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I think I just stood in line next to a Nordic alien.

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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by AliceBleachWhite

bahahahahahahaa holy crow thats funnny!!!

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by spleenika

No judgment here my friend. I had a sighting of an alien myself some 30+ years ago. Although a much different looking creature, but still narrowly in the human-type spectrum. Kudos for sharing. I didn't back then. (Much different times)
But it really stuck with me down thru the years. I guess it could have been human, but man, my gut told me no.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by spleenika

So two weeks ago I was at a bar having a drink when this lady walks in and everyone is looking at her, she was probably 6ft8 tall dark hair and she sits down so people wont notice her so much, anyway she notices me and looks and a few times I look over only to see she is still looking at me. I can guess why this is though, I'm 6ft6 tall and probably the same reason your alien was looking at you!

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 08:52 AM
I have been places and someone enters the room that, not only beauty, but something I can't explain, sticks in my head and I can't shake it. It doesn't happen to me very often, maybe 3 or 4 times in my 44 years. I'm not saying MINE were aliens, I'm not saying your are not. I am just saying, I know what you mean, not that I know why. Anyway, yeah, it seems no matter how much you try no to give that person much attention at all (out of respect), they have burned into your mind. I'm going to guess that memory isn't fading anytime in the near future....

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 09:01 AM

I think I just stood in line next to a Nordic alien.

Lucky you! The only aliens I run into at the liquor store are those nasty little greys, those repulsive mantis-looking thingies, and the occasional reptilian.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 09:29 AM
:facepalm: Really? You clammed up like a dope instead of making polite conversation? Anything would have done, like eyeball her purchase and ask if it was decent, you've never tried it. That doesn't come off as a pick-up line (which I hate as a woman, just speak intelligently) It's simple inquisitive questioning of a product, it's a "safe area" lead-in to talking to people. Kind of like asking about what time it is, except with more conversational wiggle room.
Another thing to consider is that trying to avoid eye contact with people can be just as intimidating & uncomfortable for them as being caught sneaking a glance is for you. If someone perceives themselves to be different from the norm, others avoiding eye contact and such can be self-confidence crusher, that action makes them feel more self-conscious.

Odds are you met a very tall woman who A.) Is not making bank off her height & looks, and is probably no stranger to being ogled, B.) may indeed be a rising model, C.) might be an actual athlete. Or D.) None of the above, she's a very convincing, very tall cross-dresser (absolutely not unheard of)

Then again, it's Utah...I wouldn't write off her being some polygamist's mail-order 2nd/3rd/etc wife, either.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 09:54 AM
This is just beyond interesting to me for some reason. I read the entire thread before posting too

I believe we are all (or most anyway) going to be seeing more and more of these unusual type of "things" as time goes on. I think the more open we are, the more we will be receptive to. My personal experiences of the etheral nature stated a few weeks ago with a sudden, out of the blue OBE while I was awake. I have yet to really make sense of it, but I will say that since that event it seems as though nothing really shocks me. Also my BS meter has been fine tuned, as such, I get absolutely no BS beeping on said meter with your story so I believe you 150%!

Please update should you have anything to update and thanks for sharing.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 10:48 AM
If aliens do exist, they most likely walk among us. Why wouldnt they? They can learn the most by watching us up close.

We have a nordic alien that looks like that on ATS too. It goes by the name "Alice Bleach White" and has already posted in this thread.

The sensation of being stared at by her may be coming from her having been more alert than the average oblivious "situaionally unaware" human.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 10:54 AM
I am not saying she was an alien. The circumstances with my encounter suggested I had an encounter with someone with telepathy abilities & knew I was researching the possibility of aliens/ufo. I have read certain aliens will do anything to avoid eye contact (including telepathically convincing you 'not' to look too closely) because if you look deeply enough into the eyes you will realize you are not of the same species.
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 10:55 AM
Are the nordic aliens suppose to be sort of the same "race" as scandinaviens?

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 10:59 AM
I would have liked to meet this person and ask her for a date! I'm 6'11" so I'm sure it would be a humbling experience more or less.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 11:06 AM
I love this story. And it's good to hear people in Utah drink alcohol. Try to think like an alien. If you want to buy stuff, and not really get that much attention, go buy stuff at a liquor store, because the customers at the liquor store would be harder to believe. Because people assume they're drunks, and not believe they saw alien. Could you imagine trying to tell a cop you saw an alien. And the first thing he would say, is "where", and you would say "at the liquor store", and he would just laugh at you, and ask you if you had been drinking?

