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Similarities between Hitler and Putin, and the buildup in Crimea

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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 07:52 PM
Hitler has a well lead, well trained military with many of the most modern weapons of his time. He also had allies. He acted to expand German domination of the world. Russia has barely any allies, an aging military that has failed to reform twice, a arms industry lacking skilled workers, and has the US and it allies which account for 90% of the worlds military funding not to mention a growing China who is just as likely to attack Russia as it is to support it. Putin is not expanding, he is trying to to save what he sees as Russia's last area of influence in a world where Russia only plays at being a great power.

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 08:15 PM
there is similarities as ww2 basically started because hitler went into parts of germany that been handed to poland after ww1, the germans were being mistreated so he asked the british to force the poles to act nice and to stop murdering germans and tieing their bodies to lamp posts , the british said basically piss off you lot lost the war you do not get to make demands, the pictures of the germans tied to lamp posts after being mutilated were begining to make headline news in germany obviously upsetting the german people, of course this was all part of the humiliation they were expected to endure, it was the old adage of "what you cant kill, you make crawl".....the british miscalculated with hitler as the west is doing with putin.
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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 08:50 PM
The game here is double dealing situation:

a) By having control on Ukraine, West will have
1) control on Russia's gas pipelines going to EU. These gas pipelines are the vein to Russia's CASHFLOW
2) By having Uks in NATO, Russia will be virtually defenseless and vulnerable to a quick deadly strike.

If this works all good.

If it does not then...............

b) Pile up economic pressure on Russia and wait for them to RETALIATE.

Like them asking for Gold or Rubles or Chinese Currency for the oil and gas that they sell around the world.

This will make the PetroDollar i.e USD lose immense value.

$17 Trillion in Debt Securities will lose value and suddenly the REAL value of the debt becomes 50%.

Inflation to kill off USD to wash off a big portion of debt will be a fast pill to recovery.

It will cause severe recession even depression and short 2-3 years of economic chaos for which Russkies are to be blamed.

But it will also open up the FREE CREDIT SPENDING ability for NEXT 3 DECADES for the Neocon Bankers to have some more fun.

US population will be more than happy to "make merry" from the crumbs and scraps that these bankers throw as the "left overs" after their lavish parties.

Biggest losers will be Chinese and Japanese and other nations that hold US Treasuries.

Second biggest losers will be US middle and poor class. Their net worths will be devastated.

But media disinformation and DHS/NSA/CIA "SUPPRESSIONS, OPPRESSIONS AND IMPRESSIONS" will keep them in line of good behavior.

Suck up and Grin and all the while hope that tough times pass by quickly.

When these times are will be the dawn of the New American Century.

The only different scenario will be if Russkies unleash the NUKES.

Then all bets are off.............both YOURS (US general population) and OURs (NEOCON Bankers).

Time will tell..........................
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