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Second man arrested over murder of British family in the Alps in house 'full of munitions, detonato

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posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 06:57 PM
Some of you might remember the unusual murder of a British family in the Alps in 2012.

5 Found shot in Alps

This is from one of the original reports:

Five people, including a young girl, have been shot in a forest in the Alps, French authorities said.

All five were initially reported to be dead, but the girl, believed to 7-years-old, is now reported to be in critical condition in a hospital, according to a local prosecutor.

An official with the regional administration for the Haute-Savoie region says three of the bodies were found in a BMW registered in Britain. A 4-year-old girl was found unharmed in the car.

The Sipa news agency says the 7-year-old girl was found alive with bullet wounds on a forest road.

It happened in a forest near Chevaline, near Annecy lake, in Haute-Savoie.

The initial reports said a cyclist discovered the girl, the three bodies in the car and a fourth body, of a cyclist, lying nearby.

Reports from the scene said the bodies were riddled with bullets. Police are calling it an "assassination."


And these are the latest developments:

- Man named locally as former police officer Eric Devouassoux, 48, arrested
- Second man arrested in Talloires, a village on Lake Annecy
- The two friends are described as 'suspected arms traffickers'
- Saad al-Hilli was shot dead in September 2012 with his wife and her mother
- Murders happened in a woodland car park close to the village of Chevaline
- Innocent bystander French cyclist Sylvain Mollier was also gunned down
- Saad's brother Zaid arrested but had his bail cancelled by British police

Many people have speculated that this was professional hit as they were all shot in the head.

Well its looks like they have made a second arrest to do with the case. The guy they arrested is said to have numerous guns and weapons at his house and is said to hate foreigners.

A former policeman arrested in connection with the murder of a British family in the French Alps had a violent temperament and did not ‘like foreigners’, prosecutors revealed last night.

Eric Devouassoux, 48, a trained marksman, hoarded Second World War weapons at his home close to where the murders took place near Lake Annecy in September 2012.

Police also uncovered a trove of ‘ammunition, explosives and detonators’ at the home of his ‘friend’, an unnamed middle-aged Frenchman, who attempted to flee when police visited him.

Source< br />
Could this be the guy they are looking for or is he just a patsy?

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posted on Feb, 22 2014 @ 12:01 AM
If they have any evidence at all against the guy they arrested, they sure didn't mention it in the article cited.

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