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On Wisdom; W H Auden Parody (Oh Tell Me The Truth About Love)

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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 03:25 PM
Is it with the ending
Of a poor and troubled life?
Some say it early manifests
With loss and grief and strife.
Does it come to those whom wait
Or those whom let it come?
And does it grace your dreams at night
Or when you wipe your bum?
Does it look like a shriveled up oak tree?
Must it bask in a river of faith?
Will it stick up its nose to caprice-queens?
Is it sown into patterns of lace?
Can it mean that you're blessed with more talent?
Will your life be more happy and fun?
Is it hiding from me or apparent?
Oh tell me the truth of wisdom.

I guess it stands to reason
That it's in an elders eyes.
Some say they hear the seasons
In a new-born baby's cry.
Some may think it's only for
Dem wiv a ejucation.
Mamma says it's something more
Than knowledge, trust and patience.

Will it sing with the owl after midnight?
Does it sit on the Mockingbirds egg?
Was it writ by a Japanese fire-side?
Will it use all the space in my head?
Is it in the G Twenty agenda?
Or the terrorist fight for freedom?
Will it come after parties and benders?
Oh tell me the truth of wisdom.

Is it held in Parliament
Or kept in covert cults?
And will it fill me with lament
Or bring Joyous result?
Is it in the Pyramids
Or Easter Island heads?
Can it be created
In an old mans rusty shed?

Will it shoot from the dark like a light-bolt?
Can it end the irreverent wars?
Will it subdue the Syrian death count?
Is it writ into Justice and Law?
Has it time to advise a new business?
Will it show for Dear-Leader Kim Un?
Does it harken with candles and incense?
Oh tell me the truth of wisdom.

Does it hail from the laughter of children?
Is it in the American dream?
Is it built into bridges and buildings?
Is it still in the rivers and streams?
Will it come with a new age a-dawning?
Will it stay around long when it comes?
Could it end all our grieving and mourning?
Pray! Tell me the truth of wisdom!

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