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A personal alien experience

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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 04:27 AM
Of the many stories, myths and conspiracies surrounding ufology, those concerning merits of truth take a hard fall, blurred amongst the crazies and personal claims when discerning legitimacy. It is a challenge, and yet this too has no merit or credibility, still, experiences pose one to question reality no matter the strength of a rational mind.

During my teenage years night terrors consisted of frightful aliens abducting me, along with people watching me with curious eyes. It was more the men and woman popping into my room those eventful nights that questioned the nature of the ordeals. I believe now it was the two men in black sitting by the end of my bed that had always came back to mind. In a time when I was still unaware of ufology, it was always those two men talking in a most unconcerned manner that gave those experiences a sense of depth and reality that I’ve never shaken. Of course theories can speculate the relevance of their presents, it felt as though with such a relaxed manner, they had been visiting others routinely along side the aliens. Perhaps a deal had been made in recent years, where abductions were to be carried out alongside agents in order to monitor and control the lengths and extremes they had previously been carried out.

Many odd looking aliens would appear, though fright had never truly captured the mood they instilled in me. It was more a curiosity then true fear. Some had a cute appeal I must say, like little blue children watchful and curious. The rational mind may speak of sleep paralysis to which I would certainly agree, however, it is the emotional experience that never leaves you after such encounters that question such explanations – to which may further be explained as emotional dreams, however, dreams are soon forgotten, and these dreams have remained strong for over a decade. During the period of over 5 years, nights had become so unbearably eventful i would leave messages on my bed simply with "STOP" written on sheets of paper, hoping they had picked up some english words during their tour of screaming abductions. Some nights were oddly pleasant, my toes tickled by delicate fingers, as if to tease me that it was all real and with no ability to stop it.

Regardless of the many unexplainable nights, had it not been for those two men dressed in black sitting watchful over me, I don’t believe the legitimacy of these experiences would still remain. All I can give anyone is an experience faded by time. In this case, merit resides in faith, which frankly implies there’s no validity at all. So I suppose all I can ask is trust that maybe something happened. Though to be honest I wouldn’t believe me either. And there in lies the question, how does one convince or at least explain these things they know only to themselves to be true, when there’s simply no evidence to provide.

Regardless, I hope some of you are as curious as me, as to the speculation of those two men in black.

Kind Regards
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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 04:49 AM
I believe you Andre. I have had experiences similar too, but mine involved reptilians and not only me, but my wife too.

Right.. first thing you need to understand and accept is that it really happened. Secondly, dreams are not dreams.. they are our astral bodies travelling through various dimensions.

We are vibration, and depending on your mood, dictates what dimensions you travel to. Eg. Anger or fear etc. Negative emotions will push you into lower dimensions where the nasty entities hang out and love to scare us..instill fear etc. As they suck the energy from us - kinda like vampires.

Conversely, thoughts of pure joy and love before you sleep will raise your vibration and elevate you to higher dimensions where the benevolent et's hang out, you can communicate with higher selves etc.

We are immortal souls trapped and hoodwinked here on the prison planet earth. We are the most powerful things to ever exist..creating with pure thought. Mini gods. The nasties know this and get a kick out of scaring us.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. You cannot be harmed. Believe. Face them and imagine turning them into a fluffy bunny or whatever your imagination desires and it will be so.

Visit YouTube. Rich2150x has alot of great info on oobe (out of body experience). What to expect and how to handle them.

Also the latest Project Camelot video released a few days ago has alot of truth.. with Miles Johnston. It's about 2 hours long. .but trust me..its invaluable knowledge.

Good luck.
Kind regards

reply to post by andre18

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by vivid1975

Thanks for your kind words, however, I'm sorry to say i don't subscribe to spirituality and souls. I feel a little embarrassed now, not realising before hand, the only people that will reply are those already involved in such faithful beliefs. Who else would believe me on faith alone but those whom already do. I suppose I'm not going to attract any other mindful people then those such as yourself. Honestly i was hoping for a more rational mind then vibrations and mini gods.

Though i thank you for taking your time to reply.

Kind regards

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 06:11 AM
Does it really matter or make any practical difference in your life knowing that these experiences are real, false or in some hazy middle ground in between? Just how much of an explanation are you looking for?

