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A dare for the Americans who believe...

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 11:04 AM
I don't live in London, but during my time in the MoD I have been in some underground tunnels, a few of them connecting establishments together.

I can't really say any more than that, except that they were fairly plain and humdrum.. If there were any reptiles in there, I would guess they would be poor slow worms that had taken a wrong turn!

There's a couple too that were off limits to all - but I doubt for any reason other than it was dangerous, dark, and quite probably pointless.. I can assure you they were hardly inviting.

There are also networks of tunnels connecting Palmerston's Follies, but they are hardly in a good state of repair, if at all accessible by and large.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by Karlhungis
If you don't get any responses, you may have to up the anty to a double dare, or perhaps a double dog dare. I don't know if you are allowed to go straight from a dare to a double dog dare though. You may want to look into that.

Acually you must do the double dare prior to the double dog dare. However if you add the words"you dont have a hair on your --- if you dont do it" then you use double dog dare i think you are safe. But if you use the statement I double, double dog dare you then you can by pass all other references.

My expieriance with the underground passages and bunkers was mostly done while stationed in Germany. The base I was on (flergerhorst kaserne) Hanau, west germany. Had underground hangers the German army planes hide in when the Allies were bombing the runways. These bunkers were huge and had elevators that brought the aircraft up and down as needed. the germans flooded them however when the end was near so in depth exploring was impossible by the regular joe like myself. But the word on the street was that they sent divers in and they saw many aircraft still there preserved. but nothing else to say about it.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 01:20 PM
Reading the original post reminded me of something.

I live in a large U.S. city. Years ago I worked in politics. One day, completely out of the blue, my boss walked up to me and said "Do you know the ____ mountains, east of here? There's a huge underground bunker there. Remember that, OK?"

I didn't really know how to respond to him. I think I just raised an eyebrow at him and nodded, and tucked the info into the back of my head somewhere.

Now your post has me remembering, and I'm going to look into it. Not sure what I'll find, or if I'll be able to visit there in person, but we'll see.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 01:28 PM
Perhaps you were thinking of the Greenbriar Hotel. It is no longer in use. It was were Congress was going to go in the event of a nuclear war.

While we are on the subject of nuclear war, check out the virtual tour of a US missile silo:

Edit: Added missile silo link

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 03:11 PM
There's a show on the History Channel called Cities of the Underworld. That's all the show is about is exploring the underground. I've watched it a few times and it's pretty good. Here's a link to it on the History channels site:

Cities of the Underworld

I live in Newport, Kentucky and when I was younger, I remember finding out in school that houses in the historic area of my city are marked to show that the underground railroad ran underneath it. Any house in that area that had a red cimney with a white top, was to let people know that an entrance to the railroad existed there. A friend of mine lived in one of the houses and his dad got interested in finding out where it was in their house and he found two entrances to it. One was in the basement and another was underneath their porch. I never went down into it myself, but I remember the dad saying it was a very tight fit and was closed off and about 30 feet long and he found it amazing how many people were freed using that small railroad.

Also, when I was around 14, I was at a friends house when his dog got out of the yard. We could hear it barking from the small field across the street from his house and we found the dog stuck in a small sink hole. We got the dog out and I looked down into the hole and could hear an echo and that got me wondering. We started digging around the hole and we found a sewer lid that was pretty big and we opened it up. I think it was about a 20 foot drop down, but we found out it was a tunnel for an old Cincinnati subway than ran from Ohio to Kentucky under the Ohio river. I still wish I would have gone down there. I remember looking down there with a flash light and it was pretty clean looking except for the area where the sink hole was. One of the news stations ran a story about it recently and talked about how it's kept clean and it's guarded and they showed a lot of it. The Kentucky side is apparently closed off. There's now a building above the area I found so there's no way to get to it from there anymore or I'd go down into it.

When I was younger I was really into exploring the city and everything. Used to go into the old Wiedemann beer brewery building that was closed. I remember barrels and barrels of stuff needed to make beer that were still in there years after it closed. Electricity still worked. There was an office with a bunch of boxes that had envelopes in them. Inside all the envelopes were little swiss army knives. There was probably hundreds of them there and to this day I still find that weird. Why all those envelopes with nothing on them, just a little knife in it?
That builidng was torn down a while back and there's now an empty Thriftway that didn't last long sitting there.

