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quantum consciousness tie-ins with engineering/R&D

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posted on May, 23 2003 @ 06:33 AM
As I started comparing mainstream/cutting-edge/and "fringe" science with popular paranormal legends, I began to suspect a grander mathematics/physics "umbrella" that embraced remote-viewing, UFOs, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, time-travel and the like. I began posting and archiving material to save surfing time for others as they join the quest for what could be the ultimate answers.

While the unifying of Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity -- the celebrated "Theory of Everything" -- has consumed much of my recent efforts, a parallel effort has been ongoing in quantum attempts to explain consciousness, DNA Phantom Effect, biophotons, and "mind over matter" folklore. I found a wealth of information stored at or routed from a certain site from which I posted and archived some sample documents at the following pages:

'Science' ---------

'P-X/Montauk' --

'Medical' --------

Many of these "overlap" theories that have been previously posted in other areas. Indeed, a persistent editing problem remains on avoiding duplication or "re-wording" of the same material in different documents so as to not waste the reader's time. I'm not that knowledgeable in many of these areas to know what to cut-out or which thesis says it "best".

However, I think it would be well worth your time to browse a few of these essays to see if they expand your perception the way they did mine. (I'm becoming more convinced that the headbands Col. Corso found in the Roswell wreckage did a lot more than just navigate the craft via a "FireFox"-type thought control [hint: think "Matrix"!] and why that has stumped our greatest minds until relatively recently.) Now if some of these technical authors could only translate their stuff into layman-oriented easy-reading generalized concepts (i.e., NO MATH!) the way Michio Kaku did with his best-seller "Hyperspace" ah, that would be s-o-o-o-o nice !

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