I do not know exactly what you have gone through or the reasons behind how you perceive this world. With some of my more strange experiences, the speculation of the mystery has been enough for me. At times I do hang on to some of the simple ideas that came with the event, it may not be the right answer or the full story but it helps me get on with things. If you are looking for more answers and more solid ground then all I can really recommend is to start at the beginning.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 06:41 AM
Hi Andre,

If you read my old posts on ATS you will see that I have had encounters with Aliens. Of course it all seems very far fetched and it is, but it happens to be true. My employers know about it as do a handful of close friends. Most think its all in my mind ... fair enough. They also know I am of sound mind and certainly not a fantasist craving for attention! Infact my employers sent me for counselling. Though Bless them for thinking of me, but it was a general counselling designed for people that may be depressed or have family or relationship problems and I do not fit into any of those categories.

I have seen what one would regard as a normal looking human being turn into an alien in broad daylight. Twice this has happened in the last 5 years and it still only seems like yesterday. I consequently went on to suffer a nervous breakdown, caused through post traumatic stress. I seem to be the only person who the Government don't want to go back to work too. I have an ongoing sick certificate that tells me I am not even aloud to do any voluntary work. I do sneak off to work sometimes. My employer don't seem to care as I am a well respected member of staff. As far as I know I have never had a bad word said against me and I have to live. I am not rich and certainly not planning on going public. It has all been documented. I would tell any one that would listen at the time, but now I have learnt to accept it and to control my feelings. The aliens knew that would happen and they also knew no one would believe me, so it didn't really matter.

If you can remember CRYCHEC from the X- Files with the glowing eyes ... there you have it!!

not sure if I have spelt that correctly though hx

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 08:54 AM
So you're sorry that Et experiences for many is often "spiritual" and relates to quantum physics and frequency. It does for everyone, since that is the reality we are in.

As an experiencer, when I read some nuts and bolt, usually fearful, harvesting type et experience, and then contrast it to the ones that others often call new age, the new age ones are the most real the it really is, and the other is more black op. And I've had both, and then gained protection from the harvesting type, over time, kindness being the start of that, so if the other is occurring there are no memories of that. Nor waking up with wounds and bruises any more.

Also a personal account should be in the grey, they tend to use this forum for trying to debunk all video's. You can share far more in the grey.
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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 10:20 AM
Hi Andre, it's very nice to meet you.
I'm an experiencer as well and I might be able to offer insight into the Men In Black.

As I understand them, they're custodial guardians of a sort, and although somewhat stoic, they are very gentle and kind in the majority of interactions, especially with well behaved children and special cases. I've never had direct interaction with them that I can consciously recall, but I do not for a moment doubt the validity of your testimony.

Thank you so much for sharing and opening this avenue of discussion. It's always nice to be reminded we're not alone in having these types of experiences. I am a little curious about one thing, and I hope it's not too personal to ask, but were you an only child as well? I only ask because there seems to be a higher percentage of this type of visitation occurring with single child families.

I hope that's not weird, it's just been an general observation.
Thanks in advance should you feel inclined to reply.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 10:49 AM

Unity_99As an experiencer,

GENERAL EYESI'm an experiencer as well

Once one decides to so label oneself objectivity is compromised.

There is a difference between someone who has experienced things they cannot explain and a self-titled "experiencer". One seeks answers while the other claims to have the answers.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 11:16 AM
I will start off by saying that apparently sleep paralysis can be quite emotional and traumatic, according to medical belief. However, I have heard many stories, and one from someone very close to me, regarding an event that happened just as the person laid down to go to sleep. Therefore they were never sleeping. And this means it cannot be sleep paralysis, simply because sleep paralysis is caused, more or less, by the process the body uses when you are sleeping to keep you from acting out your dreams. So if you wake up in this state, you cannot move, and the frightful aspects are possibly triggered from the fear of the lack of control. Although I will admit that the similarities of stories, and the fact that people seem to wake up to these types of being, instead of them showing up when the fear of not being able to move shows up, implies that they might be based in reality.

I never subscribed to the idea of aliens visiting earth, but I will definitely not discount it, for one major reason...the plethora of reports. I have mentioned in the past that I had a sasquatch encounter just a couple of years or so ago, and that solidified any prior belief I had in the reliability of multiple thousands of reports. But where I draw a bit of a line has to do with the fact that seeing lights in the sky is not the same as having an abduction experience. There are numerous explanations, known and unknown, for phenomena in the sky. But there are very few explanations for abductions, sleep paralysis being one of the only explanations available. And when you have cases that obviously cannot be caused by this condition, you are left with the thought that maybe these things are happening to people.

