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Iraq militants 'killed by own bomb while filming video'

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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 07:29 AM
reply to post by dragonridr

The sectarian problems are the biggest problem all round.
If these differences could be solved, not by agreeing with each other, but civil tolerance like Catholics & Protestants, granted there is still the odd battle that ensues but the warfare has pretty much died down.

As for the West. You have it spot on to be honest.
I'm sure at some point as well as the MB & al'Qaeda, the Allies aligned themselves with ISIS with plans to overthrow Assad.
This was at the time that ISIS & al'Qaeda were planning together, they have since fallen out!
Sounds good on paper, but it's really just another in-war that will not only leave the West indecisive, but could turn into bloodshed overnight!

Again it's the civilians who suffer the consequences of everybody's actions.
The media doesn't help either.
Why would Fox or the BBC etc not want to promote the April 9th rally.
Probably because people could relate to proper Muslims for once. That doesn't help the Western propaganda in the slightest.


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