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Spirits & Spirit Guides: Your Light Hearted Opinions On A Few Photos Please

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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 09:25 AM
Spirits & Spirit Guides: Your Light Hearted Opinions On A Few Photos Please

Hi. This is my 1st post so I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly.

It is not for judgement, it is for opinions only, which is hopefully not going to turn into judgement.

Firstly, I would like to state that each of these photos were taken by different cameras, different places, and either developed at different photo developing shops in different Cities and towns, & uploaded by different devices. I have others as well as 3 videos but am not just having a hard time finding their files, but also a hard time uploading the ones I do find. Please remember this is not for judgement or debate, I would like only your ideas & similar replies of your own experiences, & yes, one is a rendition but the closest I've ever been too about 98% accuracy. Now if I can remember their order for what I'm hoping each are & that each show up, for brief explanations.

This one was taken in 2008. My eldest daughter and I came across a pile up on the # 10 highway, Northern Manitoba. There was smoke, E.M.T's, Ambulances, 911 Vehicles & Police Vehicles. I used a digital Polaroid Camera & a Samsung Cell Phone Camera, each with the same results at a 1 hour photo shop in Swan River, MB. Canada. I always used a spray and lense cleaning cloth, looks like a finger print but is not. The one from the cell phone uploaded straight away but I wasn't sure which was which as they both look the same. It was early spring 2007. We didn't know there was scraping up of bodies till one of the E.M.T's told us a week later.

I think these are at my eldest Daughters Wedding in 2006 July 1st, one with a 35mm Camera and one with a disposable camera, developed where they were taken in The Pas, MB. Canada. My late Mom has a spiralled colour spectrum from herself to the ceiling, one shows My late Mom, late Dad, and cousin, where there faces look missing? Kind of like how the faces looked in Devil's Advocate or Constantine.

Since I can't see the photos, lack of foresight on my part. These are of my Uncle, my late Mom's only Living brother, in August 2007. One with a LG Cell Phone Camera & the other with a new Kodak Instant camera. He has the same rainbow colour spectrum from his hand to ceiling.

I think this is of my cousin at my late Parents home in Swan River, MB, Canada, immediately following my Mom's funeral, taken with a Motorola Razor Cell Phone & developed at an electronics Shop in Dauphin,MB. Canada. Day after Mom's funeral October 19th 2012. Everyone else's camera's photos of her showed the same.

I think this one is of me having a cigarette, in front of my Laptop Camera atop a Ouija Board Table, which had begun bouncing around at 336 am October 14th 2012, I got a phone call at 345 am that my Mom passed at 340 am. The bouncing Ouija Board table is what woke me. I didn't realize the camera had been on till it made a shutter sound. 4 times in succession. My Mom would have had her Birthday November 4th 2012. She would have turned 68. But this happened when the table woke me to the phone call, all 4 are almost identical but this was the most clear. I heard a whispery," Goodbye my baby girl, love you, stay up." Then the phone rang, my cousin/flatmate was woke by the noise and poked his head round his door just in time to see and hear everything.

I think this is my rendition of the Shadowman/Entity that has been with me since birth, who I've always called Oskar but because he said in mind speak, that that was his name. And as now, my Futon and Laptop Ouija board table are bouncing like crazy right now, witnessed by my cousin/flatmate. Even though he's used to Oskar, it still bothers him and the room temp just dropped to +16*C. From +24*C. Almost all the people I am close with has seen him, heard him or both, including 5 Neurologists. They become frozen, unable to move or speak. He has choked a few who has had the intent of doing me harm, the only 2 who stuck around even after they hurt me, & got a huge hand around their necks as he slid them up walls were my ex-husband & my Mom who both called me the Devil's Daughter, ex-hub as he was the son of an Anglican Minister who passed a week before my Mom, as my ex was always drunk when he hit & choked me, my Mom, a strong R.C , she would be dunk & hopped up, & much as I look like my Dad she always claimed right to her last breath that a Devil E.T took over my Dad's body when I was conceived. But Priests came cocky & left terrified, Shaman & Inmen won't cross the threshold of my door entrance the 5 Neurologist remain terrified. Others do their best to ignore him till he knocks books off the shelves, rattles the silverware drawer, picks me up, turns on & off the Tv, Radio, lights, taps, opens & closes doors till they leave. Mary - Ellen Guiley believes him to be Djinn & Inmen, think I'm half Djinn.
I always have trouble trying to post this so I won't be surprised if something goes wrong.
I thought I uploaded the pics of my eldest Grand-Daughter who now will be 7 April 7th, born 2007, her Champagne Birthday, who kept trying to push my soul back in when I died 5 mins + then was in a coma 3 days & nights in 2008.
So many/much more plus the 3 videos, loud auditory, a strange beam of light shines on my face as what looks to be an almost invisible form of my late Dad who feels coldest, I don't know why, & I can't understand why. He alway recovers me when my blankets slip off.

