept and at times close to impossible. But as it is everywhere always it has unlimited ways of revelation. Discover one now. Eliberocelta

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 09:59 PM
Yet somehow their a whole long list tied to just this one thing Beingness. How to be, startes at an early age lol can not do this nor that and No. Then there is social interaction and rules to follow so most stay within the norm grouping of how thing are and not who they are.

So after many childhood yrs, followed by teen's & highschool yrs, you give up some of your Beingness just to fit in, be normal and the like. Yet deep down inside you know better so you day dream, play on the computer, or watch TV. You get caught into believing something outside of yourself at the get go.

We have taken the rules of ideas so far out there that the idea of even knowing Beingness would have long passed by. Every one of them day dreams, wilded thoughts, crazy ideas you keep to yourself limits your Beingness! Get out and do something that makes you feel Happy Inside.

One reason I have a problem with Relig is you have to follow set rules in order to get to Heaven. That tells me I have to stop being myself in order to gain entry to Heaven. Same with being evil, since what is evil in the first place? By what set of rules definds evil anyways? Being yourself means knowing both sides and allow both to blend togetter as one.

To have Beingness, everything around you wants the same as you do so might as well be Yourself. Respect, love and kindness yet sometimes you just want to go pop smith in the face, break some windows and call up Satan to grant you a wish. Problem today is most people tend to stay on only one side so when the other comes knocking theirs a problem.

Once there, some lose it! You can not keep just the good and set aside the bad since now how can you learn to balance one side and not the other? Basicly to have any sort of Beingness you should explore both sides and find the middle. Then they become One and have no sides to work with.

Explore you other half, dig down deep in that Box you keep to keep you safe from the world! The idea that satan or god made you do it is nothing but a lie you tell yourself to make you feel better about it all. Yet at the end of the day, week you did all the choices so if your going to blame. Please blame yourself.

If I was to explain Beingness in my own words I would have to say I belong to Everything. What I would like and what I have is only how Ego rates their value anyways. Since the idea of Heaven is just a story from long ago, I've found out that working with myself, seeing how Ego plays a much bigger role then expected.

So you can either spend your entire life gaining a trip to Heaven or you could spend whats left finding yourself and become whole. Then in your Beingness standing before God. You can say You gave it your best so Bite Me! lol


posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 02:24 PM
logically, who we are today is because of all of the actions that shape us as an individual, but on the inside, we are all unique.

the first layer of a being is made up of all things and actions that has shaped who we are today.

the next inner layer is made up of how WE reacted to all these actions and events.

and then another layer, which is what you are as a whole. your most true self, that can not be affected by words, thoughts, actions, things.

an OS is similar. it is shaped because of its users, how they wanted it to be, how they see and use it. what they want it to become.

and then there there is what it actually is, which is simply just software.

and then there is the hardware needed to run the OS.

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