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Nevada Test Site Special Operations and Research Division website revamped

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posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 10:36 PM
First of all, what you will find on the website isn't secret at all, in spite of the cool "special operations" in the name of the group. Rather, this group is just the weathermen (so to speak) of the Nevada Test Site. The main link is here:

Now what is interesting to the website is their network of lightning detectors.
SORD Lightning

The page has been modified so that you can differentiate between cloud to cloud lightning and the more exciting cloud to ground lightning. Well the later is more exciting if you are on the ground. I grabbed a screen shot on for 3/1/2014. The plain green dots are cloud to cloud lightning, while the green dot with a black circle around it is a cloud to ground hit.
Groom Lake lightning
You can see a cloud to cloud hit above the weapons storage area and at the end of the runway.


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