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Hidden History..The Quest for Truth

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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 10:15 AM
Hidden History..The Quest for Truth (Part one)

My father had started the research. He had been so passionate about his work. Night after night he would search, looking for the clue that would lead him to the next piece of the puzzle. Way into the wee hours of the night he sat at his desk, pouring over manuscripts and documents, making notes in his journal. Always searching for the answer that alluded him. Until finally, after years and years of research, he found what he was looking for.

He took his findings to a professor at the local university. The professor was so excited by all the findings, he immediately dived into the project himself. And after a few months, both my father and the professor presented their case to the school board. They needed funding and had to prove their theory was sound before they would be able to receive it.

It wasn't three days later that my father got visited by the FBI. They confiscated all his work, and as I watched, he was placed into a black SUV. That was the last time I ever saw him. I still remember looking into his eyes as he was placed in the vehicle. He smiled and winked at me, a touch of sadness on his face. He mouthed the words I love you. It was the last time he would ever say those words to me.

I waited several weeks before I retrieved his journal from its hiding spot. I spent several years studying it and absorbing the information. I would never see my father again, but I could honor his name. I could finish the work he had started, find the knowledge he sought. And I would not make the same mistakes he did. I would not reveal anything until I had found exactly what I was looking for.

From what I understand, he had found a secret message hidden within the text of an old manuscript. A code if you will. While most educated men were reading the words that were written, my father was reading between the lines. The basis of his research is that at one point in time, we were an advanced civilization. Capable of space travel, free energy, everything that we are now trying to sort out today. But even though we were technologically advanced, we still fought wars. We still couldn't get along with one another. We destroyed everything we had back then, almost wiping out the human race for good.

Through his research, my father learned that some of the scientists from those days realized that it was the end for them. They decided to create some disks that held all the history of their civilization on them, as well as some of the technological advances they had made. Only the things that had been truly helpful to the human race. They hid them in a place that they would be safe until the right person came along to retrieve them.

A few of the scientists had survived the war. They passed down the knowledge of the disks through the years to their sons and daughters. As humanity began to develop again and was able to write, their descendants put to paper the stories of old. Each one of the ancient manuscripts having a clue embedded in it about where the disks are located. Knowing that when the human race was ready, they would be able to solve the complex puzzle and find the disks. Hoping that we would use the disks to learn from their mistakes.

My father states in his journal that in each manuscript he studied, the message was inserted in a different way. Never was he able to solve any of them in the same manner. He stated that as humanity advanced in knowledge, so did the complexity of the messages. I have solved some of the easier ones, and will reveal them to you once I'm sure they are accurate. But for now, I just wanted to write some of this down, to have it documented somewhere in case something ever happens to me.

I am unsure of how much I can safely put here without being noticed. But I am hoping that someone may read this and join me in my quest. Or that if something does happen to me, someone will be able to continue my father's work.

I will scan and post some pages of his journal on here later this week for your review. Some of his writings are unusual and I am having a hard time understanding them. Maybe someone of more intelligence than myself will be able to figure them out.

To be continued....


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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by blend57

SnF. Wonderful!! You got me from the beginning!

I really enjoyed and truly hope there is more to come

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 11:01 AM
reply to post by natalia

I will continue this one. Just have to research some things with regards to posting his father's journal entries and such.. And I have to wait until I have time to do so. So, this won't be continued until tomorrow or the day after.

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it so far. I will continue it just for you then. I never really know if anybody is interested until they comment, so I am grateful you did.

Talk with you soon, my friend!

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 01:40 AM
I'm interested as well. Please continue as time allows.

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 08:58 AM
I just finished reading a chapter of my father's journal. It was confusing to say the least. I am having trouble getting the thing scanned in, but I typed one of the pages into word and will post it here for you. This page is truly confusing to me. He starts out talking about rock art and petro glyphs, then finishes up with calculation and symbolism. I am using italicized font so that you can discern what are my thoughts and what are his. Entry below:

May 22nd, 1978

I have traced the puzzle back to its original origins. Or at least as far back as I can possibly go. It seems as though it has been there since the dawn of man. Although not quite as sophisticated as some of the other puzzles I have solved. This one is the hardest one to figure out. It may be due to the fact that the puzzle was not complete.

I traced it back to the late upper Paleolithic period. That is about 40,000.00 years ago according to our current history and timeline. As soon as humans developed tools to hunt, they started to draw on cave walls and the puzzle showed up shortly afterwards.

Several rock art and petro glyphs depict a certain symbol in them. It is hard to discern which ones are actually part of the puzzle and which ones are just men copying another drawing. But I believe I have found a few that are linked to one another. A few that have a repeating message depicted in them.

One thing I know for sure is the spiral is the key. It seems as though it was used as a visual marker in order to allow the truly observant to recognize the message. Maybe it is the symbol that holds the answer, or maybe it is the petro glyphs themselves. Of that I am unsure . But the ones that I believe to be part of the puzzle definitely tell a story.

