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Saw a guy trying to get on the ballot today.

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posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 04:15 PM
So, I was at the ol' community college campus today, and I saw a man campaigning to get on the ballot.

So there he was, trying to get signatures. Some folks agreed, some folks didn't.

Now, I agreed with the idea that anyone should be able to run for office of congress, so I signed.

Frankly, there were parts of his politics I didn't agree with, but he looked crazy enough to be a politician, and therefore, I wished him well.

He was having a discussion with a very young military veteran, and by Jove, I saw people refer to socialism and redistribution of wealth without a hint of irony in their voice.

I'm of the opinion that these words have almost entirely lost any meaning they once held, and that they're buzzwords as of current.

You ever notice that no one's opposed to the redistribution of wealth up towards the rich? Everyone's perfectly fine with the CEO of Bank of America having millions and millions of dollars. It's only when there's been a huge protest that the people of America get rebound psychosis and start having flashbacks to the McCarthyist fifties. Then they become extremely concerned with the well being of millionaires. They cry out, "Communist", or "Nazi", or just plain, "Lunatic", to anyone who disagrees with them. It's a real laugh and a half to see all these temporarily downtrodden millionaires come out to defend their more fortunate brothers in arms. Do you think the wealthy will reward those less well off folks who champion for them, against their own interests?

I don't give a damn what political alignment a person is, republican and democrat are just puppets of the same wealthy business interests.

Where's the president of the people? Where's the president that embodies the deranged, malnourished American that exists more and more these days? I want a politician who's as crazy as I am. And so I guess I'll have to run for office myself. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, I guess.

posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 05:39 PM
Don't really know what your topic is...

Kudos to the 'everyman' trying to get on the ballot.

As to the other thoughts about capitalism and wealth; these bring
to mind the theory of trickle down economics. Which, in a nutshell,
is that if you give the rich tax-breaks and incentives they will reinvest
their wealth and create jobs for the average worker.

While this may be true, the idea of trickle down in a free market
society is false.

A free market society is a "trickle up" society. As much as I believe
in libertarian values, I keenly understand that my beliefs lead to a monopoly
of wealth of for the few and near poverty for the many.

Money buys influence. And influence creates wealth.
Throw in teaspoon of greed, a half-cup of political corruption,
and an ounce of propaganda and you have the recipe for an
oligarchy....history has been cooking them up for ages.


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