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 11:18 AM
I've seen various human type ETs, and this drawing put out by the events of Travis Walter, the man especially, is very close to one of the main couple that were involved since childhood, wearing blue uniforms.

The women seemed to be the most cool and competent scientific, mainly mid length blond hair, straight, so about the length of the woman in the photo but softer looking. You have to realize the real forms are not necessarily what you're seeing. They create body suits. This group works with greys.

There are various heights to the ETs, from close to 7 feet like this couple, to 8 feet like Taurus group that identified from Taurus, 65 light years away, and from Telos which is mount shasta. And he was in a kind of armour, biosuit armour, much like in movies, muscled like pro wrestler, with long straight dark blond hair. In all these cases, the men seem to guard the female technicians and the females tended to be the doctors, at least for females.

One of the experiences was being pulled, I assume out of body, but did wake up in bed when I had been sorting laundry just prior to the event, but it involved another man that was somewhat frequent, who was tall, roughly close to 7 feet, big chested, dark uniform, and curly black hair, who was like a hero type energy, guardian, and the woman was more typical , shoulder length blond hair, and a viewing station by the sun.

When they're here letting you know, would have to question is this higher ups, ETS overseeing the system, or is this some kind of co-op (ie ET working with black ops) creating their own workers down here. So who are they working for. Because if they're working with black ops, why? Thats murder incorporated, so that kind of lowers their frequency putting them into another category.

On that question, due to childhood experiences and some areas where we were taken that I only get small glimpses of memories that are quite startling, and that coordinate with some of the dreams I had of water treatment plants on the moon, when I was a child. But in those experiences, felt something was not being revealed and perhaps some of the kids were harmed, definitely knew there was a co-op presence. I was able to widen the memory a bit, and the fallout was being shellshocked for a few days to a week. So I kept asking why, and why would higher up ETs work with black ops or nazi's in any capacity?

Then, our family had a big experience where the morning, had direct telepathic contact, almost like remote viewing type astral projection, and it related for some reason to alpha centauri's or the centauri's, I knew it. Just like my son named that system during a sighting, and didn't know why. But this blond couple in this alien like city, but with tubes where you could travel rapidly everywhere, (there are also tubes on the moon and mars, underground and in craters), with no sense of motion, your drink wouldn't spill. And then a kind of similar to our society country side with radio observatories. But this couple showed me federations, organizations of higher level ets who worked with lower levels planets, some of whom were very harsh like control structures. There were conducting a kind of upgrade of technology, and were technicians, scientists, etc. And when this part was given, remembered doing something similiar. However, was not so scientific , it was more like being with Family and brothers and sisters, doing good works in various ways. I can't explain the memory. However, they showed me a situation where an advanced human scientific team, perhaps sent in by the UN, would work on upgrading hospitals in a war torn mafia run third world country and witness atrocities. But they were only Love and Light, and Goodness, and yet the upgrade still continued, nor could they get involved in the lower dealings. However unless the people involved were not meant to be harmed, it has to do with how and why people come into this world.

I was in this communication for nearly an hour it felt like. That evening we had a pink/rose colored, twiggy grey et at the door and that night dreamt of an abduction for the whole family, where some were taken first, and I tried to get them back, shaking my fists at the sky, and then a saucer with a see through top landed, and there were 4 identical robotic type blond females, very tall, they were cool and scientific so I thought perhaps bots. But they said, you might as well come aboard and fill out the questionaire, it will only take 15 minutes. In that process of finding one of my sons who had gone aboard, I was asking the time and non verbally was told they don't do time at all, but then was told this day took 9 days to complete and to write it down. I woke up and went downstairs and my older son who was up on the computer, at about 1 19-22 am, said he felt the whole room shake and spin and it was like when he had missing time. He said he thought he was just dropped off, precisely like I'd seen minutes ago in the dream.

So its does seem that for the upgrade taking place, some are not negative who are working with the black ops, but in that case from my own memories, they are way over their heads.

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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 11:49 AM

Are the nordic aliens suppose to be sort of the same "race" as scandinaviens?

No. We call them "Nordic", because that's how they look like, but their real denominations is either Vegan, Lyran, or Pleiadian. Nordics are any aliens that are blond, tall, and usually, blue-eyed (most of the times).
Some links claims that the Nordics have created the Scandinavians, but it's from sources that I don't trust.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by Nyiah

Um speaking from experience, if your confidence is crushed -you're not- looking at other peoples eyes, so you don't know if they're avoiding eye contact. Seriously, have you ever had your confidence crushed or been socially evasive or avoidant? When you're uncomfortable, as I've been, you just don't look at people enough to know whether they're trying to avoid eye contact. In my case, II didn't want attention. I hated it. Anything else was just not on my radar.

