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Are Aliens Demons?

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posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 06:41 PM
The word demon is honorable... Its higher rank from being a " Philosopher " . Its a greek word stolen by specific races, that wanted to rasp hellenic history and language... And they transformed it into a bad word.

Demon = Δαιμων... In ancient Δαι'μων (those who have increadible knowlege) maybe the elders...

Nephilims is another greek word, comes from Νεφελες - that is the ancient vehicles of the gods...

The word god have 2 meanings...

The gods - those who run fast, those who travel fast...
GOD - the global organism, everything and everywhere in the universe... Zeus. (He does not need to run fast, because he is everywhere at the same time)

I hope I helped... And if you ask for an alternative word than "demon" , use the word " abomination" its the most applicable, how we call the deserters. And if you think about it, those who manipulated words and phrases, they made you call them honorably... ironic is it? An other manipulation they've done, is the word DIABOLO or in greek DIAOLOS (ΔΙΑΟΛΟΣ)... They hate zeus and zeus in greek is ΔΙΑΣ... ΔΙΑ ΟΛΟ (and that means, the whole of Zeus). So humans say it, when they want to express, negativeness.

so many words... These are not the only ones. And the words I analysed you, ofcourse feel free to search it... Knowledge is free.
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posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe


An arrangement may very well be made. Who knows?
What exactly does this mean? Maybe you can explain a little more for me please? It is likely that the aliens are abducting us and implanting/removing fertilised eggs, doing physical procedures. Is that an "arrangement" which you would agree to? I know that it is unlikely that anyone I know would willingly agree to these kinds of invasion of their body.

I don't really care how the ET's do things... if you do things to harm me and then keep doing them when I have begged you over and over to stop... you are evil. Period.
..And so you think that you have done nothing 'evil' in the past? If you look at life extending past birth/death, then there is a lot more time to have been someone like them and for you and I to find a little understanding of their ignorance of things. If no life past birth/death then you must be fairly sure of your own salvation because if there is even the slightest doubt you and I are no better than they are. Judgement of 'good' and 'evil' is a judgement made by us. They are words which have boundaries defined by our beliefs, culture and education. Salvation requires a passing of judgement which requires a judge. Who is to say that that judge is not one of them? Then the criteria would be totally different, eh?

There are a lot countries on our own planet that do things "differently" than we do as well. Is that ok, just because that's "just the way they do" it? Torturing people, children, and animals as punishment, killing women for adultery, cutting off limbs for thievery, etc. etc. etc. is ok in many places. Is it ok with you, if they do it to you because "that's the way they do things"?
And you expect a perfect world ? what would we all learn in a perfect world? Nothing. How can you grow spiritually if there are still "them" and "us" who exist in different areas. Them who are 'evil' and us who are 'good', but how 'good' can we be while there is still work to be done, still folks who need to find the perfection we already have? How can anyone be so sure there is not a seed of 'good' in that 'evil' person which just needs a little cultivating for it to grow into someone like us?

It is what it is regardless of which galaxy it comes from.
Your perception of 'good' and 'evil' is very black and white which suggests that you do not have a very realistic view of life. It must be tough for you.

posted on Feb, 13 2014 @ 10:56 PM
Getting a major Déjà vu vibe from this thread....

I am almost certain i came across a thread with the exact same title when i first became a member... even the first few replies seem very familiar to me, this being the first time i have been active on here in a week or so it's pretty damn weird...

anyhoo back on topic i don't believe in demons in the biblical sense.... but i have no doubt that extra terrestrial life exists...somewhere

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 01:04 PM
I have to admit, I recently came to believe that aliens are some sort of "demonic" or dark spiritual entity. It made the most sense to me. But yesterday I stumbled across the research of Dr. Karla Turner (rest in peace) and after listening to two of her lectures, I think it's somehow tied to our government/MKUltra, hybrids. Both options (dark entities / Gov) are equally terrifying, and can both factor in.

Dr. Turner said in her presentations that we don't know what they are, but they are not our friends (specifically the greys and nordics). They are very interested in reproduction, cloning, and our spirits. They send people back with false information and try to alter public perception of them through the abductee's recall. Many abductees had experiences with military personnel and other humans working alongside the greys. Some people were taken to underground locations, rather than ships. Most abductions are based in the US or English speaking locations.

The fact that our government will not acknowledge the phenomenon is very telling, as well, in my opinion.

Anyway, for an objective, thorough and open-minded approach, check out her research. I found a good thread on here I'll link, as well as a lecture of hers.