The drawings tell of a time when the spiral was present in the sky. There is a drawing that is said to represent water, a huge wave, and men heading for high ground, as though they are trying to survive. Through my research, some people believe this represents the biblical flood. I do not think that is what is represents. To me this is a representation of a the weapon that was used in the previous civilizations war and how men were able to survive it. They ran away from their cities and towns and hid in the caves and mountains. Away from the direct impact of the blast. But at this time, this is all speculation on my part. As I said, the puzzle isn't complete. Our ancestors drew on many caves and many rocks as they traversed the world. And I believe they didn't have the ability to depict what was told to them by their ancestors. So the story is only half there.

Unless we find a complete drawing, I am unsure if I will ever solve this riddle. Again, it is one of the simplest ones I have come across, but the hardest one to complete.

The logarithmic spiral= golden spiral. (Is this what they were trying to represent in their drawings?)

golden spiral = Fibonacci number= golden ratio=golden rectangles.

1.618= Phi = golden mean or divine proportion. Mathematics, geometry, life, universe

Other meaningful symbols depicted:

circle with lines through it (symbol for planet earth )
three squiggly lines (breath of life)
Goats (???) (Symbol for the scientists ancestors? The ones who hold the knowledge?)

It is important to me to try and find the beginning. To understand the whole story. Right now I just have parts of it solved. I cannot take this to anyone else until I know for sure what I have found is accurate. The secret to finding the disks is in the storytelling of our ancestors. But who can say for sure whether the story has been altered as the years have went by. It is better to start from the beginning, that is the only way I will know for sure I am on the right track.

That is the end of this entry. As time permits, I will copy more of his journal here for you to review. The puzzles that I thought I had solved...well...I was mistaken. I am still going to try and solve them, but until I know that I am on the right track I won't post any of the material for your review.


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posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by blend57


For real blend. I really like your stories. I've liked all your stories

You are a great storyteller. You grab me at the beginning of each story and by the end I'm very pleased to have read what you've written. Very talented in my opinion

I hope you are having a lovely day and can't wait to read more of this story.

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 03:40 PM
Next entry that I had time to copy. It looks as though he may have found one of the disks. Gives some information as to what he has found out about it. Some of the writing in his journal is indiscernible, so I am unsure if he just went too deep down the rabbit hole or if this is real. But it is an interesting read none the less.

November 11th, 1978

I have a solid location to one of the disks. From my research, they have been hidden in several different areas of the world. There are seven disks in all. One for each of the seven different civilizations that came before ours.

The hiding places for these things are not easy to get to. The one I believe I have found is way beyond our current technology to retrieve. You would have to master time before you could even begin the journey. But I will share what I have learned so far.

There are doors that have been built throughout the ages. Each one located in a different city. The most ancient ones can be found in the ruined cities of our ancestors. Some of the ones that have been discovered are in China, Ireland, Egypt, Peru...they are everywhere. They seem to have no purpose, but that it not true. They have one very specific purpose, they are to be used to recover one of the discs.

You must enter the doors in a specific sequence, the doors will only open for you if you get the sequence right. So, if you start off at the right door, it will lead you to the next two choices. If you choose correctly, you will be taken to the next two. If you choose poorly, you will be left standing at whatever door you have chosen. Whether it be in Peru, Egypt, or Ireland. The sequence has been interrupted and you must start the process again.

Although I am unsure how all this would work, I know I have gotten the basic premise right. It sounds as though the last civilization was able to bend space or time. But as we have not yet discovered how to do this, I am unsure if that is an accurate assumption.

In order to open the doors, you need a key. I believe I have found that as well. Throughout my research I have come across some ancient disks. They are interesting to say the least. The earliest ones look like the symbol used to represent the sun, a circumpunct. But I am unsure if that is the correct meaning behind the symbol.

The one true key I believe is hidden in plain sight. There is only one that is still a mystery. There is only one disk that has yet to be deciphered, the Phaistos Disk.

Archeologists are still questioning what has been written upon it. Saying that in order to decipher it you need the key or the code, which no one has.The symbols on it were only ever used once, just to make the disk. They are not found anywhere else in our history. I think this disk is the key to the doors. Without it, you will never be able to open them. Without it, you will never find the real disk.

Still putting this all together. I know I'm right. But for now I am unable to prove it. We could never recover this disk until we advance more technologically. We just aren't there yet. I am going to leave this one alone for now and work on the next puzzle. Hopefully I can solve it, locate the disk, and will be able to prove what I say is true.

I will copy down more as time permits. On a side note, I have been receiving a lot of hang up phone calls and believe that someone has been following me. I don't know if it is because of what I have posted here, or if I am just being paranoid. It could be either. I have decided to make a copy of the full journal and stash the original. I will be leaving clues to its whereabouts' with another member on here. Just in case things go south for me.....


posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 12:44 AM
In this entry, my father talks about how he has discovered one of the scientists' descendants. It truly is an amazing read. Also, he believes he has found a map to one of the disks. One that is obtainable.

February 13th, 1980

I am putting this down to paper in order to sort it all out. I have been following another lead to the disks, one that is from far across the ocean. There was a burial site discovered in Kazakhstan in 1969. Although at first I didn't understand the significance of it, soon I came to understand its importance. The golden man was discovered there dressed in warriors clothing covered in golden plates and badges with animal images on them. One of these images was the goat.