I don't care if you all think I'm crazy, I have 5 Neurologists who have seen Oskar who will be sending me a copy of the records/file, which should be here in 3 to 4 weeks, and a few dozen witnesses on most of these occurrences. I only wish this works this time, if not I will continue trying, and as I've said, hopefully get replies from others with the same or similar experiences.

Thank you for your time: Blessings All & here's to all of us ATS ers

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 09:44 AM
The blurred out faces are really weird. As are the rainbow haloes. I've taken tons of photos in various places and light with my iPhone and never had anything like that show up.

The pic of you having a cigarette - the first thing I thought was ectoplasm. Very weird pic, considering fires and other reflective surfaces show well in pics. Sometimes a fire looks a little weird, but nothing like that pic of ecto in a chair

I can't say anything about Oskar, other than that stuff would scare the crap out of me. I've had a few really weird, unexplainable things, but thankfully they were almost all either helpful or bordering on mischief.
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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 10:57 AM
The pics are blurred and I wonder if there is a deposit of nicotine on your lenses just as we see on curtains and walls in winter.

The impression I have when looking at the rainbow are of a cleaning solution or soapy residue as though you cleaned it but didn't get into the 'corners'.

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 12:30 PM
I'm glad that you posted... but I must confess I had a really hard time following your post, even though I read it several times. Maybe I need more coffee.

I'm sorry you are feeling tormented and struggling. I don't see anything definitely paranormal in the pictures, but I'm not an expert on such things. I hope things can get better for you, and hopefully making this post will be the first step in a positive direction.

Looking forward to hearing others thoughts...

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

S&F for your first thread ... I enjoyed reading it and it always makes an OP more interesting when there are pictures included.

As for the Shadowman or Hatman as I've always called him ... it doesn't matter whether he's wearing a cloak, long coat or sharp jacket ... he's always the same isn't he ?

I shall follow with interest to see what others have to say ... these kind of threads are the bread and butter of ATS and the reason I joined all those years ago. lol

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 01:52 PM
S&F although I had a hard time following along...

Can you explain more about Oskar? You have physical contact with him on a regular basis and others have witnessed such events? What you describe isn't a paranormal event that I've heard from anyone in real life - it sounds awful, I think I'd go crazy. Based on what you say he seems like a malevolent spirit (or whatever you consider him), but you don't seem too scared of his presence...

I always have trouble trying to post this so I won't be surprised if something goes wrong.
What do you mean by this?
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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 01:53 PM
The very first picture appears to be a backyard photo taken through a screen door; with the light vertical lines being tree trunks (pine?), and the higher light, a street lamp (maybe put on a tree). I played with the color and it looked pretty clear. I would have posted the picture, but I have not posted a photo before and I am having difficulty figurin' out how to do it. Maybe another member can try, if interested, and post it.

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 01:55 PM

The very first picture appears to be a backyard photo taken through a screen door; with the light vertical lines being tree trunks (pine?), and the higher light, a street lamp (maybe put on a tree). I played with the color and it looked pretty clear. I would have posted the picture, but I have not posted a photo before and I am having difficulty figurin' out how to do it. Maybe another member can try, if interested, and post it.

