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How Wolves Change Rivers

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 05:42 PM
Great find purplemer

(post by Idahomie removed for a manners violation)

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by purplemer

Well, with your background, I am not surprised you would support the efforts of a worldwide government body to take away my God granted right to live freely where I choose. Damn the greatest minds of the enlightenment which gave us the greatest freedom and prosperity mankind has ever known. The Bureaucrats at the UN know better.

Have fun living in your infested cities in close proximity to all 8 billion of your friends. Better not step out of line.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:16 PM

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:19 PM


This will NOT continue.

Any further violations will result in a POSTING BAN of MINIMUM 72 hours.

No other warnings will be given.


posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 05:26 AM
I mentioned in my post above religion and how it doesnt affect animals and how we talk about harmony in our existence.

What if, without religion, homosexual was a completely normal choice, nothing at all different to anything.

From my own experience in life, I have encountered a few homosexuals, some of which have had perhaps what I would say, moer than the average number of kids. Of the 2 I have met who "came out" in their 40's, they have 7 kids between them.

Now I am not trying to do a scientific study here, but I wonder if they were not pressured to conform, would there be 7 more kids on earth. Multiply that beyond the people I know - you all of a sudden have a significant population who MAY have been created to prove someone isnt gay.

An inbalance created by religion.

If a wolf or deer is homosexual, it just wont reproduce and that may be part of natures design to keep the herd in order, yet religion in humans has messed with that.

Like i say, im not trying to be controversial - but you see on that video raw nature - we have far too many interferences to match that, but with Religion, you have no compromise.

It is a fragile Earth and yet we are so intelligent, we cant manage it.

Who would you vote for Earth Manager - we could do it, it would be harsh, but if we dont, we will all lose.

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by Idahomie

Why would you think studying Environmental Science would make you support a one world government. I do not support a single one world government. I would instead seeing a form of ultra democracy on small scale and I dont live in a city I live as far away as I can...

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