So while I cannot say that I 100% believe that aliens are abducting people, I rarely will tell a person that their experiences did not occur in reality. I will sometimes tell people if I believe there is some other explanation, but in your case I am not really certain what the truth is. What is strange is the imagery. If you didn't know anything about aliens or what they call men in black, then having this experience alone could point to its validity.

Once one admits that aliens are abducting people, another can of worms is opened because of the fact that we have no idea of their capabilities. This is where much speculation comes in. Are the men who looked human actually human, for instance? Are these aliens actually physical beings from another planet, or are they some types of beings that are able to manipulate some underlying collective unconscious or some underlying structure of everything? I mean the possibilities are endless.

The more I analyze what you've presented to us, the more I disbelieve that sleep paralysis is the explanation. I am not saying that aliens definitely are the explanation, as maybe there is some yet unknown factor regarding the brain that could cause such experiences. Maybe there is such a thing as artifacts of the mind shared among the population, and hence the idea of UFO's and aliens. I cannot discount it altogether, although it seems hard to believe. But then again, the idea of aliens is hard to believe in as well.

People definitely need to learn to make a distinction between what is absolutely impossible, what is possible, and what is probable. There are many naysayers who say the idea itself is preposterous, and to those people I say that your close-mindedness is astounding. You cannot prove a negative. You may not be convinced, but saying it doesn't exist just proves one's ignorance. Good luck in disseminating your experiences with the information that you have, and I am sorry that I could not offer you any conclusive advice or analysis.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by draknoir2

I've also had MIB 2 different kinds. They were different, and am on trail always to find tidbits of info, drops here and that relate.
My son who has had missing time, called those he remembers, MIBs and they relate to the first group of mine, and I believe they're the same group.

The one we shared, he spoke of MIB's, large chested, tall men in black uniforms, again strong chested. He was shown on a viewing screen past and future events on 2 different occasions, all wiped, but he knew the gist of what was happening in that window he was aware of.

I had a few experiences with the same group, and in relation to someone who started writing to me concerning experiences, and spent months trying to help him jog his memories due to his waking up with wounds and other things. And we ended up in some shared experiences during his missing time and my sleep. Further searches on this group that he called andromedan, and that someone else revealed as Hercules, from the system Hercules. I shelfed that. But had checkups and was told by the man who talked to me the most, and who i considered a HERO, very much so. On different occasions he told me to put the children first, he was a father too. That he would like to show me his home world but I would have to go home first myself, (pass earth tests?), and of course I certainly don't mean being magnetized to incarnation in another system. I want to go home, have been called home, and know I have family waiting. He told me that earth was symboilc to them a planet of starvation, horrendous human rights violations. That Africa represents earth symbolically with its vast inequality.

On one occasion, was told I would be in a meeting with them that night. Told via a telepathic communication where he projected into my room. At least i thought it was a mere projection. I was folding and sorting clothes in my bedroom. And shrugged it off completely. This was the very last day I stopped trusting my own communcations and experiences, for up until then I was not quite convinced even though my son was sharing missing time while up and sightings.

This was it for me. i was folding clothes, and thought it was either in my mind or a projection. And then there was a test he wanted to see how selfless I was concerning my feelings for him, for he knew I thought he was a hero and beamed love at him. So suddenly found myself aboard a craft and he was questioning how I saw the relationship and it was a little weird, so explained to him that he was like a brother, and knew he had family and people who made him happy and that to me, the happiness of others was important, but this didn't mean I also would not have love for him, but it wasn't selfish.

In any case, suddenly the surroundings shifted, and it was as if I woke up, there was a sense of time lapse and me being decomissioned, then woken up, and was on this balcony, that was hundreds, maybe a thousand stories high, with this huge opening, no windows, maybe a force there, don't know, and a huge image of the sun filled this viewing place. It was like a station by the sun. There were human type Ets mainly. Ranging I believe from over 5 feet to over 7. Women often blond, and layers, different floors, though from where i was it was open floor plan from one floor to the next.