Posting Pictures

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 02:55 PM
I want to open by stating that my intent is not to really judge, but to offer my opinion...which I hope doesn't, like you said, turn into judgement, lol. I want people who believe in such things to explore these ideas, bring any evidence to the forefront, and raise awareness about such possibilities. But with that said, the types of evidence I dislike the most, especially in the paranormal field, are "orbs." Anything that could potentially be cause by light reflections, dust, bugs, anything else in the air, etc., should be dismissed, because there is always the possibility that such a simple explanation is the correct explanation.

Now I have seen skeptics go out of their way to explain something away, and sometimes the "scientific" explanation makes much less sense than the less-conventional explanation. That irritates me as well. But when it comes to something like an orb or light or whatever, it does not take any mental maneuvers to get at the possible cause. So this is mainly why I feel such things are probably explainable without a paranormal aspect being involved.

But that doesn't mean such things aren't occurring. It just means that one cannot know the difference between what is physical and what is paranormal when it comes to such things. And because of this, wouldn't it be better to dismiss all such pieces of evidence, since the chance of misconstruing it or misidentifying it is so high? Sure, one can attempt to apply certain characteristics to the shapes, intensities, etc. of various orbs, but in all actuality even the conventional explanations are not going to fall into a single descriptive category. Or to put it another way, all bugs, pieces of dust, etc. are going to look different, or could potentially look different, based on the angle of reflection, the surface that is doing the reflecting, etc...It is just something I think people should think about.

But again, I am not dismissing your claims by any means. I am just saying that the possibility of error is high in such instances, and as such, it is better to try to gather evidence or to focus on an aspect that is not so easily explained away. But there are always going to be those who dismiss any type of paranormal evidence, regardless of whether such an explanation is likely. I say nobody should care about the opinions of those types of people, because they are obviously biased to such a degree that honest evaluation is impossible. But on the other side of the coin, those presenting the evidence and making certain claims are biased as well, and as such, they should not attempt to dismiss all claims counter to their points.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 12:44 AM
Thank you for sharing these pics. The smoke pic is eerie. I stay away from ouija boards because it's like leaving your door open to the spirit world. I choose not to invite them in or to interact. Too dangerous. I would rather walk down a dark alley in the hood, thank you very much!

I used to be attracted to 'dark' images and even painted some myself. I had them hanging in my home. Not anymore. I don't want those dark images vibrating into my life anymore. Now I put up only uplifting images (no, no kittens! lol).

The situations you have described involving Oskar almost sound like he protects you. That's a tricky relationship. He may be protecting you but not for your benefit or well being but for his. Frankly, he sounds like just another abuser who happens to have better control skills than the other abusers you have encountered. Most people don't understand why some people stay with abusers. The reality is that it can be life threatening to try to leave an abuser.

We vibrate at varying frequencies. When I used to vibrate at a 'low' frequency, I would have evil dreams and psychic visions of the suffering of others, usually children. It doesn't mean I'm bad or evil, but 'sensitives' see/feel/hear that which vibrates at a similar frequency. Obviously, you are a 'sensitive' (a generic term for someone with paranormal senses). However, you also have free will. You can change your frequency if you truly wish, train and persevere. Train means sincere practice (sincerity being key). Our intentions manifest.

So, if you want Oskar around he will stay. If you don't, then commit yourself to the very careful and compassionate task of seeing him out the door. Start by destroying your rendition of him with compassion, not anger or hatred. It may not be fast and easy to get Oskar leave, in fact, it may be a dangerous undertaking that requires many levels and layers and of protection and skill. In such situations people hire experienced 'exorcists.' Another method is to embrace a valid spiritual path.

Knowing what something is can lead you to the helpful knowledge to escort it out the door. But be mindful of what you want to know and why because the sayings, "curiosity killed the cat" and "ignorance is bliss", have some conventional truth to them. Sounds like you already know enough. Be careful not put your ego identity into the situation. Allow only your compassion for yourself and the people you care about to motivate whatever you do, related to Oskar and everything else in life. You can't go wrong that way.

I wish you well and blessings!

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:01 AM
No one can help you until you pray for help from God from the heart. If anyone does try seven times the number of creeps will be with you. Get rid of the ouija board, ouija board table and all dark materials too..... including the painting......
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 01:12 AM
The pictures themselves are like portals, I got chills. And the ouji board is very dangerous. cut all ties and work on repairing aura and prayers.

