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Kellogg's Memphis Plant "Lock-out"

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by saintsrescuer

Way to go saintsrescuer!!! You hit the nail on the head!!!

I am 50 years old. I am a union worker. And yes I make around $28.00 an hour. I am not black. I am a democrat.
I usually work about 65-80 hrs a week. After taxes and deductions I take home about $48,000 a year. I don't consider this to be acceptable either. The company I work for has recorded record profits every quarter since I have worked here. However every time we negotiate a new contract they always seem to chip away at our benefits and wages. If we get a 1.5% cost of living raise, medical benefits go up 3.5%. So in reality we never get a raise. New technology is always being introduced to cut jobs.

Queen of Spades...

If every job is done by a ROBOT. Then who is going to earn money to buy the products produced. Robots cant do it all. They still need humans to maintain the machine. And the people who maintain the machines cost too. They have to be able to buy food, clothing, a place to live, transportation and gas to and from work. If that person is just getting by and has to give up $6.00 and hr ...Maybe they cant eat a few days..What if they get sick? My company doesnt pay me if I am off sick. I just lost that money. See you dont have all the right answers. Neither do I. But I do know that when the top few in the company make millions at the expense of the workers the company is doomed. Good products dont come from management employees.
Maybe in your perfect world there will be only one person working to maintain the robots...But that person will be alone. Because the rest will be dead! They cant afford to live. In your world.

Everyone Else

The economy of this world depends on making sure that everyone has a good paying job and benefits that allows them to live comfortably. So they can also be consumers of goods. Have good health care. (No I dont think Obama Care is the Solution!)
I think we need to fix the healthcare system by starting with the Healthcare Provider companies!. (ie Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare , Blue Cross Blue Shield and so on.) And the way the Healthcare Providers (ie Hospitals and Doctors.) charge for healtcare needs more regulation and standardization. I don't think a drug I can get in Mexico or Canada for $10.00 for 90 pills should cost $340.00 in the US. Or that a procedure that costs $5000.00 dollars at one hospital should cost $25,000 at another hospital. That is the type of problems I see.

I believe that if Kellogg's does not come to terms with their employees, they will become the next Hostess! Or General Motors!
Next thing you know they will be looking to the govt for a bailout. Then we all lose!

You cant bring in cheaper workers to do the same job and expect the same results. History has proven that over and over.
We could get illegal aliens to do the jobs for minimum wage. Pay for their kids college and medical bills with middle class taxes. Meanwhile the CEO's can get a big fat BONUS of a couple of Million Dollars for cutting wage costs.

Franky I am tired of having to pay for all the non-working people in this country.

Just my 2 centavos

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 02:36 AM

reply to post by groingrinder

well you sir are a fool... How long did you work there if I may ask?

I worked there 7 years. And I would gladly be the fool so I could afford a roof over my head and have a vehicle and food and insurance. Sometimes one has to take what they are given and suck up their pride and ego and make do with a non optimal situation. Life comes in cycles and eventually the wheel turns again in one's favor. I think it is a shame that the economy has gotten to the point where 28 dollars an hour seems like a normal wage to folks. Wages rise so prices rise so wages rise so prices rise over and over and over. Why does nobody seem to be trying to stabilize this? Am I the only one who finds this worrisome? Sure you may one day make a gazillion dollars an hour, but what you can buy with that money will still be the same....everything will cost proportionally more.

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