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Does anyone else hear their deceased loved one's voice ever?

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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by gardener

My brother as well had colon cancer and was my musical performing and songwriting partner for over 40 yrs. We were everyday-bestfriends. When he passed, he was taking 100 mg's of Morphine 2-3 times daily, and was being treated at the VA too. I always hear him in my ear.

Ive told this here before but it prob bears repeating for you: He used to always say "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9, Number 9..." from the Beatles Revolution #9 song.

A few weeks after he left, I was sleeping on the couch, my phone on the coffee table. I woke to see it flashing from an incoming call that I didnt hear ring. Humm...that was unusual. How'd I get a call when the phones not on silence...and I didnt hear it ring???

I looked at the phone and can you guess what it said? "999-999-9999".

So, I sure dont think it unusual that you heard your brother's voice. Not at all. Hopefully, there is comfort knowing you and I, will see our bros again on the other side.

Sorry for your loss....

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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 04:15 PM
Not exactly "heard" the voice, but when i didn't see my dad for 18 years before he died, often i would hear him in my head telling me these exact words..."What you're worrying about...don' will be ok".

Later, my ex and i went to see a psychic, partly for entertainment, partly out of paranormal interest. Most of the session was a bit of a mixed bag in my opinion, more of a guessing game on the psychic's part...till the end. She asked me who was the guy in my family with a beard. I told her there was nobody with a beard. She was adamant that there was, and he had recently passed.

I told her my dad had a beard and that he had passed away a couple of months earlier. She told me that he was standing behind me...and he wanted to say that the thing i was worrying about, i shouldn't worry about it.

The "thing" i was worrying about? My dad had a brain tumour all his life, and i always worried that i may end up with the same. Usually at times when i took a hard blow to the head (boxing, fights on duty as an MP).

So that's it. Personally, i don't think my dad spoke to me before his death, not sure about afterwards.

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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by gardener

I have tried something similar, I just didn't hear any persons voice, it was noise from my workplace.
I was about to fall asleep, when suddenly I heard a noise that reminded much like an hammer smashing down on metal. (I didn't use a hammer that day). I was frankly quite scared at that moment.

I later found out that, when you are about to fall asleep, your brain can create the noises its used too. As in my situation a hammer.

Did you use much time with your brother?

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I'm so sorry if this unsettles any of you and I really am not trying to, but I think that it is not a communication from those we've lost when it happens to us during this state. I used to think I had some sort of unexplainable supernatural affliction of sorts because when I'd be in either of those states of being I would hear a myriad of various noises. But then I decided to try experimenting a bit with it, I would think about a noise while in this near-asleep state of mind, and I'm not sure what really sets it off, but every single time, I would hear exactly the noise I thought about without fail!
I've experienced it as well however, from a girl I was with long enough to want to marry without a second-thought, but I'm just not sure it was her truly reaching out to me. But it has also happened to me at the moment I opened my eyes in a sleep paralysis episode though, that one was a voice I have never even heard something similar to.
"May the Lord set his soul free." In a deep, powerful, and monotone voice. Not forgetting that one anytime soon, haha.

Again, I'm not saying what is or isn't happening, just adding some minor information for anyone reading this thread to decide for themselves!

Edit: Ypprst got there first!
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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 08:58 PM
Woody I can't really say I know what its like losing one's own son, and its not something my mom brings up to describe.

MysteriousStranger I hear lots of folks out there are possibly being given spiteful treatment at VA hospitals across the country, as the sheer numbers of them (vets) grows during this perpetual war with the world.

I wasn't very close with my brother growing up. We were 3 years apart and like night and day. He was always in trouble since high school thru to when he came back from overseas and had PTSD, alcoholism, and my mom more than once had to travel cross country to bail him out of jail. When he became very ill, had cancer, I had moved back and spent my last 2 years being around to talk, watch movies, prepare meals, and go for drives around aside from the hospital visits. I pled with him to stop smoking, drinking during chemo but no actions halted it; he manipulated my mom into even buying them for him and thats the point I told them I'm moving back to CA because of the heavy weight that was pressing on me in the house, it was literally like the air was getting heavier and heavier on me and more darker/gloomier, like something evil was in control of ways go, and its not like anyone else in the household wants to stop the insanity (like smoking right outside of chemo).

He was consumed by his vices (ie, the opiates, alcohol, smoking) and passed away within months after chemo was halted since he was in remission.I wouldnt want to live in a grimm world but I would do all I give to bring light to the situation even if I have to die trying.

Sometimes weak souls just give up, I guess. I mean, its the American way and I wouldnt be surrised if theres hundreds of thousands of similar downward spiral veteran cases in amerika.