ATS Dr. Turner thread

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 01:18 PM
Demons are nothing more than a religious construct.

The only possible reality here exists if you subscribe to multiverse | string theory and its ilk and believe these other dimensions/universe contain intelligent life capable of manipulating our universe from theirs in one way or another.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by Kangaruex4Ewe

You think a cat or dog isn't scared #less visiting a vet?

Consider them our superiors just like we are to animals and it starts to make a whole lot of sense....without involving 'demons'.
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posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 05:03 PM
I leave it open that aliens may be demonic forces as well.They may have the abilty to be in the spiritual form and physical form at the same time.
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posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 07:11 PM

I have to admit, I recently came to believe that aliens are some sort of "demonic" or dark spiritual entity. It made the most sense to me. But yesterday I stumbled across the research of Dr. Karla Turner (rest in peace) and after listening to two of her lectures, I think it's somehow tied to our government/MKUltra, hybrids. Both options (dark entities / Gov) are equally terrifying, and can both factor in.

Dr. Turner said in her presentations that we don't know what they are, but they are not our friends (specifically the greys and nordics). They are very interested in reproduction, cloning, and our spirits. They send people back with false information and try to alter public perception of them through the abductee's recall. Many abductees had experiences with military personnel and other humans working alongside the greys. Some people were taken to underground locations, rather than ships. Most abductions are based in the US or English speaking locations.

What is described here and elsewhere, from a biblical perspective of demons ect, it seems fairly clear that these guys are rogue.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 07:41 PM
I have done a vast amount of research on this very topic and it is my opinion that what some call demons, and what some call aliens do overlap. I would not go so far as to paint a broad stroke claiming all aliens are demons, nor am I trying to interject any religious undertones here. I am simply saying that I believe, based off of everything I have seen and read over the years, that what some call 'demons' and what some call 'aliens' do have many common threads and I believe are interchangeable in many instances.
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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 11:37 AM
depends what you all mean demons... Demon is not an evil entity... Demon is those who have greater knowledge. Just the word DEMON - DEMONAS is a divined word - alone.

Theoretically, all aliens are demons, they travel all over the universe, they know more things than us, if we never had any experiences, as they have (as a soul) - but since we are invaded long ago, they wipe off our memories, so we actually dont know who we are - compared. You decrease your value, infront these abominations (the rebels), by ofering them such a titles.

So, calling these pests, as a demon, you honor them. We tempt to call the rebels and dragonian forces, as deserters, abominations, scums, lunatics.... and many many more.

So at our current state, its hard for any knowledgeable person, to call these things, as demonas. Its a complicated conversation.

Bellow is the true meaning of the word DAIMONAS in ancient vocabulary...

In ancient times the word Daemon, Was perhaps the most pious word . Produced by daio (higher minded, everyones luck ) . Although coexisted with the word God , however, the demon was referring to impersonal and indefinite power , while God in anthropomorphic divine entity . The concept of demon used for Fate.

Also Daemon attributing the concept of the guardian angel ' by watchdog daemon ". From here the word bliss ( : happiness , identified by having the favor of demons )

However , since the creation of religions and mostly jewish christianity, THEY HAD TO translate the ancient gods as a negative entity, so the word DAIMONAS took the today form. They also called philosophers as negative demonic entities.. lol

a) Heraclitus " moral man daemon "
b) Democritus (The case of soul is bliss and misfortune) - here is the way you use the word brings u the desired result.
c) Aristotle in the "Nicomachean Ethics" (bliss is something with the rules of perfect virtue)
d) Lysias, epitaph, 78, "the demon by the imiteran fate is necessary '

So yes, I am against those who use this word blindfold, without even knowing what that means!... Its a blasphemy. So basically I would suggest you to enrich your vocabulary and if you want to call the rebels, dragonians, kronos, etc.. with a bad word... Make it worth the effort... call them like : #$#$@ #$#$ !@#%$#% $%^$#^# use your imagination. Its something they try to take from you (imagination).

And if you analyse the word Daimonas, its more like, you offering a title of " your FATE " into their hands. So be carefull what you wish for. Ancient greek language is very powerfull, using words with negative energy, may harm u and this word is a 100% greek. You should know the true meaning, before you even decide to use it.
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posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by Chronogoblin

Wow man well put ,I couldn't have said it better myself ,really great job of explaining that ,it rings so very true to me I live alot in my own head and I have thought about literally every single thing you have said at one point or another in my life and more so now than ever before. I just have this feeling human kind is just on the brink of discovering the truth behind this alien agenda and what they are and what we are ,I agree with you that if you are religious you probably call them angels or demons but in actuality they are just trans dimensional and interdimensional beings that we cannot even begin to understand because they are probably so simple that it seems complex ,and perhaps they dont even have any perceptions of good or evil they just are ,perhaps they are both because nature is both and the nature of humans is also both good and evil perhaps we are not so different from them in that sense .