I'll also say I've always avoided eye contact most of the time, unless it's a job interview or a very serious thing. I keep eye contact to let them know I'm serious. I don't do it to read their emotions or anything, I just do it because I know they want me to. Otherwise, my eyes are darting all over. Usually it's because my mind is elsewhere and I guess that's probably rude, but I don't mean it to be. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable, especially around pretty woman or men whom I don't share much in common. My life has not been a good social experience probably from the age of 8.

What do I know. I guess I shouldn't react this way, since I'm probably not the norm in social matters. Maybe I'm just socially awkward or disordered. Maybe she would care about eye contact and not like if others avoid it. I just am relaying my own experience with this. We're not all the same in our behavior.
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by spleenika

Thank you for sharing your story. S&F

Maybe when she was staring at you, she was projecting thoughts into your mind to come share this on ATS, as you did, to help spread the word that "they're heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee".

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by spleenika

This is really an interesting encounter indeed. S&F.
I seriously can't tell you if it was truly a Nordic or simply a very tall, gorgeous, and well-dressed woman, but the picture you showed us is very unnerving and very similar to what a Nordic would have looked like.
What I wonder, is why would an alien buy booze? Then I guess that maybe even aliens like alcohol, but still...
I seriously can't give you an answer, for which I'm very sorry. I only hope that you may encounter her again and be able to learn more.

And indeed, as a word of advice, if ever you see her again, she wouldn't care if you look at her; even if she's a normal super-model human, it isn't impolite to look at her, and it would make her feel less uncomfortable than if you don't look at her (which would make her feel as if she's too different.
And as another member suggested, you could indeed engage in a conversation by asking her if the bottle she bought is a good choice, and after, you could even say something like: "I'm very sorry to intrude, but you look very familiar. Is there any chance I might have seen you somewhere on TV?" You know, something like that. If she's just a human model, she will answer where she works, and if not, well, you just apologize for bothering her, smile, tell her to have a nice day, and there you go. You can see her eyes, and also, hear how she talks, too.

And don't worry, I'm saying this advice as a woman myself.

Good luck, and I hope you find the answer to this very interesting mystery.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by kuraijanai2013

Amazing story.. I've also met this woman once in a grocery store. She was very tall for a woman. Not that it's strange but she was stunning to look at , at that time I was married and noticed her but thought I'm married I don't gonna pay attention to her although I could easily fell i love with this woman. So I walked to another shelf way back from where she was standing to focus on something else. I then looked up to see where she was and could see her but she didn't see me the minute I thought how beautiful this woman was she turned very quick and started to laugh at me and stared me right in the eyes. As if she could read my mind. I was baffled and didn't know where to look.. Ashamed as I was for thinking that I stared at her I walked out of the store not even bought what I should buying... she was much taller then me and I thought why would a woman that size be interested in me ? compare to her I'm a midget then I thought she wasn't from here because I rarely saw such beauty..
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 12:18 PM

Intresting story
I am sure she spooked the ... out of you
What comes to that youtube video i strongly believe its a 3d model actually the nostrils gives it out among few other things.
This is a 3d i made few years ago 3d
Just to show it can be quite realistic

Good story i hope you had a ( candid ) camera with.. too bad you missed a date

I agree with you. With 3d modelling, they can make just about anything.

This thread just shows how much imagination we all have. We imagine a race of aliens and suddenly they're among su. They're conveniently human-looking. It's dumb. Honestly, if I was an alien, I probably wouoldn't want pale skin unless I couldn't get sun burned. but even that might not worked because people may wonder why I don't sun burn. I'd probably want mediterranean skin so I am more flexible and can visit more areas on earth without adverse reactions. For example, people with dark skin tend to lack on vitamin D if they're at a high latitude. Of course, people with pale skin sunburn very easily at the equator.

BUT If I was an alien what reason would I have to live on Earth? Why would I choose to live in a more primitive culture? Do we see people in developing nations desiring to live amongst Aboriginals or Kyrgyz or Yakuts? Places where alcoholism and other addictiosn are common and diseases and illnesses are oftne untreated? Places where, in the Kyrgyz case, over 50% of the children die by age 5.
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posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by spleenika

This is one of the main reasons I swore to never drink Jaeger again, I started to see things. lol

Great story OP, but I think you most likely saw a very tall women.

Next time just introduce yourself what do you have to lose?

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