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alien beings, religion and 2012 THE CONNECTION

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posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 03:36 AM
ive read alo of posts on these subjects from alot of ppl that havent fully researched alot of things and are working largely on theory,, ppl who kno sumthings up but not exactly what. ive been looking in2 these things 4 along time and have studied all the different sources of religions, prophecys, ancient cave drawings, etc. im also a wizard and have done alot of internal searching thru meditation, projection, and divination. this is my conclusion from combining all of my research etc. our planet is created by a feat which happened along time ago, the planet nibiru home of the annunaki(reptillians) for some reason ended up coming into this solar system for its first time and crashed in2 a firey rocky planet, nibiru ended mostly surving with some damage due to its size. alot of the debris from the small planet is what makes up the asteroid belt surrounding our galaxy. the rest of which crashed into a watery gassy planet and they ended up merging to become earth. it would still be along time till any life formed here. nibiru began an awkward rotation with our solar system, kidof an oblong egg shaped rotation around the sun. after probably 3-4 cycles which take 3600 yrs b4 nibiru comes near earth again. each time nibiru nears earth it causes severe earth changes, it dragiing asteroids behind itwhich are often hurled at planets. it blocks the sun and causes the poles to shift and earth to stop rotation. causing the worst storms and natural disasters imaginable on a global scale. also hurling any loose object hundreds of miles and one side of earth to burn and the other to freeze. which is why we see such extreme variations in the dinosaurs. eventually the annunaki needed some of the natural resources of our planet to ensure their survival. they initially came and tried to get apes to mine these things for them but they were too difficult to control and hard to train due to low intelligence. so they decided to intermingle their dna with the apes and so u got us, human beings, this is talked about in great deal in sumerian tablets 4 those who wish to research. all the gods of the religions of the past are the annunaki. although much of this has been lost in time. all the religions have some truth and often tell the same stories of old and new testament only in different ways. and the pleidians are the angels, friends an allies of annunaki. u gotta realize alot of these old civilizations had knowledge about, crafting, astrology, dna and many other thing that literally would have taken hundreds of years of study. this info was basically handed to them from aliens. their are cave drawings all over the world of many different alien species. the annunaki look just like us only 15 feet tall and with the ability to shapeshift, the dragons of lore were the annunaki, the chinese believe they came from dragons. there is some truth to this sometimes the annunaki took this form. in all the religions we notice a change in the gods way of dealing with us, we go from a rathful vengeful god to a kind forgiving god. the annunaki began to look at us as their children instead of as slaves. and some decided to or were instructed to serve us as guardian angels and to try and show us the way, some didnt like this and decided to revolt, the fallen angels spoken of in the bible. many of these beings had lusty feelings towards man woman and animals of the earth. the giants that were in the old testament were halfbreed annunaki, not quite so grand as they and considered unpure by the gods. the devil or baphomet judging from his ability to shapeshift was created by an annunaki breeding with a mountain goat, and the reason he still lives is due the fact that annunaki live about 30 times as long as us probably even more. THIS IS PART1 AND WILL BE CONTINUED ON NEXT POST.

posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 04:31 AM
the great flood spoken of in all religions was a mostly successful attempt to destroy baphomet and the giants. think of noahs ark story. if this went about the jewish way than we would all be imbred and science has proven that after about 30 generations of imbreeding we would go extinct so this is impossible. the ark was actually full of canisters of dna. so that earth could be retarted after the flood, unfortunately baphomet figured out a way to survive. now about this messiah spoken of in every religion. the story of virgin mary sounds very similar to todays abduction caseswhere women get mysteriously impregnated. so we can conclude the jesus birth was not immaculate conception but a alien abduction by annunaki where she was given a child who was much more evolve than us, human with a more complex dna structure which explains the miracles. this child was tested in many ways. after passing the tests his annunaki father came to him and instructed him to set an example in his actions and try to show us the way. christians would teach to accept him as our saviour and ASK 4 forgiveness and u would be saved, but this sounds alot like not accepting responsibility 4 your actions, ionwhat he meant was to practice forgigiveness and live as he did and eventually a time would come when those who did this would be saved. so he lived his life and knew sum day he would be betrayed, when he was crucified he didnt actually die, a few humans have accomplished what we call the death posture
where one can actually slow down there body so much that they appear dead. so he did this and awoke from it a few days later making one last appearance b4 being taken up in2 an annunaki ship to be with his father for many many years. his teachings have been corrupted and altered in order to promote a similar message yet different enuff to ruin everything he tried to teach and they knew this would happen. now as for all the prophecies such as the mayans, nostradamus, hopi, 11:11, etc. the mayans specifically were calculating nibirus return, that time when nibiru returns and wipes out everything except 4 sealife. now according to the 11:11 prophecies this is not our end however we begin amuch more vicious cyclebeginning in 2011 leading up to 2030 which consists with many new predictions including my tarot predictions which have been very acurate. when ppl try 2 evolve themselves thru mysticism and live the way kjesus did, forgiving, being in service to all things, trying to project positive energy in2 all situations no matter how bleak, they put themselves into a higher vibrational frequency, when u can sense somebodys negativity and someone gives u bad vibes this is the reason. think of this rapture spoken of in religion and look at it from a scietific viewpoint, we have technology that can sense these vibrations, so these aliens can definitely sense vibrations thru technology and can tune into certain vibrations and beam them up b4 the earths rebirth so that mostly good ppl who have earned it are the only ones here afterwards. these ppl are the rainbow warriors the hopi speak of. these ppl can hopefully lead the earth in2 a more peaceful spiritual future which is described by the hopi.


