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'Cheaters' tones down tawdriness

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 11:29 AM
Hoping to avoid the government's ire, the creator of a reality TV show that helps furious lovers track down and confront their philandering mates is trying to tone down the show's tawdriness.

"If that makes Uncle George happy, well I want to make him happy," Goldstein said, referring to President Bush. "It is a form of censorship but I'm proud to pay whatever I have to pay to live in America."

I gotta say, well said! But the conformity issue i have a hard time agreeing to and here's why.

I'm American and currently living in Canada (employment contract). Late at night i'm usually hooked on Canadian broadcasting channels and the programming they offer to adults. Around midnight, i have access to tasteful programming such as 'the naked news' and 'sextv' on CityTV and other uniquely Canadian shows like 'ed the sock'
Another thing is that Canadian broadcasting restrictions drops censorship for foul language at appropriate "adult time" hours.

The article also mentions when ABC affiliates decided not to air the Academy Award-winning World War II drama "Saving Private Ryan" because they worried the violence and profanity would lead to indecency penalties.

Whatya think?

posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 12:52 PM
Well this kind of removes the point of the show ... taking into consideration the emotions connected with such events and the activities concerned then when you remove "foul" language and explicit scenes then what else is there? Catch your spouse hugging and say darn?

I remember in 1990 when i was in the US i happened to watch the movie Highlander on some or other channel ... it was one of my favourites at that time and it stcuk me as odd that the lenght of the movie was less than 100 minutes and this is about 20 minutes shorter than the original version ... so many parts had been cut out that someone wathing it for the first time wouldn't have even understood the plot (a slight exaggeration).

Ok here we don't have porn on national television but then again the movies aired have not been censored. But i have a feeling that we are getting there too, since on the radio you can already hear songs with a lot of beeps in them. If you can't stand the content, don't air it or close your ears and leave the artist's work intact.

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