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The Patriot Act Now Applies To Blogs TOO..

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 12:31 PM
Ominous indeed - are blogs really under Patriot Act FBI powers??.........A chilling reminder of just how far reaching and anti-American this act really is.Judge Marrero struck down as unconstitutional on Fourth and First Amendment grounds section 505 of the Patriot Act that had greatly increased the government's capacity to secretly get large amounts of personal information by sending out National Security Letters, which do not require a judge's approval.
This thing started way back while the nation was distracted by the images of Saddam Hussein's spider hole and dental exam, President George W. Bush quietly signed into law a new bill that gives the FBI increased surveillance powers and dramatically expands the reach of the USA Patriot Act.The Intelligence Autorization Act, for Fiscal Year 2004 grants the FBI unprecedented power to obtain records from financial institutions without requiring permission from a judge.Under the law,the FBI does not need to seek a court order to access such records,nor does it need to prove just cause.
Previously, under the Patriot Act, the FBI had to submit subpoena requests to a federal judge. Intelligence agencies and the Treasury Department, however, could obtain some financial data from banks, credit unions and other financial institutions without a court order or grand jury subpoena if they had the approval of a senior government official.The new law (see Section 374 of the act), however, lets the FBI acquire these records through an administrative procedure whereby an FBI field agent simply drafts a so-called national security letter stating the information is relevant to a national security investigation.
Even after the draconian measures of the "Patriot Act",George W. Bush and company apparently think Americans are too free and that we cannot be trusted to know what further infringements on our freedom are being planned.The Justice Department's plans for a "Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003" were revealed only through a Department insider leaking the document to the watchdog group Center for Public Integrity. Dick Cheney and House Speaker Dennis Hastert are the only recognizable elected or quasi-elected officials documented as having obtained the document, which is marked "Confidential: Not for Distribution Draft Jan. 9, 2003." If introduced and passed as drafted, the Act would cause seriouse Consequences to the Freedom of Information Act." target="_blank" class="postlink">news....

This is just the one of many great plans Bush seems to have in store for the people who re-ellected him as their great commander'n chief....
I wonder what they think of this new Act....

Either way "May God Bless America" & the rest of US.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 01:06 PM
Yeah but you don't want to think about any of that!

Talk about 'the French' or 'the UN' or 'Europe' or the 'unfair EU' or 'the Chinese threat (
) or any of those other ridiculous hate-targets you are being constantly supplied with.

Above all don't give your rights and liberties a moments though......except to claim that (no matter what the actual facts of the matter) that your rights and liberties are 'better' than anyone elses'.....

.....oh yeah, and that 'everyone else' is 'jealous' of your rights and liberties and 'hates you for them'.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 01:32 PM
Make sure your email address you use and information you give to post on BLOGS can't be traced back to you.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 01:40 PM
Now that sounds simple enough..;..

How do you go about it...go know you want to....

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:08 PM
The more electronic the world becomes the more easy it is for "them" to find out and punish you for not adhering to their wishes, ie/taxes, political free speech, self incriminating guilty pleasures in life, ect ect...

Take a step back from the electronic world and live as if you don't need it...

Any computer database will allow them to find you... Banking, social security, any modern day electronic machine.. stay away from it if you can.

Offshore banking is getting smaller since CINFIN was created, they've bullied other countries into supplying them with American accounts... Yup that's right, your money can easily be found and they incriminate you even though it's your money. If you don't give them what they want, you can find yourself behind bars like a monkey in captivity.

I'm seriously thinking about going underground (not literally) but nowadays you'd be better off.... your much safer there, "they" can't steal from you, and you can live your life as a real soverign citizen of the US, instead of being a corporate citizen of the united states federal bureaucracy.

Who wants to be documented and put on file, JUST IN CASE ?

All these unconstitutional laws that are being conjured up by the bush admin is just screaming trouble for us folks.

Time to go underground people. Drinks are on me!

Welcome moonshiner's , sales reps, black market retailer's, and prostitutes!
Light that fire and sing kumbya... Government has become a thing of the past.
so passe and out of style... or out of touch and over stepped their constitutional boundaries for that matter...

not funny.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:32 PM
Never mind just blogs...ATS is probably under a watchful eye..

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by jupiter869
Make sure your email address you use and information you give to post on BLOGS can't be traced back to you.

It can all be traced ... Echelon.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by Chuck Stevenson

Originally posted by jupiter869
Make sure your email address you use and information you give to post on BLOGS can't be traced back to you.

It can all be traced ... Echelon.

TRACE AWAY. I don't live in any of the 50 States or Puerto Rico or Guam. Should I add Iraq to that list? The Patriot Act CANNOT touch me. In other words, the FBI can kiss my blog.

Not all that interesting but if any FBI agents want to check it out:

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 06:08 PM
I can just imagine George Bush going through the Blog entries.

'Pisky ... Let's see ... Butthead is an arsehole, pixies exist and the dog has been farting chili fumes. Definitely a weapon of mass destruction. Time to sling Pisky into the gulag"

My opinion has always been that if you aren't willing to shout something from the rooftops, you shouldn't put it on the net. Definitely not now anyway.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 12:09 PM
Am I missing something here? Why would one even need the Patriot Act when it comes to Blogs? Blogs are a free exchange of personal information and thoughts available to anyone with internet access. Blog and privacy seem to me to be a bit of an oxymoron.

People with concerns about their freedom of expression coming back to haunt them obviously are not good candidates for Bloggers in the first place (if only for the sake of paranoia).

I submit to you, I have no privacy and I will not kid myself into believing it has anything to do with the Patriot Act. It is a fact of life and has been long before 9/11. There is an entire world of strangers out there who have access to enough of my personal information to do me more harm than the government can even protect me from. I can live in fear or get over it, I certainly cannot stop it. From my social security number to my bank information, to my family history, PRIVACY IS A JOKE!

The only solution is to not have anything to hide and keep a watchful eye out for identity theft, which I honestly believe is of much greater concern than whatever it is the Patriot Act has done to harm me.

As far as I'm concerned if a distasteful policy could have prevented the loss of 3000 lives 3 years ago, but I had to give up my precious rights to privacy to stop it, go ahead and take it. I have lost nothing I ever really had in the first place.

posted on Dec, 4 2004 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by jupiter869
Make sure your email address you use and information you give to post on BLOGS can't be traced back to you.

Ahhh no way, I think I'm going to post my full name, address, insurance information, and maybe even my social security number on my blog. Come and get me, America! Let's see who would win in a fight!

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