The goat is the symbol the scientists used to represent their descendants. It is their coat of arms, if you will. I have come to this conclusion after researching the animal when I first saw it used in the rock art. I believe they used this animal because it was most likely to survive the last world and carry on into ours.

The goat is also represented on his helmet, placed on top the three squiggle lines like it had been in the rock art. Over thirty other items were found buried with the man. Four of them are of utmost importance.

The mirror: With spiral markings and goats engraved in its handle. It has words written on it 's frame. It says: The Protector. The protector of what? Of the disk? Of the ancient knowledge? If the translation is accurate, then I believe I have just located one of the scientists' descendants.

The bowl: engraved on the bottom is a writing that has not been translated. There have been several tries at it. Again, a mysterious writing that no one can translate. Just like the Phaistos Disk.

The sword: adorned with a golden handle to match his clothing. The blade has markings on the tip. You have to look very close in order to see them. On one side is the wheel and on the other is the spiral.

The cup: on the bottom of the cup is an inscription as well. It too has yet to be translated. But if you look at the image and not just the words, you will see it is a map. There is nothing else it can be.

I looked at the bowl again and found that it also was a map. A map to what though? And which one do you follow first? Is one of them a false map? I have come to the conclusion that The Protector hid the key to the location of the disk in two separate spots.

I have been searching for weeks in order to find the general areas that the maps represent. I believe I have finally found one of them. Fortunately for me, the map on the bottom of the cup represents an area well known here in the states.

An island located off the coast of North Carolina. It is shrouded with mystery. Thought to be a place that holds buried treasure, many have tried to excavate it and failed.... Oak Island. The map on the cup reveals the connecting island and the two paths you can take to retrieve the treasure. But it is not a treasure of gems and gold. It is a treasure of knowledge. And I am going to find a way to retrieve it.

I am still searching for the area the second map represents. I hope if I go to the first and retrieve whatever is there, it will lead me to the second location. I have been thinking about sharing this information with a good friend of mine. One of the professors at the university. But I am unsure if I have acquired enough evidence to convince him of the truth I see.

Maybe after I retrieve the first object I will be able to prove that this is not all madness. That there is truth to what I say. For now, I will keep it to myself and continue to research.

That is the end of this entry. I am unsure if he actually made it to Oak island or not. I know he went on several trips during that time. Although, there is a page torn out of the journal. My father must have done that. I have searched the whole house looking for it and haven't found it yet. Maybe I'll look for it one more time.

The phone calls have stopped since I mentioned them here. But I am still being followed. I am certain of that now. I haven't been able to hide the journal because of it. I can't go to anyone else for help with it either. I don't want to get anyone else involved. I guess I will put it back in its original hiding spot until an opportunity presents itself and I can put it elsewhere.

As usual, when time permits I will post some more.


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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 09:51 AM
I can only stay online for a few minutes, otherwise they will find me. So I have to be quick.

They have me on the run. In just a few short hours my whole world has changed. Last night shortly after I posted, someone broke into my house. It wasn't the FBI, they would have just knocked on the door and took me in. I know because of what happened to my father. These men were more than a government agency. They only had one purpose for being there, to steal my father's journal. They must know I still have it from my previous post.

When I realized what was happening, I grabbed my father's journal, the copy I made and my bug out bag and hid in the cellar. I heard them as they went from room to room, spending a few minutes in each one as they did so. By the sound of the footsteps, there had to be five or six of them. They spoke in Latin, I could hear muffled conversation taking place. One word I know they spoke several times. It is one that has repeatedly shown up in my father's journal. The Latin word orbis, meaning disk.

When they were on the far side of the house, I snuck out of the cellar window and headed for the nearest bus stop. I have been on the move ever since. I am going to somewhere I know I'll be safe. Somewhere my father had told me about a long time ago. I will not reveal where it is for obvious reasons.

There are only a few people I can trust right now. Two of them frequent this website. I have to let them know what it happening. So the following message is for them:

Gsv Kilgvxglih szev xlnv uli nv. R droo yv zg gsv nlfmwh. R ulfmw gsv nrhhrmt kztv, rg hsldh gsv olxzgrlm lu gsv wrhp. Nvvg nv zg gsv xzev zmw dv xzm tl ivgirvev rg. R szev gsv nzk, gsv pvb, zmw nlmvb droo mvevi yv z kilyovn. Nb uzgsvi ovug nv z uligfmv. Xlmgzxg nv gsilfts gsv dvy hrgv. R droo yv dzrgrmt uli blfi ivhklmhv.

You will be receiving the code key shortly. I will not tell you how I will get it to you, but you will know it when you see it.

Once I make it to my destination, I will continue to post pages of my father's journal here. I believe I have no other option now. But it will be a few days before I am able to continue. If I fail to contact you, don't worry, where I am going I may not be able to get online.


posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by blend57


Fantastically written. I had fun decoding

Hope you have a lovely weekend and hope you are doing swell.

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