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Simulation Theory, Aliens, and Ghosts

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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 10:59 AM
To readers: Let me preface this by mentioning that I have zero to little evidence to support my assertions, which is precisely why I have placed this in the Skunk Works Forum. This is not meant to be a scientific proposal as there are many assumptions made and almost none of the ideas are testable using scientific criteria. However, if you do choose to continue to read, you will discover that these circumstantial pieces of evidence collaborate and coalesce well with one another. The following piece will examine the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon in conjunction with Simulation Theory in an attempt to provide a concrete basis upon which one can further investigate the mysteries of life including déjà vu, mass delusions, and various paranormal activities.

At a young age, perhaps around the age of ten, my family and I had a Close Encounter of the First Kind. It was an autumn evening in the sparsely populated region north of Toronto during the mid 90s when my family of four (mother, father, younger brother and I) spotted a UFO approximately 400-500 feet from our car. My father is a religious, no nonsense type of guy; he didn’t give two hoots about the UFO and kept driving. Nothing else out of the ordinary occurred that evening and the incident was seldom talked about again. However, that occurrence piqued my interest in extraterrestrials and my desire to fully comprehend the phenomenon lives with me to this day. Thinking back upon that day, I began to ponder why we still do not have concrete evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials, especially in today’s world where everyone and their dogs have cell phone cameras.

The two possible explanations are that; either there is no evidence supporting the claim of extraterrestrial visitation to earth or that in the event of there being sufficient evidence, the evidence has not reached a critical percentage of the population to become widespread common knowledge. For example, social issues such as same-sex marriage and recreational drug use often have to reach a threshold of approximately 60% support in polls in a state prior to gaining enough support to pass legislation through the various branches of politics. Similarly, I imagine there has to be a threshold of approximately 50-60% among the general population that have to experience an extraterrestrial phenomenon before it becomes widely accepted. Therefore, it is evident that small scale abductions and a few eyewitness cases will not sway popular view on this topic. For the sake of investigation, I assumed that there is evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to earth, and I began to ponder possible reasons for the lack of consensus among the general population pertaining to visitation of extraterrestrials. In other words: there has to be evidence of extraterrestrials visiting earth, why isn’t there any?

While exploring possible factors for the “spotty” evidence in support of extraterrestrial presence, I came across the Simulation Theory. The Simulation Theory proposes that our universe is merely a simulation run from an external universe that possibly possesses unknown physics of its own. The theory offers no assertions on the goal(s) of running such an experiment. With that in mind, suppose that the UFOs we see in the sky, and the abduction cases we hear about involving extraterrestrials are merely the administrators of the simulation monitoring their experiment. Perhaps they venture into their simulation to keep tabs on how it’s running and how we are progressing. Further exploring this angle, one could delve into computing and examine potential parallels between our computing and what we may expect with a universal simulation. When an extremely detrimental event occurs in online multiplayer games and websites, something called a ‘rollback’ occurs, where the game or website is restored to a previous setting, prior to when the deleterious event took place. Assuming we live in a simulation, perhaps such a mechanism is in place to ‘rollback’ our lives to a previous instance, in the event of us discovering something or performing an action that could jeopardize the experiment and/or our well-being. For example, concrete proof of non-terrestrial aerial vehicles in the sky may lead to the widespread acknowledgement of the existence of administrators to the simulation and it could jeopardize the experiment; hence, if such an event gains widespread coverage, a ‘rollback’ would occur in order to preserve the integrity of the experiment.

Assuming this ‘rollback’ idea is correct, one could examine some potential implications. First and foremost, a ‘rollback’ may shed some light onto the phenomenon known as déjà vu. It is the feeling that one has previously experienced a novel event prior to it occurring, and perhaps this could be explained due to a ‘rollback’ occurring and the individual having truly lived the event beforehand. For unknown reasons, memories aren’t completely wiped during a ‘rollback’ and some individuals are able to remember events from prior to the reset. This could possibly be due to consciousness being projected into the simulation and not being a manifestation of the simulation itself. Similarly, ghosts and other paranormal activity could be a possible residue of ‘rollback’ events, leaving ‘impressions’ of individuals behind without completely wiping away old ‘data’.

Lastly, one could examine major historical events that have been attributed to mass delusions and investigate if a ‘rollback’ could be a possible factor for such behavior. One such case involves a plethora of people who claim that Nelson Mandela passed away in the late 1980s. This timeframe falls within the Cold War Era, perhaps the world was destroyed via nuclear weapons and a ‘rollback’ was necessary to restore the experiment. Conceivably, Nelson Mandela passed away a short while prior to the nuclear holocaust, and assuming the ‘rollback’ resulted in resetting the world prior to his passing; it is possible that changes in events in the subsequent world led to his survival. Due to the incomplete removal of memories, some individuals remembered the passing of Nelson Mandela from prior to the ‘rollback’ while others did not. Moreover, these ideas could be bridged over into popular models in modern science; each ‘rollback’ possibly creates a new parallel universe, giving credence to the Multiverse Theory. However, in the best interest of the experiment, preservation of experimental integrity and the idea of minimal intervention, I would assume ‘rollbacks’ to be very rare and only used in the most dire circumstances.