Edit to add, still have chills minutes later. Close the door. Aside from prayers and repairing aura work, energy work. See this huge door and slam it shut, and bolt it. Reverse all permissions.
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by snowspirit

Hi. Thank you for responding.

The blurred out faces are really weird. As are the rainbow haloes. I've taken tons of photos in various places and light with my iPhone and never had anything like that show up.

I had to take pictures of some of the pictures as they were developed in Photo shops, but that did not change them in any way other than making the rainbow prismatic halos or spirals of a Kaleidoscope like lines in those photos less colourful looking. I mean, the original developed photos, the colours are amazing, almost other worldly, heavenly look. But the oddness is that for my Mom's photos, ( Which rarely ever came out nice, ever. ), it was a Wedding. There were unwrapped disposable cameras at each person's tables previous to the ceremony and for the after social, my digital Polaroid camera and a different cell phone, brand new, a LG slim. The pictures only came out of the photo shop, from the 1 disposable, and my digital cameras sd card directly on here. Not from the cell phone. So 2 different ways from my digital. Yet any of the photos from the 1 disposable & the digital cameras were perfectly fine before & after from those same. The faces look exactly the same as the original actual developed photos. I asked the Photo guy if it happened during development, he showed me the original film under a glass magnifier. They took that way.
Then my Mom's brother, a year, 1 month later, different City, 2 different developers,an instant Kodak Camera & A new LG Camera, & my digital camera. One picture, the bottom one, is a direct upload to my Lap-Top. Yet they are almost exact. But again, their colours are brighter on both the instant Kodak picture & the cameras.
So colourful. yet previous & latter pictures were normal.
The family priest looked at each, I'm not religious, but my Mom and her brother felt weirded out though so off to the family priest we went.
He claimed the coloured spirals were Guardian Angels or spirit guides of loved ones.
The photo of twisted faces? He said that a very evil presence had to have entered the Ceremony.
2 of my Aunts, & a female cousin the same age, all 3 friends with Nashville stars, read a Devil Worship Book to get all they want. Tanya Tucker gave them.
The have not aged since and trouble follows them everywhere.
That night, after the wedding, my parents & cousin were in a minor accident.
One recent late uncle and my recent late Grand-Mere both had claimed seeing all 3 appear red, serpentine & with long horns, which made them terrified of those 3.
The Priest also claimed them looking the same in church just before he quit attending then went back to Haiti claiming there was too much evil there
! ? Really.
I am not willing to judge them. For I do not believe in 1 God, or that Lucifer is the Devil, though I do have reason to believe in Angels & Demons. They are hard to tell apart.

The photo of my 1 cousin, all of us close, gathered at my parents home after my Mom's funeral, all have photos of each other that are similar as if my Mom's Spirit were trying to greet us all. That changed when those 3 came.
Those 3 stood outside for the service which was held in the R.C church as per my Mom's request. It IS odd they wouldn't or couldn't enter the Church. Still not saying if there is anything to that as I've no idea.

I have a photo of Patrick Swayze & myself out a few, that Show Patrick with the same prismatic spiral. 2002.
Same as one of me with Nazareth's lead singer Dan MccAffrey. He also has the multi coloured prismatic spiral. 2001

The pic of you having a cigarette - the first thing I thought was ectoplasm. Very weird pic, considering fires and other reflective surfaces show well in pics. Sometimes a fire looks a little weird, but nothing like that pic of ecto in a chair

Yes, I had talked to her Doctor 3 hours before my mom passed, he's a personal friend, he told me that her red blood cells were up & she was actually improving, enough so that she got up with a bit of help, walked to her wheel chair, had my eldest daughter push it to the window to try and watch my Dad who she asked to find her some pears. He did find some and she ate one before laying down again. It sounded & felt positive enough for me to rest. That was mid-night, 1st hour of October 14th 2012 Monday.

