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Immigration groups turn to anger

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posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 08:42 PM

Someone want to tell me again why we have foreign aid that sends billions overseas ?

Migrants working in the United States sent a staggering $120 billion back to their families last year, it was revealed today.

Because our politicians don't give a damn about our money? Because our politicians are more interested in seeing how many other pockets they can fill with our money? Because there is absolutely zero concern in Congress and the Executive branches, ever, regarding fiscal responsibility?

Who was it that stated: "A billion here, a billion there and sooner or later you are talking about real money?"

If a corporation managed it's finances the way our govt does they would be bankrupt in a year or less. Heads would roll before that happened. People would be held accountable....

If a family managed their finances the way our govt does, they would be filing for bankruptcy and all but homeless in a very short time. Why? Because we are held accountable for our decisions in life. Or at least, we are supposed to be. There is a segment of our society that is not held accountable for much of what they do, not held accountable for the conditions they have created and refuse to accept the responsibility for their own actions.

posted on Feb, 12 2014 @ 08:51 PM

Why do they come to America? One thing - job$.
Until they make laws that make it illegal for people without citizenship to work in this country, we will always have a immigration problem.
If a squirrel can't find a nut it looks elsewhere.

You know that the GOP will never let that law happen, oh god no. They are so far up the big business corporate rectum they will never have the backbone to lose cheap labor that makes them billions of dollars a year.

What jobs are they taking away? Jobs the average American won't even touch? Field laborers, fast food cooks, factory, landscaping...They work twice as hard with half the pay. No businessman will ever lose that. Everything is about profit

The joys of unregulated capitalsm.

Untill then quit complaining.

Not sure how I missed this before....

There are laws the "make it illegal for illegal aliens to work in this country". (if that is what you meant) There are circumstances whereby a citizen of another country can come here and work legally, but they went through the process and did it right. I am sure you are not talking about those folks.

Wait...wait...The GOP will not let that happen? And yet, lol, they are the bad guys preventing immigration reform? You cant have it both ways.. Oh...and the Democrats are not up the corporate a$$es? I suppose that is why 7 of the top 10 richest congressman are Democrats? LOL

There is no such thing as "unregulated capitalism" in this country. You can hardly, as a capitalist, take a crap without having to file a report to the feds. Even "unregulated industries" are heavily regulated.

Unregulated industries are usually a misnomer referring to an industry, in an area perhaps, that no longer has a monopoly but has to face competition. The Electric energy industry in Texas is "unregulated". Texas also has some of the lowest electric rates in the country...because of competition. Do you think the industry itself, in Texas, is truly unregulated? It is heavily's just that there is more than one company providing energy and the market is open for others who would want to enter, if they so chose to. The term unregulated is a joke meant to deceive people who only have superficial knowledge of the subject. I wonder who or what party would want to use the term unregulated as a derogatory term? I wonder......but NOOOO Democrats cannot be guilty of propaganda. That is the realm of the Republicans (oh wait...they do it too! NOOOOOO!!) ROFL

I challenge anyone to provide an industry that is truly unregulated LOL
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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 02:45 AM
In this day and age I do not understand why it is OK for a company to pay one wage for white workers and a lower wage for brown ones. This is clearly racism. If you are going to pay a white man 30 dollars an hour to pick your lettuce, then you should pay a brown man the same wage for the same work.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 06:46 AM
I think the US should open its borders to anyone who wants to watch the freak-show crash and burn. Its a rare event to watch a society destroy itself.

And when the show is over, when the USA is torn down to a 3rd world status, they will flock there in droves for sex tourism and cheap duty-free.

America: Get use to the world, as you will be fellating it for quarters in the coming years.

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