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Revealed: The Beast, The False Profit, and the Anti-Christ!!!

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posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 06:46 AM

reply to post by sled735

I quote:

In this video Jonathan Kleck shows how God revealed to him through hieroglyphics where we came from, who we are, who the Beast is, spoken of in the Christian Bible, who the false profit is, and who the anti-Christ is.

If you have ever wondered who these people will be, you could have your answer!

It's a long video, but well worth the watch.

What do you think? Please don't respond until you've had time to watch the video in it's entirety.

The above implies that you have such in an interest in the video, that you decided to post it on ATS. Further, you show your approval of the video through your claim that some may have their answers to questions which cannot, and probably should not be physically and literally interpreted.

Also, another quote of yours:

Thank you all so much for your informed opinion on the video without even watching it. I see we have a bunch of "real" psychics here on the thread! Awesome!

Here, you are defending the video and its contents by outright attacking other members participating in this thread. So far this tells me that you either accept, believe, or have a warm reaction to the video and some of its contents.


Yeah, I've heard most of this before. The tidal wave coming over a major U.S. city was one I hadn't seen. I think that will be N.Y.

Here, referring to the video, you agree on a point made within the material that a major US city will be hit by a tsunami. You even go so far as to predict where the event will happen....

While you claim not to believe the OP, i think it is obvious that based on your actions in this thread, you do actually believe some of the material featured.

- Daas.

Okay, allow me to rephrase:

I posted this for the Christian members here who may be able to relate to what he is saying.

Over the past couple of years I have seen people coming up with warnings to many types of belief systems telling people to "awaken" to what is about to happen.
I, myself, am a Spiritist, not a Christian. I lean more to believing we should all work at improving ourselves from within by meditating, and prayer, and strive to reach higher dimensions of consciousness.
There have been a lot of articles coming out lately telling people to "awaken" so they can be a part of the new earth that is to come, or else, be stuck here in the lower-realm earth where all the chaos will occur. Have you heard of the two earths? There have been many threads about this on ATS alone.

I don't believe there will be a new kingdom come down from heaven, as in a new city. I believe the kingdom of God is within us, in our hearts, not "out there" somewhere.
The Bible has many verses that has been mistranslated by man over the years, so I have learned!
The "New Kingdom" will be those who inhabit the "New Earth" with their higher consciousness, and love for their fellow man.

As I said, there are warnings going out to everyone in many different belief systems. This video is just one of them... for the Christians.

I didn't attack anyone, as you said. I merely pointed out that I would like people to watch the video for themselves before commenting, or taking the word of another member for what was on the video.
One person may get a certain thing from it, while another member gets something else. Everyone needs to watch it for themselves before commenting. You didn't get "that" from what I said? I thought you were one of the psychic ones here.

As for N.Y. being hit by a tidal wave... yes, I do believe that. This has been predicted by many different people; Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and other famous psychics. I don't remember that being a prediction in the Christian faith. I don't know where this guy got that, but, yeah, I believe that will happen.

As for Obama being the anti-Christ... well, time will tell. If the people start to revolt over his trying to take control of us, he could declare Marshall Law and stay in power as long as he wishes. I read this as being a possible way for him to stay in power for many years to come.

But, as for me, I've always thought the anti-Christ would be an alien coming with great power and acting like they are here to "save us".
Then when they gain our trust, they show their true colors.

But, then again, Obama could be an alien!

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posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Here is a thread you might find interesting:

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by Mindless1980

FlyersFan's description is NOT at all what this video is about, not what I got from it.

How so?

It just looks like more detailed than the one you gave but says the same thing.

Maybe you disagree with FlyerFans conclusion.

I suggest the members here watch the video and come to THEIR OWN conclusions. She is leading the other members here to think this is all hogwash! It isn't. There is an important message he is sharing with us. Take time to watch it.

FlyerFan gave a detailed description with time stamps and then their opinion of what the video concluded compared the their own.

Sorry you see other members as being so gullible

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by sled735

the topic about afterlife you gave me, i start reading and its against my beliefs about "afterlife" ... first of all, for me these are soul collectors. After the earth was invaded by dragonian forces along with the cooperation of the kronians (rebel alliances), they formed up a system so humans can live in, the so called matrix for many others...

When you die, a collector appears in you to move you into the soul busters. Normally they appear to you as a beloved person, so you can trust it. Or they appear as a loving grace spirit, full of love, to take you with it.

These soul busters are in the stratosphere of planet earth and in the 2nd density. They keep you in there, to remove all necessary memories that hurts the matrix... Eg the author says, they remove traumas, etc... they make you forget. Thats why people cannot progress, because they have experiences from their past lives. When the job is finished, they move you into another place with others and under certain conditions, you can reborn...

In order to find out that those who take you are fake (not a beloved person, nor a divine spirit), all you have to do is to deny and tell them to give a bond in the name of "multidimensional waters of Stigos" - Stigos is a very very ancient goddess, not even a golden child, she belongs to the Immortals. An example is, the shape of the entire universe that looks like a river of stones and matters, is the multidimensional waters of Stigos... If their intentions are real and what they tell you are real, they will agree to accept that promise "that everything they say is true" in the other hand, "they will get angry, deny and maybe attack you ". They normally come more than 1, but in some occasions there is only 1... They come in groups.

And there is a way to avoid them and escape the grid of earths planet and their soul busters.

The Waters of Stigos ... According to mythology , Stigos was an Oceanida, she had the palace of the Tartars and guarded day and night Sleepless Dragons . It was believed that the waters of the spring came from there , from the Tartars and the palace of the Stigos .

