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Donald Trump...what an idiot!

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 07:03 PM
Recently, Trump Casinos revealed plans to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy due to posting ever wider profit losses. What kind of idiot can take a Casino, which guarantees the house wins and run it into the ground. Here's an article:

USA Today

What Trump does and says makes me laugh at what a completely greedy and
ignorant man he truly is:

If approved by investors, the restructuring plan, expected to be filed next month, all but wipes out the common shareholders. Meanwhile, Trump negotiated a $2 million-a-year salary for himself, plus expenses, as part of the deal.

Despite all this, Trump says the mystique of his name is stronger than ever.

"People that don't understand finance might not understand," Trump says. But "for intelligent people, (the restructuring) enhances the (Trump) brand."

......and people wonder why some of the rich are hated.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 07:37 PM
He IS an idiot, but i'd like to laugh all the way to the bank like he does!

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 11:50 PM
Personally I'd laugh like a pisky if every casino went out of business.
I think gambling is one of the most boring pastimes imaginable, but many people (KayEm's mom for example) are obsessed with it. They lose houses, jobs and even families because of it.
I've spent the last year living in the house of a chronic gambler who lost a $100k house because of it. I just can't understand it at all. :shk:

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 12:32 AM

Originally posted by dgtempe
He IS an idiot, but i'd like to laugh all the way to the bank like he does!

Exactly. If he's an idiot then I want to be an idiot too with that much money

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 12:47 AM
The guy runs his portfolio into the ground. He is bankrupt. His worth at one time was several hundred million dollars in the red and banks still line up to throw money at him. If I'm late on a payment to my credit card company they are threatening to close my account. Cmon. Pretend I'm Donald and increase my limit every time I fall behind.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 06:47 PM
Indy, i love your Avatar..what a nice tribute to Nerdling!

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 09:44 PM
Thanks. It was also a demonstration of my artistic ability

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 09:59 PM
You areartistic!

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 02:25 AM
Trump is proof positive there is an economic conspiracy in action by God. No man can be dumb enough to run things into the ground and still rebound with millions.

Someone is losing money and it aint Trump.


posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 09:05 AM
Perhaps this is intentional.

Even the most dedicated moron can become a millionaire. Just look at Rosie O'Donnell. If only she had waited a little bit before spewing her bankrupt comment.

Billionaires like Trump however... can't get there unless you know exactly what you're doing.

posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 01:01 AM
From what it looks like to me, it's not Trump who is the idiot. The idiots are the people who agree to do business with him and let him talk them into these shady deals!

If there is a God, I hope Trump enjoys Hell, because this is definatly not how decent people act in my opinion.

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