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Good research I do belive the Greek word daemon also means soul split in two or torn in two,the nature of duality of good and evil is in us all so why should it be any different with aliens ,as a person who has done extensive research in pagan belief systems the phrase taken from the emerald tablet of Thoth and incorporated into many magical belief systems by Aielister Crowley "as above so below "comes to mind .

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 01:55 PM

Loads of really good videos on youtube about the demonic alien agenda, but i grew up on reports of solid metal ufos being seen, people being abducted and taken aboard craft and physically touched by creatures, lights in the sky moving at incredible speed (although ive never seen the holy grail of sightings a high speed right angled turn mid flight). None of this seemed demonic to me at the time. Now im older and had experience of going to war, working with illuminati elites, seeing ufos for myself and finding faith. The demonic angle is starting to seem plausible.

I look at some news readers on tv and think "your face is strange your a hybrid of sorts" i see politicians with the strangest looking faces responding to questions without a shred of emotion are these creations living amongst us? I've been able to connect a lot of viable logical dots to perceive the world the way i do now but cant decide if aliens are aliens and demons are demons.

Do demons exist and will they take a physical form on earth but disguised as aliens that seems plausible and would be a deception. Will they arrive and side themselves with someone who becomes the antichrist?. Who do you see as being a hybrid on earth right now? is the footage of Nicki Minaj's eyes turning reptilian real? she claims she gets posessed, Justin Bieber recently ended up in jail and theres footage of his eyes changing and he has to turn away to compose himself is that real?. It would make sense to possess a star with a weak mind to gain riches, power and influence on earth and they must have a plan to achieve something is it simply the NWO in the making?

Yes they are from a biblical perspective, but they are also angels too!
Just are we humans have both good and evil people they have the same problem.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by nonconformist

magic is a promotion by the rebel alliances. True good forces, do not need magic. Magic appeared on earth since 13000bc.

The word Demona or Daemon or Daio (the original rutes of this word), has nothing to do with dividing things.

Paganism, at least the one promoted the last 3-4000 thousands of years, is kronian, has nothing to do with the original paganism.

Paganism is not a religion at all. Humans by default are beings that love earth, use earth to produce, expand, live and prosper.

They had lots of celebrations for earth and lots of love for earth and the creatures that earth accommodates, logical, but it was never a kind of religion. Its respect and love... I could write you down the most powerfull and ancient pray in our ancient greek alphabet and you see there, that humans did not believe in "nature" as a god, but they pray to the god for it.

I personally love earth, care for earth, love nature, animals, that doesnt mean I am paganist. There is a huge gap between love and respect, than those who use magick for earth.

As for the word tha divides all, the good from the evil, the positives from the negatives, the matter and the antimatter, the solar systems, the move of the global organism... is Zeus. Thats why we call him DIAs (from the word divide) - διαιρώ.

Here is the most ancient pray in the world... Its the whole ancient alphabet. (I've wrote that in the past, so I copy paste it)

its the greek vocabulary in a different pronouncing...

it means : AL (my GOD) , you the true light, come to earth!
And you SUN, drop your rays into the mater that fries. Let it be a land, so I can live and exist and stand upon the ancient earth. Do not let the dark prevail, that is the smallest thing in the universe and let it perish, burn it. And let the soul that is the ultimate and greater of all, prevail.

here is the original :



and here is how originall alphabet goes (as an alphabet, not as a pray)... but if you move letters back and forth, it creates that pray!

Alpha, Bita, Gama, Delta, Epsilon, Stigma, Digama, Zita, Eta, Theta, Giota, Kapa, Lamda, Mi, Ni, Xi, Omikron, Kopa, Pi, Ro, Sigma, Taf, Xi, Fi, Psi, Omega, Sanbi

people must understand, that magick is something that implemented into this world by beings, materialists that they dont even belong to earth... The word snake can also be used as an allegory for those who crawl into earth and destroy it, manipulate it. The paganism as we know it, has nothing to do with the ancient love and respect of earth. Its all about orgies and magick... Kronians.
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posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by raedar

Its not necessarily due to her delving into negative memories that got her in trouble. In fact there are levels and layers in regression, and if you keep saying, after hearing a pleasant thing, is this real, can you go further, it tells the subconscious to come up with a boogie man in the closet, to question what is being revealed. This is your subconscious and alot lays buried there, and in that state its pretty easy to tip from negative to positive or vice versa.