The Titans were on the side of Zeus , when he fought his father Saturn. Children of Stigos are KRATOS, Violence. Envy and Victory. In the waters of the Stigos swore all the gods , even the Sun was fearing this promose. It was the biggest Oath between gods and the punishment was great. They said that any living being drank from the water was dying , and any metal dived into the waters of melting . There plunged Achilles 's mother Nereid Thetis and became invulnerable , but held him by the heel and was the only vulnerable spot on his body.

ps: the story that Kronos is Zeus father is a lie, Kronians after invasion, in order to promote their pathetic scum god, they downgraded Zeus... They blasphemy the true god so much and soon when the time comes, their souls will vanish from the universe. And dont tell me that you dont know kronos.... Kronos is Saturn and Sabbaoth, also the day "saturday" comes from this patthetic scum god.

But anyway, Stigos waters is the place that the GODS give promises, if they deny to give u that promise, they are fake. Stories have them, that if they promise lies, their souls and entire existanse vanishes forever.

There is a whole line of words to speak to them, I could find it and give it to you if you are interested. Thats how you make them to reveal themselves, but after you have to fight them... You tell them something like the following " In the multidemensional waters of Stigos, I command you to swear that your intentions are pure, you speak the truth and only the truth, or else you must leave or fight " it goes something like that, but we spell it in ancient greek. Normally these things attacking you after, because they cannot give you that promise. And they also have the command to collect u... Your a battery for them and if you escape, they know that you will inform other civilizations across the galaxy. But there is ways to escape after all.
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posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by sled735

Namaste, Sled. I understand wholeheartedly the message you are trying to convey through this thread. I, personally, have had the same understanding about the Beast system, Anti-christ, and the New World Order motives from a Christian point-of-view for many years. I haven't watched the video myself. But I know what it is all about. Because I did the same thing, deciphering dollar bills, using scripture to support my views of the NWO, and calling "aliens" as devils, which are all true to a certain point. This, indeed, does help Christians awaken further to the "Matrix" of a system that we are living in. You have to start from somewhere, right? Perhaps this will lead Christians and other religious groups into higher consciousness and understanding.

So everyone, I can speak for Sled that she never attacks anybody. She is just trying to help out those who haven't awakened themselves yet. I have followed Sled and her discussions for a while now. So I know what I'm saying. She is not of any particular religion, but studies a Universal Spirituality where truth is in every aspect of life, yes, including some aspects (but not all) of various religions. Because again, Universal means that you will find her knowledge and wisdom throughout time, cultures, religions, nations, villages, people, and sacred scriptures and oral teachings. But this is not the point of this thread. The point is that you may realize that your life on Earth is not what it seems. There is much, much, and I would add much more to life than your daily job, family, and friends of the Physical Earth. For example, the Anti-Christ that so many people talk about may or may not be a person. Just food for your intuition (not thought) to ponder. Look beyond what your eyes and ears can perceive. Remember always, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Peace and Divine Love be with you all, my Brethren.

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by ctophil

Thank you, Ctophil.

You have such a way with words. Yeah, that's what I meant to say.
You articulate your words sooooooo well. I wish I had that gift.

And, Thank You for defending my character.

posted on Feb, 16 2014 @ 05:35 PM
I insist in my first statement. I believe obama is an illusion of the "antichrist" , you have to think for your self, OBAMAS leadership ends in 2016, but for the rest of the world, the implementation of the microchip, will be "forced" after 2017. There is numerous of articles about it. Also the so called "antichrist" will bring a long term wars... with about the 1/3 of humans dead.

So how is it possible, if obama is the "antichrist", to leave while his work is unfinished.

There is a very recent article, that most of the people bypassed, in the Australian press. I give you the clues so you can search it...

In 28th of February 2011, 4-5 months before the oficial elections of USA? That Obama got elected again?

A very small article appeared in the news paper called " The Australian ". An inside information from Buildemberg club, told them, that they prepare the next leader of united states, after OBAMA in 2016 (???!??)... In 2011 this "new upcoming leader" was 31 year old and his name is David. He works as an economist in IMF and he is the favorite child of jewish, they consider him as the new "Jesus". And this will be your next president in 2016!!! (his true origin will be presented as a far relative of germanic... but he is Jewish-germanic... kronian).

So are you sure, Obama is the one? Obama may force you with his actions, to vote the true antichrist. I believe many of you are confused and passionate about it, saying ... OH THIS IS the antichrist. But I am suggesting you to open your eyes and think about it a bit..

and here is the link to search older content, but they dont have dates, it may be easier for your to do it...

You may call Obama as a false prophet, or a kind of "helper" for it, but not the one itself as an antichrist.. Maybe thats why they present Obama as an egyptian priest or

So i would suggest you to have your mind and your judge open, for the next 2-3 years.

And here is some proof from our side, we knew that OBAMA will be elected again, before it happens... I used google translator because its a greek article from 2011.... article for the Australian press
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posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 06:17 AM
reply to post by Ploutonas

I guess time will tell. But, as I posted earlier, if he can get the people in enough of an uproar about how the gov is forcing policies on people they don't want, and they revolt, he can declare Marshall Law and stay in office as long as he likes.

I haven't read your links yet, but I will. Thanks.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 09:53 AM

reply to post by Ploutonas

I guess time will tell. But, as I posted earlier, if he can get the people in enough of an uproar about how the gov is forcing policies on people they don't want, and they revolt, he can declare Marshall Law and stay in office as long as he likes.

I haven't read your links yet, but I will. Thanks.

When martial law is put into place the president LOSES most of his powers, the leading generals call the shots, and become his council. The only way martial law will be implemented is if massive widespread riots and violent protest happens. But that is why there are states, and each state can be contained. It's not going to happen.

posted on Feb, 19 2014 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by strongfp

That's good to know.

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