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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. "Operation Trust" Disinformation Campaign Repeated Now [email protected] -Q- Questions ---ASCENSION 321
  2. Target Joins The 'Go Broke' Club as Conservative's Boycott Store Over Children's Clothing Range 287
  3. President JOE BIDEN Accepted a 5 Million Dollar BRIBE from Another Country as V.P.. 224
  4. Just plain weird stuff that's happened to us over the past three years 144
  5. James Bond Film "Moonraker" the character "Dolly" had dental braces. CERN changed it. 134
  6. 10,000 Images Leaked From Hunter Biden Laptop 117
  7. As usual, the left guilty of what they accuse others of 102
  8. Bakhmut officially falls. Medvedev responds to Elon Musk. 77
  9. Never Forget What They Said About the Unvaccinated 75
  10. Betelgeuse,Betelgeuse,Betelgeuse is acting strange. is it about to explode into massive supernova 72

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Ankh Decoded 178
  2. Coordinates of the Afterlife, Part 1 : The Plasmic Waters of Creation 111
  3. WikiLeaks Unbanned ! Forum Live on ATS 101
  4. Who Was Seth Rich? (And Why You Should Know, If You Don't) 78
  5. "Operation Trust" Disinformation Campaign Repeated Now [email protected] -Q- Questions ---ASCENSION 70
  6. Biden family will be exposed Wednesday. 63
  7. Never Forget What They Said About the Unvaccinated 61
  8. Whistleblower alleges FBI, DOJ have document revealing criminal scheme involving Biden 54
  9. Founder of AI urges to Shut it All Down - Development Pause is Not Enough 54
  10. ATS Decorum for members and moderators : May 2023 53
  11. Motion Filed in the US House to EXPEL ADAM SCHIFF for Committing HIGH TREASON. 52
  12. 'Unprecedented' images of Martian Moon Deimos up close and personal 49
  13. At the Request of Hillary Clinton - President Obama Ordered His DOJ-CIA-DNI to Damage Donald Trump. 46
  14. Special Counsel JOHN DURHAM Concludes the DOJ-FBI is Out To Get Donald Trump. 46
  15. FOX News Cuts Ties With Tucker Carlson 45
  16. President JOE BIDEN Accepted a 5 Million Dollar BRIBE from Another Country as V.P.. 44
  17. Epidemic Of 15-19 Year Olds Dropping Dead In Schools In US And Canada 42
  18. Is The Internet Dead? Maybe so... maybe we're ALL dead? 41
  19. Missouri v. Biden 40
  20. The latest spike protein found in the brain a year plus out 40

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