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 09:39 PM
When I was a child I used to have talks with my grandmother after she passed away quite a bit. It was the same way with my mother and father after they passed away. But after the lady I was engaged to was murdered in a attempted carjacking all that came to an end. After the funeral I had a dream about her and we were standing in a place I had never been before there was no sky or ground it was like floating in a pool of golden light and she said you aren't supposed to be here yet then a small ball of white light hit me in the forehead and I woke up. I haven't been able to astral project since then.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 03:31 AM
I've had many loved ones die, and aside from dreams, haven't heard a one of them while awake.

When living in a haunted house, though, it was as if the entity there couldn't properly vocalize and clapped instead ... usually about a foot behind my head. It was ... surprising and common.

Once we heard a raspy whispering moving around the halls and living room in that house, along with the sound of boxes being moved and thrown ... but couldn't make out any words (and no boxes).

So a stranger, who was probably in need of help, made themselves known, but all my loved ones declined waking contact ... except the dreams, which were quite striking and full of hints about it being real communication.

Actually, one good friend who passed suddenly from a drug overdose seemed to learn how to break light bulbs and our circle of friends had close to fifty bulbs explode between us before he seemed to calm down and go wherever they go.

Actually, maybe they don't speak to me while awake because they know it would startle me and make me join them prematurely.

I like Noreaster's well thought out hypothesis of death as being born to the "real" existence... I used to think any death survival ideas were born from our fear of death and wishful thinking... now I'm nearly positive we survive.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 09:50 AM
About a week after my wife died, I was sitting in the room that we always sat in together, crying uncontrollably, because I didn't know how I could possibly get on without her, and I suddenly felt very calm and "felt", rather than heard, her voice inside of me. She said "We are soul mates, and we will never be apart."

That was the only time it happened, and it mirrored something that she had done when we had first met, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was really her.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 03:01 PM

Notice how lots of times people hear these things when they are in that halfway state between awake and asleep? If we could figure out how to pay attention during that time ... pay attention and not fully wake up ... I wonder what journeys we could take in the spirit world?

So do I,
We can more easly recieve messages in a relaxed state.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 08:55 PM


Yes, heard my mother one time years after she passed. Clear as a bell I heard my name, that was it.

The last time I heard my mother say my name was as I was falling asleep in my bed while she lay stricken with a devastating stroke in the hospital. Clear as a bell.

Then there was the dream I had after she died...
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I had an aunt dying in the hospital with lymphatic cancer, she was on her last 48 unconscious and not talking due to the cancer.

The family was there hoping to be with her when she passed. I was exhausted, so I went to the sitting/couch area, on her floor to rest for awhile.

As I started to drift off, I saw my aunt walking passed me, she was glowing literally. She looked younger, healthier, and amazing. She spoke to me and said, "tell Jimmy everything is OK and it's really beautiful here, so beautiful" "I love you all" and she drifted away/faded away into some foggy stuff. Jimmy is my dad.

At that very moment the nurse came into the waiting area, and woke me up, and said your aunt just passed on.

I felt very at peace and happy, because I already knew. I went to see her body, but it wasn't her.

I think we all have this ability, but unfortunately we don't validate it enough growing up.



posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 08:30 AM
I have read this site for a few years now and only recently did I sign up. I find a lot of conversations on here interesting but I never felt like I had a unique perspective to add, that is until now.

I am confident that something exists after life and no I am not big into church (maybe I should be?). When I was a teenager in my dad's house I was downstairs watching Howard Stern on TV. Over my right shoulder I hear a woman whisper "Howard Stern is weird." It was plain as day and I walked around the house looking to see if my step mom was awake as I am 100% confident that it was a woman's voice. Combine this experience with the family dog always looking as if she would watch someone walk down the stairs into the living room and i'm sure there is someone still in that house. Never did it feel threatening or scary though.

Fast forward some years and i'm now married and my wife and I just had our first child and it was a girl. We are living in a small 2 bedroom house next to a farm field. My daughter was an early walker and talker and before she was 1 she could recite the alphabet and have conversations with people. I mention this fact because it lends credibility to the next story. Around a year of age she started talking to someone named Bobby in the house. She would look into the corners of the ceilings and say "Hi Bobby". We blew it off as an imaginary friend because that's what you want to believe. One night my friend and I are watching television and the channel starts to change on its own and it had no pattern to it just up and down and eventually it came back to what we were watching. This lasted for maybe 30 seconds. The creepiest part is when you'd come home at times. Our driveway was next to the kitchen and that is where you would enter. The door had a glass window in it and sometimes when you'd pull into the driveway at night and your headlights would go over the door as you pulled into the driveway you could momentarily see a person standing in the window. Again we never felt threatened or scared while living here and the day we moved out of that house is the last time my daughter ever said the name Bobby again.

Several years ago my uncle died and I was fairly close to him. It was a sudden death and I was very upset over this. After his funeral I had a very very vivid dream with him in it. We discussed several things and it boiled down to him telling me he was fine and that everything is okay. I remember crying in the dream but when I awoke I was at peace with him being gone. Now that experience I've always just told myself it was my brain dealing with it but then I've heard of several people having the same experience with loved ones of their own.

