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Help me find the origin of some mysterious symbols and graffitis

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posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 01:52 PM
Hello, here is the problem, I live in small town in Portugal, its name is Fafe as you see nothing seems strange from the wikipedia link, so let me do a small introduction so you can help me. In Portugal there are 3 categories for designate a place there is "aldeia" which means "village" then "vila" which means kind of a small town, and there is "cidade" which means "big town/city", when the city was a "vila" in the 19 century the name of the municipality was Montelongo which translate as something like long/big hill with the name of the main parish being "Santa Eulália", that's was when things started to happen, the settlement is old but the story tells that the was founded by locals who went to Brazil became very rich and when come back they decided to develop the settlement, those people also happen to be freemasons, as such the town is full of masonic symbols, I'm not very keen on Masonry, but I found a few clues nearby, that I'm going to develop on this topic. I suspect that whoever made those clues is trying to pass a message and me being curious I am hoping to find it, with your help. As I said I'm not very keen, I have exactly 2 clues one with a few months and one from the 19th century, and I think I saw also some paintings in the city hall when I was little, which I can't access. Also I'm not sure if those are related or if they are really masonic. But I want to find out, and that is where you will help me. Finally I want to say that I'm in no way related to any secret society, and I don't want to be related in the future, I also aknowledge that I may be overthinking, but who knows.

Sorry for the long introduction, now the photos, these have a few month, the first three where found out on some bricks on the sidewalk nearby the high school, notice that those bricks have a different color from the other and toghther they make a pyramid, those 3 photos were took on 3 different location of the sidewalk, and they all have what seems to be and Horus Eye and the message "EYE SEE YOU" in what seems to be macarronic english, here is the pinpoint on googlemaps of the high school and other locations.

I took on more photo on the Bus Station, a graffiti of the same time more or less, I think it is a bit more recent, it pictures a graffiti of a pyramid with an eye and the message "DESPERTAI CONSCIÊNCIAS!" which translates like "AWAKEN CONSCIENCIES", also the avenue where the bus station is located is on the map above.

And that is it for now, I don't have more material for now, but I do have one more clue I can access and in a few days I will post something about on a reply here. I think this post is long enough. I now ask for your assistance. I can ask me any questions you like. Thank you.

Ps: Oh I almost forgot I have one semi clue, I told you the name of the city in the past and I told you that in the 19 century the name of the municipality was different then in 1840 according to Portuguese Wikipedia, the name changed, but just for the municipality, exactly on the time those wealthy freemasons decided to invest randomly on a this valley which doesn't seem to hold much value. The origin of the name is unknown, also after the Carnation Revolution which ended the fascist regime on the town, the name of its main parish (Santa Eulália) was changed to Fafe too, and the "vila" was promoted to city, but for me it seems to be a clue from the 19th century and may be related with the next clue I'm going to post in a few days.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 02:13 PM
I'm not trying to attack your post but those eyes in no way resemble the Masonic Eye of Horus, which is an mathematical and occult symbol. Looks like graffiti drawn in a silly manner by teenagers with a lot of time on there hands.

Of course you could be right and there is some mystery going on, but I doubt it.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 02:52 PM

I'm not trying to attack your post but those eyes in no way resemble the Masonic Eye of Horus, which is an mathematical and occult symbol. Looks like graffiti drawn in a silly manner by teenagers with a lot of time on there hands.

Of course you could be right and there is some mystery going on, but I doubt it.

Well those drew my attention because of the history of the city, you may be right. Like I said I'm not sure, but one thing I'm sure those appeared overnight and they are very well made, if you to the eyes you'll see that the eye were probably drawn with a mold, which means someone had to make the mold, and do that he or she would need time and money, things nowaday teenagers normally waste on parties and alcohol, whoever drew those, thought about it with time, at least I can say that, also one funny fact the high school is ranked as one of the high schools with poorest results on the country, it is not very well made and with poor infrastrusctures, for instance the heat equipement work with gas, it is a big high school with low resources, and here gas is pricey so even not the best high schools cannot afford heating with gas they heat with furnaces powered by wood, so it happens they don't turn on the heating, so much a few years ago there were student strikes because of that, and the school is also highly corrupt there are teacher manipulating the student to choose their disciplines instead of others, so there is such abominations like informatic courses with studied language being french instead of english, this year they went agaisnt all rules and made a class with just the students of the teachers, directors and other important officers of the school and instead of choosing random teachers like would happen in any high school here, they handpicked the best teachers just for the class, giving the class preferebility over other students who are by law just as good, I know because one teacher told me in confidence because I was a student on that school. Of course if you want to frequent a public high school in portugal you have by law to frequent the one that is closer to your home, but you can frequent any private high school in the country. Giving this poor adolescents (mostly dumb as hell giving the school scores) are the ones who frequent it, not exactly the kind of people who know what an eye on a pyramid means, and rich kids are on private high schools in another cities, so they are not in the city on the week, and if you rich you want the best grades so probably have paid tutors also to improve the grades, so there is not a lot of time.

That is why I don't believe this was made by adolescents.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 06:18 PM
Nick Cage aint got nothing on you. Should help us all out and gives us all the clues if you want some advice

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 05:23 AM
-This is a GUESS-
Maybe it is a group looking for more people to join in your area who are of a like mind. They use the symbolism of the eye being upside down to signify that the eye itself is corrupted and being misused by a higher power. Or that the truth can not be accepted in it's "naked form" and must be looked at in an indirect manner. This is from my own experience here where I live. Just another group searching for answers, along with the graffiti's meaning, is my GUESS and nothing more.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 09:56 AM
an ATS teen member is marking up the curb, huh?