posted on Oct, 31 2008 @ 05:22 AM
now as for the rainbow warriors , the annunakiare at war with the greys, who wish to conquer the the universe, the greys have influence us in many negative ways, such as promoting greed, pollution, war and slavery. the greys are a clone race who share a common collective consciousness and have no emotions. they re very scientifically advanced. the annunaki have developed a good balance between technology and spiritual power, after alot of trial and error judging from the fact that all photos of nibiru appear uninhabitable forcing them to to live on their ships. they want us not to make the same mistakes as them and to coinhabit the earth with us as friends but not unless we change immensely. which is why they want to save certain kinds of ppl. but the greys cut a deal with our leaders offering them technology and saving from the day of cleansing, in order to do their genetic experiments on us without hassle andfor them 2 help cover it up. after the day of cleansing over and the earth is anew the rainbow warriors accompanied by the annunak will return and the leaders will return accompanied by the greys and their halfbreeds in order to fight over the earth. and the reason the greys do their genetic experiments on us is becuz of the fact that we are part annunaki, they believe that they can adapt spiritual power thru merging our species with their giving them more of a chance to defeat the annunaki. this war will go till 2030.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 04:04 PM
The history could somewhat similar. I believe the book of enoch depicts the flood and destruction that happened and that it is correlated to two differing groups agenda for the planet. Greys too me, are nonsexual, ie. clones, but not without emotion, rather they are less agressive and far more subtle in their feelings and more rational perhaps due to their nonsexual natures.
The problem is there are so many conflicting ideas regarding the motives of ets. I've just been reading another old thread that really drives home the completely different motives. And now I'm torn between two different ones. This thread here:

Earthsister makes some very intereting points, that more coincide with most people's experiences, and even a sense of past life connection. What I disagree with in this is her stance that there is one federation, and its good, and that there are no ets or hybrids on earth. I don't believe either of these concepts. Then gl2, who gives a compelling account. I've read his Alien Minds and it something you have to read several times to get.

But again, I'm left with many questions from this including the historical imprint of ets, especially with the natives, the Hopis, their myths, the Okanagan natives whose legend is that they were the tall blondes on an island/continent in the pacific which a different name to, but is definately Lemuria, which has its connection to the tall blondes from Mars. They are called the white natives. They've interbred well over the years.

Then, a similar message that brings historical activity and native myths together, Miriam Delicado. Her interview with project camelot is very good, her book: Bluestar fulfilling prophecy, excellent. She has her own website and discussion place.

I do see interesting history in your writing. But I'm not convinced in any way the Nibiru is real. In fact, the NEAT comet that came in 2003 on a 37,000 year cycle, was apparently very large and we are miraculously here, in my opinion. This could have been the time of Mars being destroyed and one of the great deluges on earth, when Lemuria was destroyed. I've always been trying to pinpoint that date. Richard Hoagland said something about around 36,000 years in a Project Camelot interview. I've read accounts that put it all around 11,000 years. Boriska, the boy in Russia, speaks of so much larger dates than these. But that comet is close to one of them. But I don't really believe in Nibiru.

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posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 05:13 PM
I cant agree with all of this thread but a lot of whats is said in it is exactly what I have being told also.....

Good read

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 06:25 PM
thnx 4 the replys, i gotta say that yes i may be a liil off on some things, however in my years as a wizard the main thing ive learned is always listen to ur instints, and my istincts as well as my personal past life regressi on points to the greys not being in this alliance, howver i do believe in this alliance and it being the only reason the greys havent dominated, this alliance i believe has the annunaki, the pleidians, and the andromedans. probably even more. yes i also believe the greys are clones. but the fact that they are cutting deals with the illuminati also leads to my distrust of the greys, as well as thru opening doors of my subconscious revealing many of my past lives. i was very skeptical about one thing i read prior to opening these doors. i had read that this alliance uses this planet as a prision for the spirits of ets who had messed up, they would have to do certain things without remembering consciously where they came from. and they would continue being reborn having to do certain things till they earned the right to be combined with their original body again. i cant exactly prove this in any way but i was skeptic about this until i went really really deep into my past lives. to find that i was an annunaki. and that when they stopped enslaving humans became upset because our once beautiful home nibiru had been thrashed due to other races creating war with us. when we stopped enslaving humans we basically sacraficed nibiru 4 earth. i had been a leader of a resistance against this. and forced to become human so i could see how hard it was 2 b human. i seen myself as a child on nibiru. we were originally very peaceful, then war broke out due to neighbouring species( this of course is not in our solarsytem) this war killed my father, (this event echoes in all my lives as well, having myfather die or leave in every life.) back then nibiru was much like earth, and if u wanna test how true this is smoking man talk to ur contact and ask if my description of old nibiru is true. the annunaki lived for the most part underground in order to not hurt their environment. their were a few structures above ground howeve r these places were sacred. now 2 reasons from these past life images that lead me to not trusting the greys. 1.i seen myself as annunaki visiting a planet that looked alot like mars to me that was controlled by the greys, and on this planet they had creatures very similar to humans as their slaves. i was their to overthrow them. 2. i also seen myself as almost being captured and tortured 4 info by the greys. i do believe the master consciousness of the greys has some emotion but i believe the clones do not. the bottom line is evry essence of my being says that the greys are not vfriendly, they pretend to be in order to assimilate themseles within the species. they have their own agenda. and we arent part of it

