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Could Ukraine spark a New Cold War?

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 06:55 PM
I've just seen on ATSNN that Ukraine is apparently on the verge of civil war. Let's all just pretend that it does happen. As I posted on ATSNN it's full of old soviet weapons. Just think how many AK-47s are in Ukraine. Also remember that the Soviet Union built some nuclear powerplants in Ukraine. I think it's possible that some nuclear technology could still be in Ukraine, and could be taken by a rogue faction in a civil war. So if a nuclear bomb went off in this civil war, or if the US and Russia thought that a nuclear bomb might be used in Ukraine it would be the perfect excuse to invade. Or either power could invade to supposedly stabilize Ukraine.

If the US were to invade it would probably look like Iraq. The US would attempt to institute American democracy with a pro-American goverment. This would give the US a major foothold in Eastern Europe. Naturally Russia would feel a little uneasy about the US having a massive military force so close to the Motherland. That could be the spark for another cold war.

Or what if Russia invades to supposedly stabilize Ukraine. Russia would probably insert Russian democracy with a pro-Russian satellite nation, much like the cold war. With another step into Eastern Europe Russia might appear to be rebuilding the Communist Bloc. Considering the internal strife going on in Russia it's possible the communism and the Soviet Union could return.

So with a possible civil war in Ukraine I think its possible that a power vacuum could form. It could become a race of old rival superpowers too grab Ukraine. Both powers racing too control this eastern European nation could prove too be dangerous. No matter who grabs it a new cold war could begin.

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