I was welcomed back by name and that is when my self defense kicked in, it was overwhelming to me. When you see a craft, even get a greeting, you can reject it. when abductions happen at night, you can reject it. This was in my face. And started repeating over and over, cancel cancel ego. cancel cancel ego. and blanked out. Then I came to again. It was a large rather pleasant room, huge low table akin to coffee table, but huge rounded, with a bench, and I was seated between 2 familiar tall ETs, the big chested one and the blond female in blue i often see. Behind the table I had a view of plants everywhere, then akin to screens and possible computers, but different, then I knew operation and medical.

He said, he almost regretted showing me this. She said it was time I knew. I woke up in bed.

Went downstairs, made coffee. Later in the evening went outside again with coffee. Was going in and heard in my head, "Don't go yet, we haven't greeted you yet!" I called my son out, he was at the tv near the door. The red lit craft, appeared just behind the trees, just appeared, about 30 feet in cirumference, and flew straight forward, soundlessly, at maybe 100 feet, and instead of doing the usual: disappear at the edge of the lights of town, our townhouse roof, or arch up suddenly way up high to go over our roof and town, it went straight soundlessly. So under that big red orb, the craft was a saucer shape.

My son and i both witnessed it. And that night, something was placed on my head, I felt very fine hands, and akin to a thin headphone set being put there, but in front of my ears, there is a slight tender spot and buldge just before your temple soft spots. That area vibrated like mad, and then instant lights out.

This video with Timothy Good coughed up a detail I had never heard repeated except from my first source, HERCULES.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 01:06 PM
Not meaning to hijack this, but the second kind of mib was more conventional and weird. We have had black choppers chase the crafts, phone taps, strange black trailers out front, odd fancy cars that drove away swiftly when the choppers came and followed me with cops in front, then in back. And we had later in the evening, past normal visit time, very tall beautiful dark haired men with british accents, over 6, say 6 2 and 6 4 or so. The one with eyes like an FBI or insvestigator, scanning everything. Both poker faced, claiming they were mormon missionaries from UK. They seemed to want to come in and I said, nope not feeling well. I don't know if they were 100% human, or hybrid or what not, but i did think they were CIA or British equivalent or something black op.

Then a couple of weeks later, or maybe a week later, close to the same time, was looking out the window, across the road, in the townhouse driveway, 4 or 5 men, looked alot like agent smith, sun glasses and all, MIB's, were walking in stiff line, shoulder to shoulder. I looked away. It registered, and looked back but they were gone. No knocks, no threats, just offering me a peak under the table, I don't know. i won't be bullied. So hopeful it wasn't bullying.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 01:11 PM
I saw the men in black come out of a house once in the middle of an electric storm. There were 9 of them with very deadpan faces, pale and silent. I have never moved so fast in my life! it was around 2am. The facts were this, the house had been derelict and empty for the previous 15 years. They were all in black and carrying briefcases. They were not Freemasons .. well if they were they all looked the same and must have been related. They were walking single file one behind another in a very precise manner. The house in question had no electric or running water, hence being empty for so long and rumour had it that the place was subsiding and there were no floors. I could not see their eyes .. just black holes!!

This was long before I met the aliens in the hospital ...... hx

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 02:10 PM
I just want to add, read up on other experiences, research topic quite thoroughly with any new information, interview, leak that relates to my own. Both share and am on the trail investigating. The Hercules part doesnt mean they were from there, because one person brought that out, possibly he thought that fit with his knowledge, and then that interview. Well the thing is, my friend believed it was andromeda. What I knew was that the asteroid base, in yet another memory, was larger inside than out, much like the tardis. My own feeling was past Saturn, as I have weird idea of seeing the rings of Saturn up close. But its out there in any case, not relatively close to earth. And this was smallish asteroid, rough surface, but inside, it was huge. The size of BC. Top levels were comfortable, and high tech lounge, medical. Other levels were like diverse forrests and park like settings. And the station or structure near the sun, which was huge and many floors high, I knew, just seemed to recall, that this was an inter galactic place. I knew, just seemed to recall, that those working there really enjoyed what they were doing, got along wonderfully, not just work for them, vacation too. And they were doing things very necessary. For all I know it could be andromeda, the galaxy, not the constellation in joint project with our galaxy. And there could even be more systems/galaxies involved.

