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Apocalypse Wars With the Secret Societies of Aleister Crowley

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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 04:07 PM
Revelation Chapter 13, the First Beast of Apocalypse has the mouth of a lion. 666 = Nero in Hebrew. In Revelation Chapter 12 the dragon (Satan) kills Christ, Caesar's crucifixion. Crowley confessed to being the first beast.

The second beast has two horns like a lamb and the mouth of a dragon. I see him trying to help the Lamb, spewing Caesar's propaganda on accident.

From memory, Aleister Crowley claimed his past life was Eliphas Levi, French accented Anton LeVey founded the Church of Satan. Crowley's Aiwass prophecy founded modern Satanism by deifying the Pharaoh to throw the hit off the Caesar, then Michael Aquinos did the same thing on accident when he schismed from the Church of Satan to found the Temple of Set.

The first beast's mouth of a lion if Satanists self deify: maybe Crowley pretends to be Ra to impersonate his policies. If Crowley is Ai and Pharaoh too, neither a lie nor an attempt to deceive Crowley's Pharaoh -- just not why, not what context establishes such to be true.

Aleister Crowley's tacticals: divert hit off Caesar onto Pharaoh to counter enclose the Lamb of God thru royalty and the moral majority, enlightenment = addiction and perverse revelry to loosen ego boundaries and prime for sociopathy without loyalty conversion, found modern Satanism to privately indoctrinate Ceasar fanatics, turn attempts to unlock the psychic aptitude of the moral majority into a New Agey cultish fringe movement that taboos the majority instead - the attempts themselves inevitable with or without Crowley, and subliminally sabotage training such as by recommending self mutilation. A brilliant artist, and he including a thorough overview of the esoteric secrets of the right hand path because inevitable they would be released that instant either way.

Every Satanist is a decoy Caesar if over at Church of Satan headquarters self deification is the name of the game: As Satan. If they all do their best, moral majority Satan hunters have too many targets. Doing their best often involves trying to look like the real one.

GI Gurdjieff, good esoteric Muslim advisor to the royal Romanov family, built a Muslim jyhad into Russian Communism at its inception. Gurdjieffians "burry the dog deeper," dog is esoteric for God if the letters are reversed. His Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson counterbalances Communist atheistic censorship sentiment (Rasputin's Communism?) as against religious fundamentalist Muslim censorship extremes. The book promotes the dialogue of an alien's overview of planet earth's history to dissolve prejudice when penetrating elite personality types.

Gurdjieffian Islam also counter-balances the taboo reaction Crowley injects into the religious moral majority by providing a method to convert Thelemites into Sufis which promotes open mindedness within monotheism.

Aleister Crowley was from the same British Age as Israel Regardie. Crowley's lingo is a bit more sophisticated than Regardie's, as if Aleister wanted to keep elite technology in the hands of elites, Israel to make them easy to understand. Both thoroughly document esoteric right hand path technologies, the secrets of a morally inclined ego transcendence inducing school of thought.

Regardie's Golden Dawn, the Grades

Neophyte - hoodwinked, initiate faces insecurity between the eye for an eye scales of Maat (identifies initiation with moral progress), and swears an oath of silence. Sometimes underground movements need to be subtle to survive but I would find such oaths creatively stifling. O=O.

Zelator - Tree of Life Sphere of Malkuth, one's feet firmly in the ground, the initiation calls for ki awakening as the energy of motivation, zealousness. Excitement, aspiration kundalini's call.

1=10, 2=9, ... unto 10=1. One is Godhead, meaning the grades calculate how close initiate is to God. The Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life is ascended.

Theoricus - Yesod, astral foundation. C Us (in) Theori, reside a little in a euphoric dream state, permit the poetry of the initiations to caress one's subconscious mind. A theory / theoretical stage of progress.

Practicus - Hod, Sphere of Logic. A degree wherein to ground one's self in analytic process, cold math and science. Us Practic (practice) because it is pragmatic to, route and memory and map making. Practi-cul.

Philosophus - Netzach, Sphere of Creativity interacting with one's analytic mind to instill analogical reasoning skills. Creativity and objectivity communicating equates to genius iq. Philosophical perfection.

Adeptus Minor - Tiphareth, Sphere of Simple Love. The heart by itself is non impulsive. The initiate learns to use the sun to guide hir other emotions, utilizing complex props to assume fictional deity forms and character roles, to master the yoga of ritual, to learn self control sufficient to situationally self trigger desired internal emotional reaction. To learn to begin to manipulate one's own identifications.

Adeptus Major - Geburah, Sphere of War. The initiate learns to directly increase and decrease any emotion at will. Rage is probably one of the more addicting emotions Adepts experiment with. Pride increases in size when threatened, rejecting data which would humble it, addiction to attacking and the impression it is rational to attack as a chi. Probably better to learn precision, control, situational adaptability: the accurate response to the combat scenario as energy utilized. Pride shields instincts from being positive ego state defused, love permits one to manifest a desired emotion or reaction.

Adeptus Exemptus - Chesed, Mercy, social ego. Exempt trauma. Emotional control permits one the ability to focus in on and remove all subconscious baggage. The heart and intellect focus to consciously release the trauma. One feels generally merciful because at peace with the situation at hand.

Magister Templi - Master of One's Temple, nervous system. The ability to automatically identify success when learning any new skill.

Magus - unconditionally loving, no emotional complex.

Ipsissimus - Samadhi conscious. Inducing a trance one time after achieving Nirvana induces Samadhi, death of an automatic process internal dialogue. I could also see Ipsissimus as "Not Bound," as if a Bodhissatva or indentured servant would qualify as Magus. This latter definition works out slightly better if by Magus most initiates have mastered the trance state, and the initiate is on contract to complete the grades.

The Portal Ritual precedes the Adeptus Minor initiation. This signifies the abandonment of an impulse directed, pride centered mentality for a control oriented, love motivated way of thinking. The Portal one enters is to one's own heart.

Mysticism deviates from esoteric learning in that contemplative simplicity brings one directly to the heart, still posture, rather than complex esoteric puzzle solving.

2,500 years ago, Buddhism was founded. 2,400 years ago, Sun Tzu's the Art of War was released. 500 years before Christ, Tzu/Sue Sun, 500 years after Sue Ra / the Suras, 500 pages. This indicates Buddhism was intended to convert the masses to Islam, a Muslim jyhad.

One kind of secret society is a sincere Muslim rationalist's underground military. The second pillar of Islam is to pray 5 times a day, the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life is Geburah, signifying the Muslim is at war until the Last Day.

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 04:11 PM
Islam was "created" after Christianity. Mohammed sat in a cave and the angel Gabriel told him what to write down. Islam took quite a few elements from the Jews and Christians.

In fact, in Islam's early days Mohammed was being persecuted by other wealthy Arab traders. Mohammed fled to Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) to seek refuge under their Christian king. The king, after being told all about Islam, welcomed Mohammed and and his followers with open arms. He considered them "brothers" in terms of how close the two religions were.

posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by LokiToo

666 is not Nero!
666 is the clever "Devise/Device" of him/her who abhors you!
In masonry... 3 is the given.Master!
33is double recompense... like job. Twofold.
But 666 is what the evil wants from him/her who fails god(s)...

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