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 06:57 PM
also mystic there are videos on youtube that actually show nibiru, also i recommend u do a lil research on the sumerian tablets, the sumerians had contact with the annunaki. and speak very openly about. all the stories including the flood are dscribed in these tablets. as well as nibiru and its coming. this is the origin of all these stories. sumeria is the earliest historical and religious records we have on earth. iraq was originally sumeria. this war in iraq has nothing to do with money, or oil, or wmds. it has to do with the illunminati wanting to find the lost sumerian tablets already which are hidden in iraq, in fact theyve already found some of them. also saddam is a 33rd degree freemason which leads me to the conclusion that he isnt dead. that this was a falsitie so they could search for these tablets. also becuz it is ancient sumeria they probably think that the annunaki will return to iraq. also according to what ive read around may 2009 we will be able to see nibiru with the naked eye from earth. it will appear as a red dot in the sky. and at the south pole their is a telescope watching nibirus movements. and if u stood at the pole u can actually see nibiru rite now from earth without th telescoe as ared dot in the sky. i believe the sumerian tablets however is the most compelling evidence of nibiru and the annunkai. this link is to a site which has alot of useful info on all these topics. i however recommend doing more research on sumerian tablets from other sites, but this is a good starting point for anyone wishing to research these subjects. STARING INFO THNX AGAIN 4 THE POSTS . I BLESS U ALL, MAY U HAVE GOOD FORTUNE IN THE STRUGGLES TO COME.

with love and light
myrddin zos

posted on Apr, 2 2009 @ 05:15 PM
I'm not trying to be rude, but I really feel like my brain started melting halfway through your ridiculous story. First off let me say, it would be nearly impossible for a lizard to mate with a primate, this whole theory is completely and udderly unsubstantial, and there is no evidence what so ever that this could even be remotely possible, much less true. If the supposed Annanuki or however you spelled it, came upon this planet by accident, let me just say that first off if they're technology was that advanced, they would have had some form of communication to their allies on them at all times of cyber travel so this scenario could be completely avoided in the first place. Secondly, if they wanted to adapt to this planet and start forming a civilization to benefit them, I don't think they would hoenstly interbreed and give every thing they worked so hard for and risked their own existance to some hybrid or other random species they stumbled upon. Also lets just say this hybrid did come to be from a lizard and ape, would this creature not evolutionize in it's own image and not into a completely different species in itself (human). There is substantial evidence that over a period of millions of years, human beings have evolutionized and adapted into the species we are now. Yes, going further back into time we did just so happen to look very primatial, does this mean we were monkies or apes? Not necessarily. If this were true then why are there still monkeys and apes to this day? Why haven't they adapted into a more humanoid-looking species? Just doesn't make sense at all..... let me just say that not once did they mention ever finding any physical resemblence or DNA evidence that we have originally been the bi-product of reptillian and primatial interbreading. This whole story sounds like you are either a. completely insane or b. you tripped way too hard on some hillucinogens and thus went completely insane. Either way, you sound like a lunatic. I am a very open-minded person, especially with the experiences I have gone through and the many stories I have heard over time. But this is completely and udderly stupid. Seriously. I don't even know what else to say except WOW. Actually I do have one more thing to say, I do believe there is a strong correlation between our all-creator, the parallel universes and different realms, and other divine and spiritual beings as well as aliens and humans. For you to take scriptures out of the holy book and try to say they were really lizards is so extraordinally blasphemous that I am actually scared for you. First strike, God lets you repent. Second strike you get a serious warning. You start saying cr*p like this over and over again, mark my words you're going to have a seriously devistating revelation. There is only so far God with let you go with blasphemous words until he puts down his smite and says in his own way, basically "knock it off!". And one more thing, as you go further back in time, human beings were not the best artists, lets face it. And also, they used metaphors and tend to dramatically exaggerate the details of things that they saw. You should stop assuming that just because we have become a very naive yet literal race that this is how we have always been. We have changed dramatically over time. You should really start accepting that not every thing in religion is true. There are a lot of things left out, things replaced with some thing more socially acceptable, and there are also a lot of personafied things and metaphors. Nice try, but this is beyond insane and radical.


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