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The Gathering

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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 05:00 PM
Homer just finished up cleaning from dinner, it was a Saturday. so it was grill night. His son, Zack was over for the weekend. They had the BEST homemade burgers topped with sliced onion, cheese, bacon and all the fixings. Homer was a master on the grill, and was always volunteered to do the grilling for his family's annual 4th of July BBQs.

As Homer settled into his recliner, he grabbed his iPad to respond to some posts on Above Top Secret, one of his favorite websites. He loved the debates, arguments and the funny postings his friends on there created. He loved the folk on ATS, even those that didnt agree with him and vice versa. He especially followed a few friend's posts, namely Rodimus, Cody and Beezzer, their posts never failed to put a grin on his face or make him chuckle. He loved going on and flirting with a couple of the women posters, such as DestinyOne and Jacygirl. He liked seeing the little firelizard on her avatar's shoulder. The grl in the picture reminded Homer of Menolly from the Dragonriders books from Anne McCaffrey.

As he chuckled over the lastest posting in the funny pics thread, the power in his house went out, including his iPad and Zack's computer, which was very odd, as those ran on a battery. Thinking an EMP pulse had occurred and a nuclear weapon was detonated somewhere, he grabbed Zack and pushed him into a closet and followed, closing the door.

"Dad, what happened? I'm scared," Zack said, still holding onto his nonfuctional phone. Homer pulled his phone out of his pocket, and it wasnt working either. Frustrated, he shoved it back into his pocket.

"Zack, I dont know what happened, but its not good," he replied, waiting for the inevitable blast. Nothing happened.
After a few moments, Homer noticed a bluish white light creeping from under the door. He then heard footsteps creaking across the floor. Zack started whimpering, so Homer whispered into his ear. "Shhhh, be very quiet," Zack tried but then they both heard a thump in the outer room, and Zack started crying. "Zack! Shh!! someone's out there, they'll hear you!"

That made Zack start crying harder. The footsteps sounded like they were getting closer, and it sounded like more then one person. Homer was scared and angry. Who the HELL was in his house?

Frustrated he didnt have his crossbow, he pushed Zack back against the wall of the closet, putting himself between the intruders and Zack. He tensed up and made ready to leap out at the invaders of his home. The footsteps got to the closet door and stopped. By this time, Zack was crying uncontrollably. Homer was in a fury. He wasnt gonna go down without a fight protecting his son. He slowly put his hand on the doorknob and slowly twisted the handle, ready to leap out and throttle whomever was there. The doorknob was ripped from his hand as the door was flung open and he was hit with a bright flash of light, then everything went black. The last thing he heard was Zack screaming, and thinking, I failed my son.

As Homer came too, he was lying on a cold metal slab with a bright light focused on his face.

"You are known as Homer, are you not?" came a voice to his head. It sounded like a feale's voice, but he wasnt sure.
"Yeah, where the hell is my son?" Homer tried getting up, but he was immobilized. He looked down at his body, but there were no restraints binding him to the table. He also noticed he was just wearing his shorts.

"Do not be alarmed, your son is safe," the voice replied.
"Bull, I dont believe you, LET ME SEE MY SON NOW!" he roared and started thrashing. As soon as he was able to get up, he was ready to kill.

The vice chuckled in his head. "You can see him once you calm down Homer. I assure you he is safe and comfortable. I promise you there is no harm to come to him or you. You cannot get up from the bed, you are immobilized for yours (and our) safety, but until you calm down, you cannot get up and you cannot see your son."

Homer tried to breathe deep to slow his heart. He looked to his right and spied a vague humanlike shape outside the light. The being steeped forward and Homer saw the being and gasped. "I gotta be dreaming. This aint real. YOURE NOT HERE!" he exclaimed, all thought of escape temporarily forgotten as he gazed upon the being.

It stood roughly 4 1/4 feel tall, had a teardrop shaped head, out of proportion to its thin frail looking body, It had huge shiny black almond shaped eyes, an almost nonexistant nose, a slit for a mouth, which was turned up in a slight smile. Its body was covered in a light charcoal grey skin, over which wore a shiny silver black uniform.

"I assure you that youre not dreaming," the Grey said, stepping closer. "How do I prove that I am as real to you as you are to me?"

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 05:01 PM
"Let me shake your hand" Homer replied. The Grey nodded. "I am going to release you so you can do so, provided you dont try to run,"

Homer nodded and instantly he was able to move. He swung his legs over so his feet were on the cold floor. The Grey looked at him, blinked, and slowly held out its hand. Homer reached out and grasped the alien's hand. It was cool and smooth. He shook it gently and released it, letting his arm drop to its side.

He just stood there in utter amazement. Here was the being he DREAMED about meeting ALL his life! The only question he had in life has been answered. We are NOT alone.

The Grey chuckled in his head again. "I believe that in your species, its considered rude to stare," it said amusingly. Quickly Homer snapped out of his fugue.

"Why...why are you here? Why am I here?" he asked? "You have been summoned," was the reply.

"By whom? Why? Where?" Homer questioned. Again the Grey chuckled lightly.