I prefer Dolores Cannon's methods.

In any case, I believe that Turner was really doing the best she could, however she got into some dangerous waters, now more is coming out, but then it was pioneering work, regarding MILABS and cooperative ventures, with military and black choppers. And alpha beats, I don't alpha beats at all either, they sound like choppers. And that period of early childhood, with odd cooperative memories still bugs me. Something to do with family background. I go for theta and even sometime delta.

She revealed military bases and work being carried out. And I believe that put her in danger.

posted on Feb, 21 2014 @ 10:43 AM
I ve said it many times in the past, that the ones they call nordics.. White blond and beautiful in the appearance, are rebels. They represent them as Pleiadians in the youtube? Or the creators?

These are the most hateful, maybe even more hateful than the dragonians (they are part of the dragonian race). And what you think all these sperm donor clinics are related with? They dont hunt any human though... But humans with spirit and souls, not their hybrids.

I would never visit such a clinic, in my life... I dont want my legacy to be cloned for food or genetic tests... But its a thing to consider, there are dozens of hundreds of men from western countries that donor sperm in daily bases, but the births are so minimal and you consider "where all this stuff goes". In China? or India? or Africa? Because these countries have lots of births. Just think about it. Maybe a clinic could give us some regulations of their works, "how it works" and if they are forced to transfer a sample of it in a governmental institute or somewhere that they dont know what they do with it. Here is a website with live death and birth rates globally, western countries are.... so minimal birhts

Here is a nice task for you, if you wish some evidence. Check the blood types of the abductees. (true abductees, not imaginary ones)
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posted on Feb, 23 2014 @ 07:55 PM
reply to post by goodison3

Everything that I read in the Bible indicates he did not create life outside of earth:

1/ The only stated purpose of the stars is to give light to the Earth and mark the seasons. Genesis 1:14-18.
2/ Only the Earth is stated as ‘created to be inhabited’ Isaiah 45:18
3/ The Bible states that God populated the heavens with angels (hosts of heaven) Genesis 2:1 and angels are not biological entities.

What God warns about this topic is going against the strong delusion, that is going to be so effective to deceive the whole world is precisely that it makes so much sense to worldly thinking. Poll’s 50 years ago, not one in ten people believed in life on other planets. Much less that it was visiting us. Something has definitely changed. Something is definitely happening, it is a strong delusion. John states that the spirit of the antichrist is already at work in the world. Welsh minister I E Thomas referred to in his UFO book as “Satan’s last greatest assault on humanity”

The expert’s majority opinion of Christians who have studied the alien phenomena extensively is that what the world popularly calls aliens today is in fact a deceiving spirit teaching doctrines of devils, setting up the world for a strong delusion that would embrace the new world order, one world government, antichrist ruler when he appears. That’s big picture.

Ann Brookes is a casualty who experienced: out of body, near death, bodily and sexual examinations and mental communication with UFO entities. So brain washed is Brookes that in spite of sexual violation “After my experience I knew that had been privileged with a glimpse at something infinitely wondrous and profound …” She goes onto state ‘Those truths I had been taught through the years by my church, family, parents and teachers are no longer valid to me ..” Ann Brookes is a casualty of a cosmic war known as spiritual warfare.

Betty Andreasson who had a couple of books written by her doctor Raymond Fowler called the Andreasson Affair. One of the initial accounts into allowing the aliens to have influence into her life goes like this: “Outside the changing room, the entities awaited Betty. She became fearful and prayed frantically for help. “Ah” she thought to herself “What is this all about? What are they doing to me? … “Oh Jesus, be with me!”

The Andreasson Affair, pages 37-38 - Betty speaking “When I said that the leader glanced at me very quickly – sort of surprised or stunned. I guess he was reading what my thoughts were, and he seemed to move a little slower. I guess he saw that I was wondering what this was a all about, because he said, “You’ll be alright. Follow us. Please get in back of me again” he seemed a little concerned because he kept looking back and checking that I was getting in back …”

If what people are dealing with are authentic extra-terrestrial life forms with such superior technology why would her almost absent minded expression of the name of Jesus cause the entities to .. Quote ‘surprised or stunned’. Why would they suddenly move a little slower?