As it is evident, the potential to explore using these simple ideas are endless, try to be creative and think outside the box and you’ll never know what ideas you’ll discover. Post other events or occurrences that may be due to universal ‘rollbacks’ and we could discuss them.

Hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed relaying my ideas to you.

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 11:01 AM
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your ideas are correct, shouldn’t there be a rollback to a universe prior to when you wrote this piece so that your beliefs don’t go public and potentially jeopardize the simulation experiment?

There may be those of you who ask, assuming your ideas are correct; “If a ‘rollback’ is real, then why is your thread still up; shouldn’t a ‘rollback’ have occurred and your thread have been purged so we would not know the inner workings of the universe?” Well, like I mentioned previously, a certain threshold has to be reached among the general public (50-60% belief) before the assertions of my claims are accepted; however, ATS is not a large enough platform for that to happen, so we do not need to worry.

Where did you get the requirement of 50-60% popular opinion prior to general acceptance of an idea?

Over the past half-century, polling data has shown that popular sentiment regarding an issue is only accepted after it reaches the mid-to-high 50s percentage within a population. For example, support for black voting rights, interracial marriages, same-sex marriages and recreational drug use have all been generally accepted in individual states after support for each reached 50-60%.

What is the point of a ‘rollback’ if some people retain their memory?

Only some individuals have memories from prior to the reset, and as mentioned previously, as long as 50-60% of the general public doesn’t agree on a sentiment (i.e. existence of extraterrestrials), it is negligible in most cases.

Why use The Simulation Theory when it holds little merit?

The Simulation Theory is gaining widespread recognition; there is an ever-growing amount of evidence in favor of the Simulation Theory including the discovery of error checking in nature and GEO600 experiment.

What about the Arizona UFO case, why wasn’t there a reset?

This was not considered concrete proof as it happened at night, and the aerial vehicle could have been anything at all. However, if the event had occurred in the morning and if it was evidently non-terrestrial, there most likely would have been a ‘rollback’ and we would have never known about it.

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 11:22 AM
Could line up with some of my experiences. I like the idea, and I think it was Eisenhower that learned humans are an ET project and he didn't want the masses to find out, for fear of the loss of religion and all out panic.

I think you have to be careful about how you use simulation, however, because its quite possible the advanced alien tech makes it seem like they are the administrators to the farm in a simulation, what I mean is if you don't understand they're technology you are just saying they are the gatekeepers in a simulation, when in reality they have more technology to do things like rollbacks a la walmart. just because they can do rollbacks doesn't mean we can't or don't have the tech either, or it doesn't automatically make it a simulation. I think our governments have been working furiously around the clock to adapt themselves to the levels of tech that the aliens have. that is our only way forward, lest we never be on equal footing even though they quite possibly had a hand in our genetic evolution. I would say our technology has advanced 1000 years into the future in the last 100 years, and the level of tech the government or black ops has is far superior to what we can even comprehend.
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posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Pistoche

The theory offers no assertions on the goal(s) of running such an experiment.

Because each assertion would wild speculation.

However those speculations minus the evidence(until its found, verified and submitted) actually makes ghosts UFOs aliens anything para normal a little easier to grasp in my opinion.

Hope you all enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed relaying my ideas to you.

Yes, thank you.

ATS is not a large enough platform for that to happen, so we do not need to worry.


its only when a movement of enough minds starts is when anything resembling a rollback will happen

posted on Feb, 27 2014 @ 11:51 AM
I don’t think anyone is controlling what our memories are. I say, “nobody” in the sense of it not being something like us. Certainly whatever is going on with matter and space/time influences us. There is no way it wouldn't - we are a part of it. I think we simply get glimpses of alternate time lines. Does that mean that variations in space timelines breach our atmosphere (if that even holds it back somewhat)? I think it's possible. It could be that you have to be in a certain frame of mind when it happens globally in order to have it stick in memory. You know how some things from childhood you can remember as if a photo was snapped - but your not sure why you remember that particular part of that event? It happens globally - maybe move through a giant wormhole and some simply retain the memory.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 05:58 PM
Interesting theory. Ultimately, we don't really know, do we? The simulated universe theory is something that I have certainly given credence to. I mean, if you think about it, when we play a video game, who is to say that the characters we play do not exist in some reality unknown to us? The scary thing about that is, to such a character, their actions would seem to them to be their own when it's actually the actions of the being holding the controller. Think about that for a minute. Kind of disconcerting isn't it? It brings the question forth of whether or not our thoughts and actions are actually our own. Sure, we think they are, but are they truly?
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