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NWO Role Players: Hypotheses, Questions, Research, Thought Experiment

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 02:37 PM
I hope a lot of bright folks can help out on this . . .


1. NWO leaders--especially the public ones . . . are essentially ROLE PLAYERS living out a script provided by the NWO hierarchy.

2. Doing so, they have little leeway--particularly on major/critical issues, situations, regions.

3. This is true on all major sides of all major issues--social, military, bureaucratic etc.

4. Conflicts, battles etc. . . . particularly in Congress, the press etc. are largely a sham . . . or, at most . . . a dance between getting to global tyranny at the speed of light or at the speed of a jet fighter or a bullet train.

5. Role players are likely chosen most for:
(A) their connections and loyalties
(B) their . . . current or buildable REPUTATION, IMAGE, PERSONNA in terms of fitting into the desired social/political result, the game, the script.
(C) their ability and willingness to play the desired role as scripted.
(D) their culpability, Machiavellian manipulatability with respect to--given fast changing unforeseen events . . . how firmly in control can they be made to be by the NWO manipulators.
(E) other criteria might be ???


1. How often; How many, What percentage of the Role Players know that is what they are doing?

2. How much are they told about their roles ahead of time?

3. Do they get daily, weekly briefings?

4. Do they get daily, hourly coaching via implants, email, cell phones?

5. What happens when they 'flub their lines seriously?' Do they get 'retired?' Terminated from this time/space dimension? Do their families get offed?

6. What are the major attractions, enticements for the Role Players in what has to be somewhat of a hazardous duty role? . . . beyond pride, arrogance, pseud power mongering etc.?

7. Are there examples of MAJOR NWO Role Players who have TURNED and gon over to the side of Good and Freedom? What happened to them? Their families?

8. What's the real percentage of the USA/British/Aussie military leadership firmly in the control of such Role Players? Guesstimates?

9. Have all the Major Role Players been chipped/SLAGGED? (SLAve taGGED)?

10. Have all the Major Role Players been implanted with a brain connected chip that renders them organic robots?

11. Is there any evidence of any Rogues within the NWO Role Players cast of characters?

12. What percentage of major Hollyweed Actors are card carrying members of the NWO Role Players Troupe?

13. What percentage of major News media stars are card carrying members of the NWO Role Players Troupe?

I'd guess about 98% or more.

14. What Conservative Media stars, personnel are most likely NWO Role Players?

The Liberals are obvious and in every organizational slot available 24/7 on all the major networks.

15. What major RELIGIOUS leaders are most likely NWO Role Players?

16. What support personnel under such Role Players might be ATS members who would be able to COVERTLY convey info to our forum if a SAFE way could be worked out?

17. What percentage of the NWO Role Players had to go through some bloody satanic ritual to become card carrying, accepted members of THE CLUB?


Where are the puzzle pieces--worth bothering with--puzzle pieces to offer insight on the above? If one has readmost of say the ATS and other sites specializing in such . . . how does one filter such massive STUFF best . . . given that it HAS to be riddled with disinformation, rumor etc.?

I think we need to start increasingly looking at public figures as ACTORS on a very, very convoluted, contrived stage with WIRES vs strings attached and trap doors always directly underneath their feet.



MAJOR SCRIPT OUTLINE and alternative SCRIPT threads, decision trees?

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 10:16 PM
I just came across the following article . . . first heard of by me here at post


But sourced here:

It outlines in startlingly graphic terms a rather gestapo like USA. And it purports to be a highly classified doc sent to a radio DJ.

I haven't figured out what better to do with the links so I'm posting them here until I come up with something more fitting.


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