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Intense, Multi-Layered Sleep Paralysis Episode

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 04:30 PM
I`ve been suffering from sleep paralysis for over thirty years.
It`s actually worsened over the past two or three years.

The past few months I`ve been having terrible nightmares mixed with the sleep paralysis.
It`s bad enough having either one....but the two mixed together is a really tough ordeal.
On top of that.....I TOO have been having SP within SP./

One I had last week.....
I was in a street when a mob surrounded me and one by one gestured to attack.
As I tried to defend myself I realised I was dreaming and woke myself up.
I awoke, laying on the sofa, with my laptop to the side of and still turned on.
As I went to get up, I was paralysed and realised I was still asleep.....strange.
I then went through the rigmarole of waking myself up ...and after what seemed ages. I got up off the sofa.
As per usual. I went into the Kitchen to have a coffee but as I turned the light on, I found myself confronted by two young men in black clothing, standing next to the kitchen table.
One had a knife in his hand and he gave me the most menacing stare.....I S++t myself !

As he came towards me, I tried to run out of the kitchen but my legs could barely move....
I just shouted as hard as I could....hoping I was still dreaming....
As you can guess...I WAS.

I couldn`t ......wouldn`t sleep for at least an hour afterwards.
It was one of the most scariest bouts of sleep paralysis I`ve had.
One episode of SP is bad enough......

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by lambros56

Next time you find yourself in a nightmare but know that you're dreaming try to take control of it.
If you don't like what's happening you should be able to change it. Rewind back to the street before the mob appears and take a different turn to avoid them . . . or if you feel like it you could even turn that angry mob into a flock of butterflies or fluffy kittens

Personally I always find the "rewind and change" option easier to achieve but both take a little practice.

Once you realise that they're your dreams and you're in control they'll lose any power to frighten you - it can even become great fun!!!

p.s. I'm actually surprised by this forum and just how many other people experience SP. I guess back in the real world not that many people talk about it.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 10:58 AM
So so weird, OP! Your story creeped me out, but the craziest part to me is that the ONE time that I experienced SP first hand, I too saw almost EXACTLY what you described as the goblin/creepy ewok. My experience happened roughly 16 years ago when I was 11 or 12. The weird part to me was it bared a striking resemblance to this disgusting little things, feature in the movie "Critters"

Look familiar to any of you?

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by lambros56

I feel your pain! It took me quite a while to realize what SP is and even longer to realize just how much control over my dreams and sleep pattern I actually have. Of course, it did take some time to practice and reach a point where I can recognize my dream-state 99% of the time.

Before learning how to take control, experiencing the SP and nightmares, as-well-as any hypnogogic hallucinations that accompanied them, was terrifying! It can reach a point where, if you experience them frequently, you can become afraid of sleeping!

I hope you're able to learn a few things here and from other sources, that will allow you to take control. I think you'll begin to enjoy the experiences. Instead of dreading them, you may begin to crave them.


reply to post by Suzy0

I agree with everything you mentioned.

I also found it oddly interesting how many people experience SP & other sleep experiences. I thought I was unique, but soon learned there are many, many people out there who share similar experiences. I guess it's just one of those things that doesn't often come up in social or work environments. I never bring it up to many people, because, if they are unaware and have never experienced such things, they may label you as a 'nutter'!


reply to post by parad0x122

Yes, it look very familiar! In fact, I have often described them as resembling the little devils from Critters, just bigger!

There is a picture of an Incubus sitting atop someone who's asleep. It look very similar to what you may imagine a cross between the Incubus and the a creature from the film 'Critters'.

Here are some pictures of the Incubus (aka Night Hag) I'm talking about:

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posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by esteay812

Absolutely! I can still feel that little creeps breathe on my neck as I was struggling to regain control of my limbs....still gives me shivers.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 06:46 PM
This post caught my attention - I have a little history with this 'sleep paralysis' phenomena, and I'd like to share my angle on it. It is a Christian angle, so if you disregard Christianity as a worldview, you'd better stop reading now and spare yourself the agony.

My first recollection of hearing about sleep paralysis was as a child, at a family gathering.

One of my older sisters was telling me about a Catholic nun who would fall into trance-like states during prayer. The nun would experience wonderful prayer, in which she would experience deep connection with God. The sisters around her knew this would occasionally happen, and would just let her be. Once, after she had been seen in such a state, she "came to" and said (rather alarmed), "How come you didn't wake me from that trance from which I nearly died?" She went on to explain that instead of being in communion with God, she had instead been attacked by demonic spirits, but was 'paralyzed' within the trance and could not break free.

(By the way, this type of trance-like prayer isn't necessarily uncommon in traditional Christianity - Roman Catholic mystics/contemplatives have described such things, as have Orthodox monastics, when in prayer and experiencing theoria. Clairvoyance has also been attributed to many holy monastics of the Orthodox Church, such as Elder Porphyrios, Elder Joseph the Hesychast, Elder Ephraim at St. Anthony's monastery in Arizona, and many many others. Protestant Christianity tends to lump this stuff into the "occult" category and dismiss Catholic and Orthodox Christian teachings on this (despite the New Testament reference that Paul makes to being "caught up to the third heaven" while in prayer). Though I am not a Protestant Christian, in the Protestant Christian's defence, by and large, most experiences like these in secular society are probably occultic in nature. But for the record, there are indeed legitimate holy Christian examples of such abilities, albeit rare. I digress, sorry.)

A couple years after first hearing that account about the nun, I experienced my first (very brief) sleep paralysis experience. I was simply in my bed and couldn't move. I could hear the radio on in the living room. Then, the radio began to get louder and louder, rather quickly, in a weird and very disconcerting way. It was scary somehow - the paralysis was threatening. Then I came to full consciousness. I was probably 14 or 15 years old. It was short, mostly uneventful, but definitely not pleasant in any way.

Around this time, I developed an interest in electronic music. These were the early 1980's, so I'm talking about stuff like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Kitaro, etc. Anyway, I began to notice a similarly-themed aspect to much of the cover art on these albums. Geometric designs, primarily circles. I mentioned this to a clerk at one of the record stores I frequented, and they said it was because the circles on the record covers could be used as focal points for inducing trance. This guy started talking about transcendental meditation, astral projection, mirror-transference, all sorts of weird stuff. As I got more and more into this kind of music, I started seeing connections to these "parapsychological" or "occult" phenomena/practices in the song titles, too. Anyway, although a nominal Christian who had been taught to avoid such things, I was curious, and began to explore. Using the rationale that "man only uses 10% of his brain, and these were latent capabilities in everyone" (something a school teacher told me, I think), I began to experiment, with a particular interest in astral projection. I checked out every book on astral projection I could get my hands on, determined to accomplish "soul travel."

Sorry, time does not permit me to continue. I have a lot to relate and share, but want to share it as clearly and as thoroughly as possible. I'll return in a day or two and add some more. More later...

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