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Weather, The New War?

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posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 11:44 PM

reply to post by Bedlam

Well I guess we disagree then. I believe weather manipulation is possible with 360 million watts. Not to mention there are several other similar facilities in the world some capable of 190 million watts or 1gigawatt in Norway and Russia.

Not 360, 3.6. You're off by a factor of 100. Also, you would rarely use both polarities at once, so it's half that.

You might want to go look at the energy levels involved in common weather. The energy released by a small thunderstorm is likely more than you think.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 12:10 AM


Yes, and I also know that HAARP scientist also love to see solar flares and I also know they are "inspecting" it.

Are you saying HAARP can cause solar flares? "Inspecting" what?

Yes Sun effect is greater, but why the need to poke a hole from inside ?

It doesn't poke holes.

IF the atmosphere there cannot absorb the energy sent, we can expect some pretty stuff. Weakening the magnetosphere, heat a hole in ionosphere, probe into mesosphere and add some solar flare. Kazaam, we all gonna be toasted under beautiful aurora.

HAARP doesn't weaken the magnetosphere. Doesn't make holes in the ionosphere. Couldn't begin to cause a solar flare. Auroras don't toast you.

Btw, I'm waiting of news where planes happen to cross the HAARP ray path while its in operation, no need box cutter at all to bring down an aeroplane. Bonus! No weapon in sight.

Actually, that can be an issue if the plane is very low and goes through the beam. It's only 3.6MW, but that can cause interference with some avionics - if it was a Crashhawk it could be bad - so the HAARP facility has a radar that watches for air traffic in the area during operation. You have a set of eyes on the radar during any run.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 04:46 AM

reply to post by NullVoid

How does heating a small portion of the ionosphere "poke a hole" in it?
What "atmosphere there?" The ionosphere is, for all intents and purposes, space.

HAARP does not weaken the magnetosphere. It does heat (not make a hole in) a small region of the ionosphere. Since the mesophere is not ionized, HAARP has no effect on it.

HAARP does not transmit a ray. It transmits a widening beam. Its power density is not great enough to damage an aircraft.
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You are partially correct. It doesnt poke a hole, but actually strengthen it, however, during the process, the earth magnetosphere are affected, a hole. Mesosphere is not ionised, correct, HAARP cant do much there, however we can inspect its properties during the process. Yes, nothing much happen there. But with magnetosphere, its so much different story.
HAARP can and will have effect on aeroplanes, electronically. Prohibiting people from using phone on aeroplane but shooting radiowave pulse into its path is kind of beat the purpose.

The real problem with HAARP lies in the weakening magnetosphere, sure the ionsphere blocking sun radiation, but its secondary compared to magnetosphere, in terms of sun radiation shield.

I dont go against HAARP, its an advancement, but do use it sparingly. Its effect is second only to nuclear but its on wider scale/worldwide. Weakened magnetosphere is the main problem that HAARP do and seems everyone miss that point. At least they got it right with the weather anomaly.

Life on Earth developed and is sustained under the protection of this variable magnetosphere.

From NASA, if you poke the shield, expect something pass through.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:10 AM


Or, just Mother Nature doing her thing.

This one gets my vote, in general.
With some help with accumulated mess that we are collectively creating inadvertently.
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With President kennedy stating weather control as a clear and eventual collaborative ambition of the US and other powerful nations all the way back in his 25th September 1961 UN speech, and among other publicly available information on the subject, the information contained within the text of the USAF research document 'Weather as a force multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025''s highly doubtful and frankly naive to assume 'it's just mother nature doing her thing'.

My own view is that weather modification is both a valid and benefical tool of mankind, and a legitamate weapon of war.

If the horrors of conventional war machines are a valid weapon of war, then surely the weather must similarly be considered valid.

Benefits are of course possible with this technology, quite apart from death and destruction, many beneficial areas could be opened using it too.

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posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 05:31 AM

...within the text of the USAF research document 'Weather as a force multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025'

You left out this bit:
This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios.

2025 wasn't a presentation of current research or technology. It's a blue-sky "what if" paper.

eta: However, there is a good bit of it that you might find interesting, and it's actually correct, technically. Skip down to "Exploitation of “NearSpace” for Space Control" and you'll have at least a partial overview of what HAARP was there to research.

There is more there than what's being addressed by HAARP, so not all of it applies. Some does. Some was done elsewhere, some of it hasn't been addressed yet. And there's stuff not addressed in the paper.

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