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CNN: Perhaps the Boston Bombings may have never occurred.

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posted on Feb, 28 2014 @ 07:05 PM
First if you want the entire story of the problematic Boston Bombing story, please visit this thread of mine.

Boston Bombing Exposed

Is the mainstream media starting to see the big picture?

Could the Boston Marathon bombings have been prevented? It is a massive question. It is a big question because there are new questions and connections to a triple murder that happened just a year-and-a- half beforehand.


BANFIELD: Three men who were slashed to death in a drug den, a leading suspect who was shot to death by the FBI, and in between that the Boston Marathon bombings. None of those cases is new. The triple murder happened two-and-a-half years ago. But despite an undeniable connection in the person of this man, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, only the bombings have been solved.

And the more we learn about the other cases, the more questions seem to really pop up about the bombings and whether we ever really needed to solve them at all. Whether they would have even happened. Questions that range from very trouble to downright shocking. My guest has uncovered reams of new and surprising information in a piece that she reported for “Boston” magazine.

Susan Zalkind, I want to start with the first question, and that is this. This is an exhaustive piece that I have read by you. It’s in this issue of the magazine.


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posted on Feb, 28 2014 @ 07:14 PM
Already posted here


posted on Feb, 28 2014 @ 07:16 PM
Please add to the on-going discussion here:

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