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My Encounter Last Night

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posted on Mar, 7 2014 @ 04:25 PM
I did not have any religious teaching growing up, none of my family where religious in the christian or other organized ways, my sisters were into witchery and my Uncles where very science minded. There wasn't talk of angels and demons so much as they were Fairies and Gremlins and the sort. I never really believed any of the stories too hard, and especially ghosts and non physical entities seemed illogical to me. I did have a few strange experiences such as seeing 'Bigfoot' near a creek by my house, and a group of UFOs circling above an empty lot and then darting off in all directions, which got me very interested in alien life. Later in my teens I became interested in my Heritage, the History, The Nations, and the Beliefs of the Germanic, Nordic, and Keltic people. this had led me to believe that the upbringing of an individual may have alot to do with the types of paranormal experiences someone may have.

posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 11:44 PM
From a more skeptical and quantitative standpoint I say this:
The fact that you have a history of Night Terror's and other, albeit mild, Psychological issues make it suspect that what you are experiencing may or may not be related. I've known friends, (keep in mind this is anecdotal) that will wake up and their brain continues to produce similar illusions that happen to them in their dreams, i.e. if she was dreaming of a gigantic spider, upon awakening, she is still seeing a giant spider in her room. This is also similar to Kanashibari syndrome. Your Succubus episode may be more of a psychological manifestation than an actual encounter. I mean, think about it, the Succubus Lilith, decided that YOU of all people were important enough to attack at night? Seems unlikely. If you were a particularly gifted Psychic Medium, or perhaps an important figure, I might be more inclined to consider that. However, I take most Demonic encounters with a grain of salt anyway (however, I do not doubt that the do happen on occation). Take some of this into consideration.

From a more spiritual standpoint (where I stand most often) I say this:

I couldn't agree more with previous posters. I would suggest finding a way to defend your self from what ever negative energies are plaguing either you, or your home. The fact that your encounter on your porch happens at 3am, is no coincidence. 2 or 3am is prime time for paranormal activity, as it is when there is the least amount of outside energy interference because, well, most reasonable human beings in your area are asleep. Was there something messing with you? I would say its a definite possibility, but I wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that its a malevolent entity just yet. 99% of the time, entity's are just spirit people, who are moving objects out of habit, or who want to communicate with the world of the living. Sure, sometimes an asshole in life can be an asshole in death, but that dosen't mean you are powerless against it. Being an old house, its likely that you have some unwanted guests there, and perhaps there is even a portal there that sees a whole bunch of spiritual traffic. But there are plenty of things you can do to deal with this:

You can try Smudging with Sage. (Look that up)
You can try meditating, and getting in touch with your energies and chakras, which will give you a bit more confidence and assertiveness with your being. Being balanced and grounded is important.
You can envision yourself engulfed in a white light, with a circle of mirrors around you, facing inward. These mirrors keep the good energy in and the bad energy out.
You mustn't forget that you have the control on the physical plane. Don't be afraid to tell the spirits to stop bothering you.
Try looking for Healing Crystals. Crystals and Minerals have all sorts of spiritual properties, there are several crystals with properties of protection, check them out!
Since you are Christian, praying certainly doesn't hurt.

Good Luck, keep us posted!

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