The Ouija Board table I have my Lap-Top on. I had it open to ATS. I fell asleep on my Futon.
I awoke to the table bouncing back & forth so erratically a pen rolled off, hitting my shoulder.
I looked at the time & it was 336 am. My tummy felt like it fell as I thought Oh Sh--!
I shakily lit a cigarette & my Lap-Top camera that had not been on, snapped my picture 4 times in succession. I knew by the shutter sound it makes. I got chills when I heard a whispery voice say," I love you my baby. Stay awake."
I just thought," Mom!" when the phone rang at 345 am, my eldest daughter telling me," She's gone." " At 340 am." I already knew though.
My cousin/flatmate awoke from the sounds of the Ouija board table bouncing around so, he heard and saw all.
Setting funeral arrangement by 8 am, I was told that my 2 aunts & 1 cousin the 1 aunts age, Mom's side, had shown up at the hospital by 1 am.
Still not judging either way here.
In between calls, another cousin called me to tell me her Mom, my Dad's Baby sister passed away at 8 am. His twin sister passed a month before my Mom.
I didn't even look at the pictures before leaving the city to go to my parents. 7 hours NE.
When I got back a week later, I looked and was somewhat shocked as my 1st thought was the same as yours.
I've tried re simulating the photos on purpose but none look like those 4.

I can't say anything about Oskar, other than that stuff would scare the crap out of me. I've had a few really weird, unexplainable things, but thankfully they were almost all either helpful or bordering on mischief.

Thank the lucky stars you do not have an, "Oskar."/Shadow Being.
Most people who say they see them, say they either can't see the eyes or the eyes are red. Oskar's are a glowy electric blue.
He plays tricks, does bad things.
He gives me a malevolent feeling and he too, physically hurts &/or rapes me at times.
It is horrible to feel something so huge, be invisible and lift me. I have photos of that as well, though blurred just enough that it would be only too easy to call them fake.
I've moved 46 times by age 45.
Sometimes it takes up toward 2 months for him to find me, but he always does.

Blessings, stay safe.....
As the 1st to reply, thank you for your kindness toward my 1st post

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 11:13 AM
You don't need to keep moving. Stand your ground. Have the home blessed and cleansed, then pour kosher sea salt across every thresshold with a blessing and request to God (or any holy being you have a connection with) to keep all unholy beings away and out of your life. You have to really want this in your heart. Being a victim can carry illusions of honor, humility and martyrdom that are actually playing into and encouraging the evil. A heart felt identification with purity and compassion are what is needed to begin the process of keeping these beings away. An easy visualization is to feel the light of God radiating out from your heart to all beings including the evil ones and imaging the light purifying their suffering and motivations for hurting you or anyone. Surrender only to God's will. God's will is only love and compassion, never punishment or pain, never. Only we bring punishment or pain on ourselves from selfish actions or intentions, or from inviting evil into our home. You have some work cut out for you. I hope you take some of the advice on this thread to heart.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by aboutface

Hi. Thank you for you feedback

The pics are blurred and I wonder if there is a deposit of nicotine on your lenses just as we see on curtains and walls in winter.

The impression I have when looking at the rainbow are of a cleaning solution or soapy residue as though you cleaned it but didn't get into the 'corners'.

Every Spiritual photos I've ever captured, ( Which is always accidental & only like 1 out of a thousand, maybe... lol, I never do it on purpose as one is usually unaware anything unusual will appear ),are almost always blurred to different extents yet the rest are normal. Same as in recording.

I usually would've made the same conclusion as well, but all camera lenses are covered when not in use then cleaned at least one hour before use, except the Lap-Top lense which is either closed or cleaned 1 to 2 times a day.
Plus 2 disposables had not not been opened till I was ready to begin taking photos.
They are all in cases as well so smoke or nicotine does not usually occur in my case. You could be right about the cleanser residue, except I use water with a very tiny amount of vinegar which my late High School Photography Teacher taught us & in my opinion, still the best lense/metals cleanser.

Also, I got my first real camera at age 8 and took photography in High School, then a brief photography course when everything started going digital. Though I have to admit I still have problems at times with the digital photos lol!
I often just use a small, collapsible tripod for all cameras except the Cell phone which till a month ago, are all flip open.