"All in due time Homer. But let me bring you to your son, hes waiting for you," came the reply.

Homer nodded and followed the being out of the room he was in and into another room where Zack was sitting at a table with a computer molded inside it, playing what looked like some kind of game. Zack looked up, saw his father and smiled. "Hi Dad,"
"Are you okay?" Homer asked.

"Yes, the aliens are cool, they are letting me play a game, look!" Zack then proceeded to show his father the game he was playing.

After watching for a few minutes, Homer turned back to the Grey that escorted him. "Okay, now I want the SITREP. Where are we going and why? And who summoned me?"

"You did," came the reply.
"ME??? What the hell are you talking about?" was the shocked answer.
"You questioned all your life about beings like myself. You have looked up at the night sky, asking us to come see you. We have answered. We are here. We have ALWAYS been here. Your species are our children. We love you like you love your son" the Grey gestured toward Zack.
"You created us? Is that all true?" He asked. He didnt know if he could be anymore shocked with the revelation.
"We have nurtured your species. We have helped you when you needed help. We have picked you up when you stumbled," was the enigmatic reply. Homer walked over to a window that showed the craft they were on was moving fast thru the stars. As he was out of Zack's earshot, he turned fast toward the Grey, his hands forming into fists and taking a step toward the Grey, who held its ground.
"Now that you have us, what are you going to do?" He growled low so only the Grey can hear him. "Are you going to probe us, experiment on us or hurt us? Are we your slaves or mid flight snack? If you THINK thats gonna happen, you better believe you have a fight on your hands!"
This time he heard laughter in his head. "To quote a movie you have seen about us called Paul, what are we going to learn from an ass? Farts? No, we arent going to hurt you or your son. You are simply passengers," the laughter died down in his head.
"Just making sure we are on the same page. So, now, where are you taking us?"
"To join them, of course,"
"Them? Who's them?"
"The others of like minds. You have thought about meeting them for a long time. We are bringing you to them. You honored us with your tattoo, we will honor you,"
Homer sat there stunned. The only folk he knew of a like mind were the folks on Above Top Secret! And He was going to go see them!
After about another hour, the craft slowed down and went thru some kind of wormhole in space. When they emerged, they were over a planet that looked JUST like Earth!
The craft dived down toward the planet, skimming the ground at a lightning speed til the came to a mountain range. The Craft's pilots swung the craft up and over the mountains, dropping them into a lush green valley. As the approached a house in the valley, Homer spotted people all standing around talking, some looking up and pointing to their craft. Homer noticed off to one side someone TRYING to cook on a grill, and only producing large amounts of black smoke. As the ship came to a hover and landed, the Grey came back to
"Its time. Farewell Homer,"
"Take care and thank you. Zack, lets go!"
The Grey led them out of the room and into a curved corridor, and to a ramp. Homer looked back at the Grey, smiled, nodded and guided Zack down the ramp following him. As they stepped off the ramp, it drew back into the disc and it took off silently.

Homer looked around. He saw strange faces, but he knew them all!! Somehow, he knew each person there! TrueBrit, TDawg (who was cremating everything on the grill), Night Star, Rodimus, Cody, Beezzer, Tsu, Gordi, CrappieKat, Destinyone, everyone!
One woman stepped out and smiled at Homer, and held out her arms. "Homer, welcome home!!!" She said.
It was Jacygirl!
He was amongst his dear friends. After he introduced everyone to Zack, he walked up to TDawg, took the BBQ tines and spatula from him, and gently moved him aside and attempted to save the grilling meats.
Homer was Home!

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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by HomerinNC

Homer, caught off guard by the request then began contemplating the various ways from which he would assuredly be able to conclude the validity of what the strange being said. After a few seconds pass, Homer had quickly concluded that no matter what approach he were to take, there was no absolute means to separate truth from delusion as he had spent his entire life denying the possibility of life existing beyond Earth.

Now convinced that he had either lost his mind or was caught in a dream that had no end in sight. Homer ran to his truck in attempt to grab hold of his shotgun that remained in the cab since the previous days hunting trip.

Oooops... Sorry! Didn't mean to hop in the middle, assumed you were finished.

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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 05:17 PM
Aww, *sniff*...Homer....I'm honored. Truly.
That was so good!

I have to tell you, I'm happy with the way things went on the aircraft. I'm secretly terrified of being abducted and probed, lol. Your story made me less afraid, plus you referenced 'Paul'...who I would LOVE to meet, hehe.

The crew should be along shortly, to flower you with stars and happy teachers on the last day of school!

*hugs* (I hang out with writers!!)

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by jacygirl

I'm deathly terrified, I sleep with at least one light on and my crossbow next to my bed.
If they were to come and ASK me, I'd have no problem saying yes

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 06:27 PM
Ooooh good story Homer!!!

posted on Sep, 25 2014 @ 10:49 AM
a reply to: HomerinNC

Homer Buddy!! I just stumbled onto this! Great Story here!! I loved it!
The reference to the Movie Character Paul was amusing and Kool!!

Awesome Job My Friend!!!


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