My city used to have a lot of old buildings that I could get into, but now most of them have been torn down. It actually makes me mad because these were historical buildings and now the areas they were in are now malls and an aquarium. They've been tearing down another part of the city lately to build yet another mall. Which is pretty stupid since the area is next to a shopping center with plenty of stores already. They say they want to keep the historic areas alive when they just go and tear them down a couple years later like they're nothing special.

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posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by sethdarke

Wll i am from Vegas and i never had the desire to go into the sewer. Also it would be very hard to get under there.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 05:00 PM
I live in the SF Bay Area, and heard about tunnels around the Sutro Baths. Some friends and I went on an expedition looking for them.

No dice. Can't find 'em. anyway, Anton LaVey is the one that claimed there were tunnels there and he saw some sort of "demon" thing. So I think the source was bogus.

But hey, I tried. Do I win your dare?

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 05:10 PM
There's supposed to be a Cold War bunker near my school built for evacuation purposes. I might look into it sometime.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 07:02 PM
I live in quite possibly the smallest town in PA, and near there is a bunker built under a mental institute that is supposed to house the president in times of disaster. I don't know if it would still be used for that, but we have LOTS of secret fallout shelters around that I've stumbled upon in the woods. Anyone feel like tryin them out? I don't know anyone who would go with me, and I'd probably pee my pants if I did so by myself.

posted on Dec, 12 2007 @ 10:33 PM
I live in L.A. if anybody else who lives down here wants to get together and plan an adventure trip into the tunnels of the unknown u2u me and maybe in the near future we can do it, I wouldnt quite know where to start but im willing to try

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 08:54 PM
I live in a city between NYC and Albany. There is an abandoned underground system here which remains classified. It was built to facilitate troop movements in case of invasion during the Cold War. It's not city-wide, but quite extensive.

Not far beyond the city limits there is a secret underground power plant. Connected to that is an underground installation that was once operated by the Dept. of the Navy. This is a bit strange since we are quite far from the ocean, though the Hudson River is close-by. Rumor was that the underground bunker was multi-purpose, but also housed a weapons command center that controlled missiles buried underground in the woods on the side of a hill nearby. Interceptor missiles I would expect, not nuclear.

That property and bunker entrance are now operated by another government agency that I will not identify.

In my city, there also was an old sewage treatment plant that was the scene of several murders, including that of a police officer who's body was never recovered. Some said it wasn't recovered because it fell into an open sewer vat that divers would not go into. I don't know wether or not I believe that excuse, but I can tell you that it was a freaky place...

...We used to go there when I was a teenager, for a place to drink beers. The place had already been shut down for years, so there was no sewage actually left there. It was just an abandoned building complex by then, complete with underground tunnels. I went through them plenty of times, but I got really spooked one afternoon and I can't really say why. I was about to use a tunnel to go from one building to another. The floor was leaf-strewn, the tile walls graffitied. It was really dark down there, as usual, but I knew that once you got to the other end there was light again as soon as you rounded a corner. I never even took a flashlight down there since you really didn't have to take more than a few steps without seeing where you were going once your eyes adjusted. On this particular day, I was just overcome with a sense of dread. As if something was literally staring back at me from the darkness. I stopped. I just had the sense that there was something there, waiting, as if it was a trap almost. I did not go through the tunnel ever again, especially after what happened the next time...

...There was a group of us, maybe twelve to fifteen I would say. We decided we would go upstairs and out onto the roof with our beers, and enjoy the view of the river. The metal staircase had several landings and clung to the walls of a sort of open central area that was squared off. There was a bit of danger at the top as the metal railing had fallen away, and it was a four-story fall into the basement. But obviously we were smart enough to just stay away from the edge. The door was solid steel and rusted open at the hinges for at least a decade I would say. Furthermore, a substantial pile of petrified cat excrement made for a door-stop...