Which is why I pointed out that I wanted other peoples own experiences, opinions, bad, good or critiquing as long as it is without judgement for I do not have any right explanations either. It kind of fits Paranormal, Metaphorical, & some photos I'll be posting as soon as I find where I placed them, UFO/E.T, one is a roll on a very strange event, & men in black suits we thought were some kind of law enforcement came to the small town & confiscated all personal evidence of the incidents, except for one roll I'd hid where I used to hide my diaries from my Mom, soon as the 12 roll was full, like in 15 or 20 minutes, then replaced with a 24 roll which had been confiscated by the time I was on 18.

So many categories this fits yet doesn't as those are very difficult to prove one way or the other, especially since I do not have pictures, videos or reports to back up everything I hope to touch on. Thus my choice for posting in the Grey area. But ask me anything I haven't made clear in my beginning post & I will answer as best as I can, if I can. I should have stated that in my beginning post when I stated that I was only trying to give brief explanations for each photo, & that that was just to start the post off. lol! A bit too trepidus for my 1st post I guess.

However, I do thank you for your suggestions. They are indeed perfectly logical & one's I'd have used as well
I still give all repliers a star.... I truly appreciate everyone's input. I automatically put the post into the Grey Area because, well, I don't have any real knowledgable answers either.....or irrefutable proof on all. My main goal is to share, get opinions & other similar replies.

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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 03:58 PM
Sounds like a Djinn to me.

Simon Parkes has information about them that may be of help. Also the Quran has info.

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 09:42 AM
reply to post by StormyStars

the first thing that jumped out at me was the issue of rape and physical assault toward you. considering the fact that you have moved over forty times and this oskar is still attached to you i would say this is extremely serious. i would guess that somehow in the past you have invited this entity into your life through the use of occult divination such as the ouija board you had mentioned in your post. this invitation does not have to be formal or even a kind of verbal contract, this thing came into your life and formed a bond with you regardless of if you knowingly accepted it. it sounds through your posts as if you have become tolerant of its presence. indeed even accepting of its behavior and attachment to you. if this entity is truly doing the actions that you have mentioned such as sexual assault, this should not be tolerated whatsoever and you need to take active steps to break the bond with this negative entity. entities like this feed off of your negative emotions, fear, anger, hate, anxiety, sadness, depression etc. i would guess that over time with the tragedies in your life that you have listed this oskar has been able to feed successfully off of you for quite sometime thus affording it ampul opportunity to form a strong bond to you. though it is also possible for it to have attached itself to one of your possessions such as the ouija board itself (which i would recommend getting rid of)

you mentioned i believe that you don't actively have faith in a higher power or perhaps just organized religion. however, you need to find something that you believe in for you to fight this thing and break the bond it has with you. though i kind of get the sense that you feel like there's nothing you can do and you are just going to "go with it" because "you can deal with it" and honestly i don't think that should be acceptable as the repercussions can be severe.

you need to stand your ground as someone else mentioned previously. to need to formally rebuke oskar and say aloud that you he/it no longer is welcome in your life. you need to forcefully say aloud something to the effect of "oskar or any negative energies, entities or thought-forms are no longer welcome in my life and in my home". this language intentionally covers all bases for whatever the entity could be. i would say this while smudging your entire home. first you need to waft the sage smoke over your entire body visualizing the smoke as white, cleansing, healing light while continually stating that you "with this sage i cleanse away any negative energies, entities or thought-forms". Every crevice and corner needs to be filled with the sage smoke. when doing this you need to at least leave one window half open so there is way for the negative energy to leave the home and you leave the front entrance for last.

1. Grounding & Protection Visualizations: visualizing, white or violet protective, loving, healing light around you and radiating through you.

2. Cleansing of home and body: cleansing home and body with sage, sealing entries and windows with lavender oil. like others mentioned, using salt around your home. even fasting is a way to cleanse yourself.