The most common account of alien abduction involve people who by all account taken against their will, they can’t move, they can’t even scream most of the time, they can’t get away no matter how hard they try right. Why would such superior, allegedly superior entities in the transcribed accounts of one of the most abduction in history, as soon as she said Jesus. Why would they now have to plead with her? And say ‘please follow us’.

posted on Feb, 24 2014 @ 08:48 AM
the God or creator of the 'Adamic' line of humans here on Earth
will of course demonize all other entities, be they Spiritual or Biological beings...

because indigenous humans from the human family tree which are evolved from Earth origins (i.e.: the non-Adamic line of humans)...
and spiritual Aliens are not in or involved with the 'Creation-Salvation' narrative made by the old-testament 'God' of this Earth Age

so it is a easy & lazy stand to declare every living soul other than those from the line of 'Adam+Eve' as being demonic or lacking a Soul or even the Grace of the Creator... all that is rubbish IMHO...a line of thought instilled in mankind by the Author... in a cosmic contest to gain a following of 'Believers' who have sworn an allegiance to the Judeo-Christian narrative/story line/ ideology


from an Earth Rat person who is pleased to announce the birth of a Wood-Horse, double Fire-Tiger granddaughter on this day
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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 08:54 AM
I ve said many times, also in this topic (i think), that the nephilims in the bible, are a part of rebels, from civilizations in other planets.

Also there is 3-4 generations of humans at this point on planet earth.

The indegenus black race (they come from seirios, but they started the projekt earth, they lived here from the very beggining)

The Ouranus generation (came from the skies) Ouranus means "sky" - this is the 4th generation of humans created by GOD. Each generation lasts about 13000 years. Maybe thats why today, the rebels and the kronians, try to create a new generation of humans (they pretend to be gods, they trying to catch up GOD) - clones.

The Kronian races (2-3 in the number), created during rebel Kronos that ruled in the skies. This is the 5th generation of humans and our scripts says, that there will be time, when Zeus - GOD will destroy this generation as well. Because they fall and turn into blood races and betrayed human race and their kind. When I say that GOD will destroy this generation, doesn't mean ALL that relate with the 5th generation of humans will die... It means that this generation, will be cleansed, only the worthy and the pure, will remain.

And the artificial race, created by rebels + dragonians. (this generation of humans, is not reffered in our scripts, because its artificial, for 1 purpose. Corruption and destruction). I dont know what will happen to this generation of humans.

There is some talking about indies as well, relating with pleiades.

Many changes comming .
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posted on Feb, 25 2014 @ 10:57 AM
extraterrestrial demons may exist,

an attempt to isolate all relevant variables toward assessing probability:

the time and space covered by sequential deviation, and the plausible permutations which can arise if no beginning or end point exists. The complexity of life known to exist modeled against approximal constructs that may exist.

space as infinite,
change as the only constant as Relevant Variable Infinite Permutation,
vibration modeled to the point the smallest object doesn't decay, or interact with resistance, as a sort of
fastest Relevant Variable, most deviated from moment to moment, root causal idea.

motion / causality itself as a rule of sequence,
relevant variability in the sense of the quantity of interacting sequences which can exist.

demonic alien personality types

age relevant variable - 1 yr, a sub sentient biological,
to (nearly infinite).

personality type "demonic"

to exist in conflict with aliens of a non invasive stance.

out of insanity, ancient eccentricity, predatory addiction, unnamed niche problem, scientific experimental disposition cold toward newly encountered life forms because love instinctively attaches to what is closest to it and has been the longest, pre-love reward and consequence hierarchy feeding off mind control and contract law,

meditate upon unconditionally loving aliens and sincerely pray they/angels block signal from going out to random X-Factor disposition entities.

unconditionally loving alien hierarchy - disposition to serve the whole makes of all sentient life a military, most pinning the individual's rights against assailability, as an evolutionary long term survival niche in no way hostile to demons in the position of

Only They Can - contribute the tactical victory? they earned their place defended by the unconditionally loving alien hierarchy because of it
Newly Encountered the eye for an eye scales - Negligence is partial retentional disregard one is risking negatively impacting the free will of others as baited by pride and desire, malice direct intentional negative interaction. Ignorance means animal instinct induces the sin, making the alien non culpable. Where justice is newly encountered, embracing the scales of fairness that instant automatically provides one as bodyguard the military to have yet evolved to have embraced the scales.

ufo = unidentified flying object.

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