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Blessing called love [Feb2014][NON-writer]

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posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 10:13 PM
I only want to say,
only if you want to hear;
the truth of my life,
a burden i love to bear;

dreams are often forgotten,
but not the dreams of you and me;
they are a glimpse of desire,
flowers of a blooming tree;

It had never been so right,
my perception of life and joy;
an angel touched my heart,
felt loneliness easier to enjoy;

you gave me something,
i couldn't find at all;
the notion of connection,
divine bonds cannot fall;

Now i've faith in my destiny,
it is out of devil's play;
i see us holding hands,
walking through a perfect day;

I can't look into your eyes,
but i can hear you say my name;
can't see how echo flies,
strange nature's game;

I asked a question,
to a whisper from above;
"what is it that i feel? "
It said, " A Blessing Called Love "

Dedicated to my love.


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