3. Prayer: saint michaels prayer & the lords prayer: both i have found to be extremely effective in fighting negative entities. they absolutely cant stand those two prayers and indeed they are very powerful in fighting off and protecting yourself from negative entities.

essentially, you need to stand up for yourself and break the bond with this thing. vocally, strongly telling it it's no longer welcome, you rescind any invitation, intentional, conscious or even any unintentional or unconscious invitation. you need to stand firm and regain the control. tell it to leave you alone forever, to never follow you, to never enter any space that you occupy.

after that i would use the cleansing methods followed by daily use of prayer and protection visualizations until you feel like you have regained some control.

there's a lot of information out there on this and your aren't the only one dealing with something like this. you can do it if you really want it gone. don't feel sentimental, don't humanize it and don't feel bad for it. use strong intentions and keep your willpower strong and fight this thing.

you will have to be strong willed and vigilant if you really want to get rid of this thing. you can do it if you want to. if your intention and willpower are strong enough. there is a lot of information on this stuff out there. you need to find something that you believe in and find strength through and take action.

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 11:38 AM
I think you have had some great advice on how to protect yourself, and I really hope you follow it. I am afraid I have nothing to add to it, though, as I don't know a whole lot about it.
Please, please get rid of that ouija board though. Buy yourself a new table or something to keep the laptop on! I used to have one of those things set up in my room when I was a teenager, and used it with friends quite a lot. Soon it freaked me out, and I binned everything to do with it. I even ended up getting rid of the mirror that hung above it, and I experienced a lot less 'action' after doing that - although my experiences were nothing like yours. I would be lighting a bonfire in the garden and burning it (although not sure if this is the right way to dispose of a ouija board), but just get it out of the house right now.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by VegHead

Thank you for replying.
You say you had difficulty following. Would you mind telling me how, why, what part/s, etc? Just so I can clarify for you & or anyone else who had difficulty? I would really appreciate it if you would please.

I don't really classify Spirits or Spirit Guides so much paranormal as Spiritual so I wasn't quite sure where to post this.
That's why I put it in The Grey Area.

It is not so much struggling as still hurting from so very many losses of all kinds, but mainly to most of my family being gone. It feels family and even close friends have been leaving me. so many, too many, passing away since early 2008. Leaving me on my own so totally, completely & it seems too quickly to lose so many I loved.

And you could be right in that it may help me feel better discussing it, though you need to understand I have been a strong believer in Spirits from a very early age. I think I was 8 years old when I saw a Spirit for the 1st time and ended up sleeping with my late Mom for almost a full year lol.

But you could be right. Maybe all that I have and am expecting to receive on this have perfectly logical explanations I can't see atm yet since I'm so much a part of it my self.

You sound very logical and I thank you for your reply and look forward to know anything else you may say,

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by woodwytch

Hi! Thank you sooo much for your non judgmental reply. It takes a very special wizened soul to do so, so beautifully.

As for the Shadowman or Hatman as I've always called him ... it doesn't matter whether he's wearing a cloak, long coat or sharp jacket ... he's always the same isn't he ?

I did not remember seeing him or his kind till I was 13.
My late parents however, a few months before my Mom's passing, told me they heard him read to me? Since I was born, They heard other things he did, felt his malevolence, especially to my late Mom, before he targeted me at age 13.

They both saw him as an almost transparent Spirit as he flitted about.

We thought my late Mom had been having bad nightmares, then Sleep Paralysis as we learned more about that.
She said he'd hurt her and sometimes rape her while she slept, and my Dad actually witnessed that a few times but had been unable to move.

It seemed I was the only one who could stop the attacks on her and she'd wake, sometimes, even though she always slept in modest PJ's, her, my late Dad and I would find a cold clear bluish jello wet , ' spot ' following her waking but my late Dad didn't want him or my late Mom to tell me what it was so would say Vaseline or Vick's Vapor rub and explained it's bluish sparkliness to the almost light blue florescent lighting.

I didn't tell them when it started on me at 15. I was too embarrassed.

I didn't/ don't have to be asleep to see him or be hurt & or raped by him. I thought only I could see something till my horrified paralyzed ex husband walked into our room one night.

I would really like to know any other information you may have on this Being if you can.

Again, thank you so much for your reply
( They should have gifts or roses, etc, icons. I would definitely give you one lol! But I guess this is closest lol )

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