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Four Questions for Atheists

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 08:45 AM


reply to post by ChesterJohn

It is not hard to figure out what formed matter.

Would you care to describe this process for our viewers at home? Can you even list the three things that combine to form matter?

All matter is finite and not infinite.
this is not settled as a suitable experiment has not even been theorized. You shouldnt make assertions which have not been proven.

This means something must be infinite. A infinite Ether.

Now your just making up terms that dont even describe anything. What is an infinite ether, cuz they didnt tell me in any of my physics courses?

Whatever is infinite is also an absolute constant. And we all know from Math what that means.

I dont. Explain that one too.

That means the infinite Ether never can change on it own, and there is also nothing else physically present to form matter except the infinite.

Matter is not made of infinite. How much is a bottle of infinite ether? Because if its what i think it is we could totally win some awards. What does it consist of?

For something absolute infinite to form finite it must have a will to do so.

Can you demonstrate this with common household products?

Because to Our knowledge something that is an absolute constant can not form matte randomly or by chance. How would it do that?
im really not sure i can digest that word salad to be able to even give a sarcastic statement about what i think you just said.
edit on 20-2-2014 by Woodcarver because: My previous answer wasnt suitably sarcastic enough.

Woodcarver, you do realize it is Spy66 that you are asking these questions of. these are not my remarks but Spy66. I just want to be clear that I wont be able to answer these as I was not the one to make these statements.

But I was wondering about the one questions you did ask of Spy66

Can you even list the three things that combine to form matter?

This intrigued me. And I was trying to think of three things that combine to form matter. I am not sure if it is a thing or not but There would have to be some source of attraction so that things can be drawn together. once together there would have to be something that would cause a synthesis between those things that are attracted. And there would have to be reaction of the synthesis.

attraction-action-and a reaction

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