But as far as things being nuts and bolts practical ufology aligning with our solid ant hill science. Sorry its not like that. Sleeper's threads, and ET_MAN's threads go into more what its about. The closest I've found so far.
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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by happinness

these are very interesting stories. really have me wanting to read more. i myself had a very odd experience in the hospital once and i'm still not sure what to attribute it to. but, i was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your hospital related experience as well? or even in a PM if you don't wanna post, i would understand that...

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by CallmeRaskolnikov

Hi CallmeRaskolnikov,

Thank you for the interest that you have shown in me. I will PM you later, hopefully tonight, if that is ok with you.
I have written bits and pieces on ATS about my experiences with aliens in the past couple of years, but you can imagine some of the reactions I have had?
Everything I say is true and has been documented. I have certain boundaries, which I don't cross with names. I now know that they have been around much longer in my life than I first thought and saved my life on more than one occasion. I will explain a bit later. They don't care, because they know no one believes me, but I still owe them a certain degree of respect and that being one of them.

So far I have not come across anyone else who has met aliens working in our hospitals or anywhere else for that matter, so you can imagine how isolated I feel at times. I am looking forward to our correspondence and hearing what has happened to you.

take care hx

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by happinness

That would be awesome. And I completely understand. Most people just won't/can't understand which makes relating hard when you know in your heart that what you've experienced is real and you know for a fact that these entities do exist beyond doubt. It seems like most of what I hear out there leads me to believe that if you've ever had an experience than you've been having experiences your whole life and just probably do not remember them. My experiences in the hospital are so bizarre I hardly relate them to anyone just because I've never heard of similar experiences so I've never been sure what to chalk it up to.

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 10:44 AM
I think Butt probing aliens would scare many intelligent species. Sometimes to the point of self extinction, I suppose.

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 08:09 PM

reply to post by vivid1975

Though to be honest I wouldn’t believe me either. And there in lies the question, how does one convince or at least explain these things they know only to themselves to be true, when there’s simply no evidence to provide.
I feel a little embarrassed now, not realising before hand, the only people that will reply are those already involved in such faithful beliefs. Who else would believe me on faith alone but those whom already do.

For the record, I have never had an abnormal experience or witnessed an object that couldn't be identified. I have been on a leave of absence from posting since my hard drive crashed. I continued to lurk after repairing my drive and I have nearly responded to several threads. I felt that I met the description of the type of person you would like feedback from regarding your experience, and I therefore came out of lurk mode.

I am able to listen to your account and recognize the possibility that your experience represents a physical event and is real. A younger me would have immediately dismissed the notion. I have managed to learn some measure of patience and compassion over the years. I believe these are prerequisites for bridging the gap between your experiences and my lack of experiences. As a whole our society is in short supply of these two qualities; especially when the medium of discourse is over the internet, written, and anonymous.

In my opinion, it makes sense to dispense with the word "belief". It has no place in the dynamic that should happen between two people coming from polar opposites in experience. It is common courtesy, compassion, and patience that allow me to give you the benefit of the doubt. I think this should be the framework of all discussions. In other words, I will assume your story is genuine until you indicate otherwise through a pattern of deception or explicitly say so. In addition, I would refrain from being argumentative for the sake of validating my existing world view. I would have an open mind. If it is a hoax then there is no harm done in extending the common courtesy of lending a polite ear and an open mind.

If you can find somebody to talk to that possesses both compassion and patience then you will likely have a fruitful exchange of information and reach an understanding between the two disparate world views. As a result a meaningful connection will be formed. Perhaps it is not true understanding, but it is progress and cathartic.

If it is true to you then that is enough. There are many people like myself that will respect that and admit it as a possibility without arguing or resorting to name calling. Widespread social acceptance on the other hand is largely a function of

1.) our social maturity
2.) the number of people exposed to the same event

So, it is probably better to start with baby steps and surround yourself with open minded people who are critical thinkers. This will allow you to pass on information, validate your experiences, and find a path that leads you away from the isolation caused by your experiences.

posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 09:02 PM
reply to post by andre18

Good read, wish you would write a book and include all your thoughts on the many years in contact.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 09:18 PM

Does it really matter or make any practical difference in your life knowing that these experiences are real, false or in some hazy middle ground in between? Just how much of an explanation are you looking for?

Ideally, the commonality between other stories and my own expressed here, may explain what really has been happening to me. If i am to know with certainty these are aliens, I may be able to figure out how to communicate and deal with them, as a posed doing nothing out of confusion and uncertainty.
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