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The Storm of Storms (UK Version - facepalm edition)

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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 02:33 PM
Floods and mega floods. Biblical floods. Apocalypse Floods. The media is all over this like a bad rash with experts crawling from their caves with their explanations and analysis's, their chants of climate change and 95 percent of certain agreement that humans are responsible. Well excuse me while I face palm. Lots of war analogies been thrown around like attacked by the weather, fighting mother nature etc. The PM thinks money is no object to solve this. If that was the case then the gov should have had this sorted ten years ago so the floods would not be half as bad like it is at the moment. The problem will not be solved. In a few years time during the next big flood the same old promises will be used, the same old global warming arguments.

So you have MSM telling us how all bad it is spliced with a doom porn soundtrack and I'm like good grief doesn't the nation realize that this is just a nature. Don't they know where they actually are. The UK is just a tiny piece of land in a vast ocean on a planet spinning in a great big universe. Most of them cant see past their own street. And just watch their eyes glaze over as you try to explain the finer nuances of things, and not just about the weather either. On facebook chats I get 'NSA who r they wot they wont with our info dunno about that.' FACEPALM. Stuff like this that has been on MSM for months and they are totally unaware of it.

I could rant on and on and on about this but I'll just finish with these guys.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by Tindalos2013

Excuse the MSM for reporting on a real issue... -

Regardless of the Anthropogenic elements associated with Climate Change, and whether or not it's all just 'natural' as you say... This so called, 'doom porn' is still a reality. But who am I to judge what gets you off?.. (o_O' ) Lol. jk.

Call it what you will, But allow me to provide some insight into what is actually going on:

Below is a Surface-Pressure chart which can be used when forecasting weather fronts and patterns, the movement of storm systems, and the development of severe weather.
(click above link for an animated .GIF image/loop.)

These weather events that you believe to be 'sensationalized', and/or 'natural' - and not of any significance... are actually a result of a shifting Jet-Stream.

The following article, will provide further details as to what you're actually witnessing, and why changes in the Jet-Stream are responsible for nearly all of the recent weather related news you're referring to.

Wavier jet stream 'may drive weather shift'

New research suggests that the main system that helps determine the weather over Northern Europe and North America may be changing.

The study shows that the so-called jet stream has increasingly taken a longer, meandering path.

This has resulted in weather remaining the same for more prolonged periods.


According to Prof Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University in New Jersey: "This does seem to suggest that weather patterns are changing and people are noticing that the weather in their area is not what it used to be."

The meandering jet stream has accounted for the recent stormy weather over the UK and the bitter winter weather in the US Mid-West remaining longer than it otherwise would have.

"We can expect more of the same and we can expect it to happen more frequently," says Prof Francis


This results in weather patterns tending to become stuck over areas for weeks on end.


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