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Iranian general: Obama’s threats are ‘the joke of the year’

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posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 07:38 AM



reply to post by jdub297

Before his election?

If true that alone would be ground for impeachment since it would undermine the actions of the sitting President. If he wanted to negotiate with Iran he should have waited until he was, you know, President.
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They never tried to impeach Reagan for his dealing with Iran so why Obama? And there is proof of Reagans dealings.

Wasn't that the Iran Contra scandal back in the 80's?

Didn't Olly North act the patsy and take the rap for that one?

Iran-Hostage - Had it been discovered at the time I would support an impeachment of Reagan.
Iran Contra - Articles of impeachment were drafted and submitted. A special prosecutor was also assigned.

Ronald Reagan

Main articles: Iran-Contra affair, Reagan administration scandals, and Nicaragua v. United States

On March 6, 1987 Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez, Democrat of Texas, introduced articles of impeachment against President Ronald Reagan regarding the Iran Contra affair, leading to the joint hearings that dominated the summer. A special prosecutor was appointed.

Oliver North- Yes and No on the blame:

However, on July 20, 1990, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),[18] North's convictions were vacated, after the appeals court found that witnesses in his trial might have been impermissibly affected by his immunized congressional testimony.[19]

Because North had been granted limited immunity for his Congressional testimony, the law prohibited a prosecutor from using that testimony as part of a criminal case against him. To prepare for the expected defense challenge that North's testimony had been used, the prosecution team had—before North's congressional testimony had been given—listed and isolated all of its evidence.[citation needed] Further, the individual members of the prosecution team had isolated themselves from news reports and discussion of North's testimony. While the defense could show no specific instance in which North's congressional testimony was used in his trial, the Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge had made an insufficient examination of the issue. Consequently, North's convictions were reversed. After further hearings on the immunity issue, Judge Gesell dismissed all charges against North on September 16, 1991.

People who are not a part of the administration have no business negotiating with a foreign government. Even more so when those negotiations undermine the sitting President - regardless of party affiliation.

If you don't like the President and you run against him/her based on a different political theory / ideology - awesome.
If you win - even better.
If you try to influence foreign policy before you are sworn in as President - go to jail.

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posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 03:05 PM

Farsnews is the Iranian version of the Onion. Anyone heard of the Tall white aliens that are in America it was them that put that story out.

Who cares? It's Obama-hate...and thus the gospel truth!

What a silly premise. The real cowardice is the right wing, arm-chair quarterbacks...who in public shout about how weak the President appears, while in private talking about how glad they are that they are not in the big seat right now!

The truth is that Russia will take Crimea, cuz they feel like it. And the USA and the rest of Europe are not going to start WW3 over it.

That fact would be precisely the same if McCain, Romney, Reagan, JFK or anyone else was in the Whitehouse.

It doesn't make Putin a "powerful figure" leaves him as he always was..corrupt and sociapathic.. and leading Russia toward a second soft-revolution, "Perestroika"

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