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Right Hand Path Anarchy

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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 04:28 PM
Desire to experience pleasure, pleasure in feeling big familiar sure and in control, and emotional attachment to serving others, as motion-directing internal stimulus, interact with fear, humility, retreat reaction to pain, and depression in losing that which feeds one's heart. Humiliation means encountering stimulus hostile to one's pride, guilt - hostile to the attachment of one's pride (sorrow intermingled with embarrassment). This complex information that interacts with it, composes the general and local social interaction politic is intended to serve.

Will - the conscious resultant of the complex's interaction with intellect. Want exists apart from desire, although it is usually determined by one's overriding desire. It is not necessary to want selfish reward, (to want at all).

f= free will enabled, p= pleasure contributed, s= suffering absolved. The political systems which most meet these real quantities to my mind are mathematically most justified. i= free will inhibited. If inhibited without inducing suffering or stealing pleasure, example: I telepathically force a gnome to poke itself in the cheek, and it is unimpacted psychologically: I'm to endure same duration and magnitude of bodily loss of control, touching my own cheek too. t= suffering inflicted, z= pleasure stolen. The most despotic political systems veer toward I, t, z.

The emotional complex of the populous is most thoroughly deterred by consistent fairness and accuracy assessing the weight of the positive against the negative culp of the individual. Pride and desire baiting one's attack upon the eye for an eye president, the negatives I,t,z one's awareness induces out of pride and desire. Negligent means less aware of the interaction than malicious, meaning more of the damage (not conscious of the interaction) is butterfly.

Philosophical, mathematical, and scientific study of the highest deterrential value of the scales provides best data on regionally best system.

My preferred political path is to attempt to unify lower-middle classes as a co-operative underground ingenious enough to bodyguard their own autonomy as against the classic total domination of an elite (instinctively loyal to the eccentrics closest to their hearts). Before "the peoples" attempt to invade, or turn themselves in to, unofficial nobility, the bottom wrung of society should establish its own invisible global standing.

As a Libertarian Anarchist, I would study the military and economic systems most pragmatic toward equipping the social and individual psyches involved to overcome the need for governance, as well as the intellect to see thru its non deterrentially motivated intrusions. Since love unifies and selfishness is that which requires deterrential consistency or law, one should lose one's selfish side serving the goals of a good military agenda.

Pride requires over-ascertion and hierarchical competition. In its absence, experience relevance is easy to clearly perceive as that which most efficiently directs infrastructural resources - and effectively.

Right Hand Path Anarchy - the transcendence of pride as the transcendence of politic.

I also believe, when dealing with (for instance) immortal hierarchies, in tactical flexibility transitioning out of outmoded methods of doing things into a less... and less coercive state.

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by LokiToo

sounds like this sort of place might be right for you...

Direct Democratic Republic

they are looking for ideas and contributions to do exactly that sort of thing.

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