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What are the Mysterious Booms in Richmond, VA?

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 09:53 AM
Here is a link on the subject. If you do a search on Google for mysterious booms you will pull up a lot more links.

I live in this area and have experienced this, here is what is going on.

11/09/2004 7:25am - sitting on the toilet doing my thing and I heard a loud boom, it is accompanied by my house shaking. I live by the interstate and I am used to loud noises like when an empty semi hits a pot hole. This was kind of like it, but only much stronger. I thought a truck had come off of the interstate and ran into my house. I finished my business and went to check on the house. It was ok and there were no diesels decorating my front room. I looked out the front door 10 minutes later and a fire truck was cruising the neighborhood. After that I put it out of my head and went on about my business.

11/15/2004 - I am talking to my Mom-in-law and she says that the news has been talking about the mysterious booms in the area. I don't watch much TV so I had not heard about it. I told her about my experience and she said that was what the people were talking about.

11/21/2004 noonish - I am walking around a corner and WHAM!! it happens again. This time though it is even stronger. My bird freaked out and flew over to me, my wife just about fell out of the shower and I almost tripped on my feet. It shook the house big time, it seemed like even more than last time. I am not sure if it was more or less though since last time I was on the second floor, and this time on the first. It felt like a half dozen 16 pound bowling balls dropped on the floor right beside me. I looked around to see if any cabinets had fallen over. After I was sure it wasn’t my house, I went outside and saw other people looking around. I didn't see any smoke in the sky, nor heard any car alarms in the area. Also, I saw some birds and squirrels eating in my yard like normal.

11/21/2004 - 5:45 pm I am standing in my front room and WHAM!!! it happens again. This time it was even louder, though it shook the house less. It sounded like someone smacked a wooden baseball bat up against a shed or something. Again, nothing wrong with the house. I went outside and my neighbors were all looking around at each other with a WTH look on their face.

There was a town meeting on this later that night. I tried to go, but it was big time packed when I got there, so I couldn't go in.

3 loud noises w/shakes I experienced
others have experienced more (I leave home once and a while)
length are about 2-3 seconds
happened in early morning, around noon, and around dinner time
no car alarms went off
no change in outside animal behavior before or after events
nothing has been ruled out by local gov't
Have read online that this has occurred in other areas
A friend felt the shake, but heard nothing, 2-3 miles away.

Thoughts? Questions?

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 10:05 AM
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