...So back to the night in question. A damp and chilly late-autumn night. The group of us asceneded the staircase single file, laughing and joking around. I was about in the middle, and halfay up when I turned to look back. In a sort of domino effect, or like the buck being, passed I watched as everyone's head turned back to look at the person in front of them, after having looked back as I had done. I thought it was odd for a second. Then I felt a dry hot breeze rush past me, spiraling up the staircase. I quickly turned forward again, and watched those in front of me turning their heads to follow was well. Now all this happened in a matter of seconds. At the top, my buddy Puba was about to step through the doorway into the room that led out to the roof-spot. Suddenly he was thrown off-balance and staggered toward the edge where the section of rail was missing, as the immovable metal door slammed shut! He managed to catch himself with the edge of the rail that remained. As all of this was still processing in my brain there was a great, deep, despairing groan. Not eminating from anywhere, but everywhere. As if the building itself had decided to groan and shudder. We all stood frozen for a second, two at most, and ran back the way we had come...

...The path out front was narrow with a swampy bog of rotted down field grass and old rain on either side. I ended up knee deep in it, running, splashing. We had all taken our time getting over the triple lined barbed wire that topped the 12-foot chain link fence surrounding the property. We were all badly bloodied getting back over...

...We all agreed to what we had just experienced, but no one wanted to talk about it after that. In fact, quite a few of the group refused to associate with eachother after that. I don't know what it was, but there was something there that night. I never went back. Ever.

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 09:10 PM
Aussie underground explorers The CAVE CLAN!

You guys are so behind the times, typical.
We aussies have been doing the cave/drain/military tunnel thing for ages.
perhaps you would like to get a local chapter going!

Official CAVE CLAN invitation

Its great fun and very interesting if a little dangerous, flash floods, methane and other poisenous gases, its not for everyone but with a modicum of preparation...EXCELLENT!

check the site for safety tips and happy exploring.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 10:21 AM
i live in NYC and yes, there is a cavernous tunnel system that stretches for miles.....the tunnels are mostly inhabited by the homeless, etc. There are literally entire societies underground ehre, people who rarely make it to the surface, there was a documentary on this (nyc tunnel people) couple years back on HBO, was real good.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 10:31 AM
I'm not from any of the places you listed rather I'm from Albuquerque well off your list of big cities but we have some very famous bunkers here...
See the Site and map here

Even for someone like me who served in the Armed Forces those places were very off limits.. I mean you can see them up on the hill even from town. but long before you get to the road that leads up the them someone with a gun will advise its not healthy to go any further...

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posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 09:56 AM
Sorry to revive an old thread, but i live in Rhode Island, and used to go to a place called "joselyn's farm". It was a bunch of HUGE old houses and some farmhouses.. Was wondering if anyone new what happened to this place and why it was torn down. Last time i went, maybe 10 years ago i was leaving down the dirt road, and was passed by about 2 humvees...

This is located in scituate RI, off scituate ave. Just hoping someone remembers

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by sethdarke

There is, in fact a tunnel and bunker system below Las Vegas. I can personally attest to this. But so can the Discovery Channel. Reno, where I live now. Has a complex system of tunnels running through down town(Where I live). There's nothing secret about them.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by mrm143

Never heard of it, but nice to see a Rhode Islander around. It may have simply been property that the bank took over and never found a buyer for, or a failed housing development.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 01:14 PM
Their was actually a story behind it..

Their were about 5 MANSIONS.. i mean huge abondoned houses..

It was a farm i guess, back in the day, and coming up the dirt road were the 2 white houses on either side where the slaves used to live, and in front of the houses were the "hanging" trees where supposedly bad slaves were hung. Than up the road were these HUGE mansions...

Nice to see another Rhode Islander here too.. Do you know of anything good around here anymore?

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by sethdarke

Perhaps bunkers would be good from WWII origin when you build Atomic bombs.
Not that Hitler was building any nearby.

I guess the Manhattan Project was too sophisticated to build bunkers.
I never heard of any for that project.

The latest TV info from our friends at US and UK Intel is that tons of
uranium were uncovered in Bavaria next to Heisenberg.

Next time try Neils Bohr.
We will never hear about that one, unless deep in a top secret
Illuminati library vault.

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