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Researchers Develop 3-D Phone Technology

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 02:57 PM
Princess Leia brought us this idea, 3-D phone calls are no longer Science Fiction.Brings a whole new meaning to "the next best thing to being there"

TOKYO (AP) - It's an idea that was popularized by Princess Leia's plea for help in Star Wars: sending a 3-D hologram. Now, two Japanese scientists have developed technology they hope will one day turn the humble telephone booth into a high-tech chamber for beaming holographic images.

At a Tokyo University laboratory, a woman stands inside a booth where a 360-degree digital camera surrounding her face sends data to a cylindrical tube. Soon, she appears to be staring out from the tube. Viewed from the side, only the side of her head is visible. Go round to the back, and only her hair can be seen.

Now you really can almost "reach out and touch someone"!

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