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by GiulXainx

Though you may be right about the group, there are no upside down triangles/pyramids. The first 3 images are of the ground and judging by the orientation of the text, they are meant to be seen right side up not upside down. The 4th image is of a wall but the image is sideways and meant to be rotated 90 degrees to view it properly. So not upside down either. Unless you meant the eyes only but I didn't see eyelashes in the first 3 images so I don't know how you would determine that it is upside down.

Op: you say the eye on the ground is molded? Like a rubber stamp kinda? You should make sure of that. Take better, daylight photos and see Iif they are all identical. Also I wonder if there are more than 3. Also I wonder about the different colored tiles and why they are there...are there any other of these different colored tiles in the area, Triangle shaped or otherwise? With or without graffiti? If it's just the 3, then they would form a triangle on a map. What location is in the center of the triangle if it's a normal triangle? Also check where the eye would be located. If the eye location is significant then I would expect it to be what I think is an isosolese triangle where two sides are equal length so there would be an obvious spot for the eye rather than an equilateral triangle where all 3 sides are equal and you'd have to guess which of the 3 angles houses the eye. If it's one of those crazy deformed triangles then I dunno... keep looking for the rest of the "map" which may be out there. Or at least other clues which may not be so obvious... well, with the history alone, it looks like you have something interesting to study. Thanks for sharing bud!

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 04:11 PM
GiulXainx Like said in a post after this one, the orientation of the images is not correct, I uploaded them to the forum drive, and they appeared in that orientation, I don't know why and I don't know how to fix it, download it and adjust it is not too hard. By the way if anyone knows how to fix it, please DO TELL ME.

bigfatfurrytexan I'm not sure if you were talking about me but I'm 23 years old and I make 24 in may, so I'm not a teen anymore, I'm a student on a good university but I was broke so I had to frequent that high school
BTW I don't remember such graffitis in my school when I went there, and that was when Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code was cool, so I know such things should appear back then.

3n19m470 Well there is a lot of things to answer to you:

1) To the naked eye they seem identical, I can't tell anything because I don't know how, but the traces seem to sugest they are not hand drawn, they are too well drawn and too small. About the triangles, they were there way longer than the graffitis, I don't know why they are there but they seem to be put there by the municipality, all of them are of different sizes, one is almost smaller than my feet, I use a size 45 shoes in European Size, you can check the conversion on the url, but it is essenciality the feet size of a basketball player.

2) There are exactly 3 of those a few centimeters of each other, like I said they seem to be random, no other tiles of a different collor on the area, but most areas of the town change the color of the tiles very quickly in different areas. I don't usually look to the tiles, but I know the areas are randomly collored, the city is full of graffiti some very artistic and very old and some plain stupid, the city hall never clean them up.

3) I can't measure the triangles, but I can take better pictures, with my foot alongside, the triangles seem to be more or less isosceles, but they do seem a bit irregular, the eyes like I said are identical, and each one has 3 dots around, probably you can just notice in one photo, but I can tell you.

Tomorrow I will get some better photos, because it is sunday and I have more free time, also I'm going up to the cemitery where there is the next clue. That clue seems to by some kind of group or sect from 19th century, probably they mean no harm, but I start to doubt if the founders of the city are really just free masons who went to Brazil in 19th century and became very rich.

I was thinking about 2 things first there is a lot of funny looking houses who people say they are of Brazilian Architecture here, I can't access them but I can take pictures, they are all around one of those is close to me and to the high school.

Another thing there is one thing I need help with, I know 3 important families in this city, they are large families with very influencing people around the country, the first one is a noble one its surname Vieira de Castro (combination of two portuguese surnames), lots of things are named like this here, they are the original owners of the land and they hold a lot of influence even nowadays, the second the von Dondellinger, they descend from a couple of german engineers who came here at the end of 19th century/beginning of the 20th century, lots of important people descend from them, and they are militars, psychiatrist, shop owners, you name it, one cab driver of the von Dondellinger family said they were very well paid to come to Portugal to operate machines at a factory and they decided to stay. What intrigues me more is a family of politicians and also of noble origin called Summavielle, they almost won the city hall last election, they lost for 100 votes or something, I don't know the origin of the word Summavielle, does anyone here know a Summavielle in the world?

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 01:21 AM
Maybe those signs are place markers. As in stand so that the triangle is right side up with the text hanging over the right side of it. Maybe it is pointing something out. Maybe it is something in the distance or nearby. I can see the picture does have the top portion of the eye being covered as if it was staring with a neutral look to it. But again this is just my personal experience and nothing more. It kind of reminds me of the adverts that Playstation did a few years ago with XI.

As for fixing the pictures. Open them in in the picture viewer of windows and just hit the rotate button until it is right side up. Then let it auto save the orientation and then upload the pictures. I assume you used your phone to upload the pictures, or did not know about the orientation fix already installed in the software on your computer.
edit on 2162014 by GiulXainx because: (no reason given)

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 09:34 AM
They are correctly rotated and I uploaded them from windows, in windows they on the right rotation, and thanks btw.

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