This post is getting a little long so i'll stop it there but I've since had more experiences at our current place as has my wife. You can take my story for whatever you wish but i'm confident these things happen and there is something after we transition.


posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 09:18 AM

reply to post by NorEaster

Sorry, I have to disagree with you.

What do you disagree with? Your post seemed to agree with mine, even if it may have been that your husband connected quickly with someone who assisted him with his communication and made it a lot more extensive and comprehensive.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 10:24 AM
reply to post by gardener

You're very fortunate. I know for a fact it does indeed happen. But most of us aren't tuned in enough to realize it. Bravo. God Bless!

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 02:19 PM
My sister who was 'sensitive' to paranormal things passed about 4 years ago and I never have heard her or both my parents. What is strange is I have dreams that always include my parents and sister and in my dreams they are as alive as ever! I never dream 'they are gone' I was wondering if others had dreams where their lost relatives and friends live on?
I was thousands of miles away when my father passed and wasn't able to attend his funeral so when I finally got there it was about a week later and I went to his grave that still had fresh dirt (and even the brass cartridges lying by from the 21 gun salute) my sisters were worried I wouldn't find 'closure' by not seeing him in the casket but I have never felt he was gone and still don't.
My sister even took photos of him lying in state in case I 'needed' the closure and about 6 months later asked me if I wanted to see them, I didn't so she destroyed them.

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 02:25 PM
I wish…I really do want to. I miss them all.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 06:52 PM
Tune into ATS LIve to hear discussion on this terrific thread. I love spooky threads!

Cheers Zazz

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 07:29 PM
I heard my great grandfather's voice call my name once, clear as day. It sounded like he was right next to me. No one else was in the room. It happened about 15 years ago or so. He passed away in 1988.

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 07:45 PM
I told my story on other threads (Who has had more than one paranormal experience, page 219 to 220). We lost my 30 year old son a year ago, and with-in one day after his death, he interrupted his sisters cell phone and spoke to her, and on later unanswered calls, as callers left voice-mails, his voice over-laid theirs and were recorded. We have 10 recorded messages and 5-6 others not recorded and experienced by 4 family members, with many other related para-normal events related to him in the last year affecting dozens of family and friends. These ranged from lights dimming when we talk about him in groups, to young children quoting very obscure things he said that are beyond random chance, to secret information given in lucid dreams, like a family member being told she is pregnant within weeks of becoming pregnant, and well before any confirmation or exams. We have the recordings which were sent to various specialists for analysis, no one has any feedback of tampering or got much more from the messages than we did). I realize that unless you were there and know our credibility, and how this unfolded, few will believe me. But 100% proof of an afterlife to hundreds who shared in these events with my family.

He mentions several times seeing many people, that he loves us, used little known nick-names, and its his voice that only a close family member would know for certain. He mentions decrease family members who he is "hanging-out with", does not mention any deity. Couple of times he starts to talk about where he is, and what it is like there, "if you want to know what its like.." and on another "Its sooo crazy without, I assume, his body but the next words are not clear and the message gets garbled- could be some type of censureship ? We can't understand some messages at all, and only parts of others, yet some parts are very clear. Soft rasphy voice but my son. This is not auditory matrixing and mental projection.

He had been ill for a long time, he says he is better now, its hard to come over, will visit us at our house, loves us, mentions our names, says "they don't know much" which seems to mean that passing over does not produce answers to all questions, but clearly you get to communicate with many others and your memory is intact. One cell phone call to a family member was just before his funeral and he says to be careful what you say (presumably at his funeral). We hear him say "ah" often between sentencea, while thinking what to say next,and even says "bye" at the end of some messages. They are all 5-6 sentences long, and seem to be produced by taking the cell phone electro-magnetic energy coming from the in-coming calls and reusing that energy at the phone speaker. But the best thing said is at the end of the 2nd message, just 2 days after his death, he says at the end "he is happy"... its sooo perfect".

So yes, many contacts and also have heard my deceased dog who was put to sleep a few months before my son;s death. I have heard that dog bark many times in my house, nearby but always as if in another room. Once after the dog bark I heard my deceased son say "Dad".

posted on Feb, 15 2014 @ 10:16 PM
reply to post by gardener

I lost my brother just little over 2 years 3 months ago from cancer. I never heard his voice and I really do wish that
I would. I still miss him terribly. We were always together so that made the death overwhelming.

posted on Feb, 19 2017 @ 04:49 PM
my ex boyfriend died 7 months ago. It was tragic, it was unexpected. But last night was the first night I've heard his voice when I wasn't sleeping. Yes, I've had dreams of him but last night wasn't a dream, it was real.
I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, and I was thinking of him.. Next thing I know, I hear his voice saying "I'm gonna call you." Now, I don't know what that means, and I was kind of scared.. But it was kind of comforting... The voice was like kind of in the distance, but I could tell it was him..

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