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The Real Meaning Behind Jesus Sacrifice.

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by MRSeeker

First of all, you haven’t read the entire thread. The points that you’ve raised, have already been addressed, not just by me, but by at least 2 other posters, who see it, roughly in the same way I do…

Originally posted by MRSeeker
I find nothing wrong with the OP, but there is more to Jesus's sacrifice than just the message He brought to us.

Well you do find something wrong with OP then; because that’s exactly what I’m saying i.e. that Jesus sacrificed himself, to deliver Gods message too us, and NOT to die as a sacrifice for all sins.

I’ve already adressed that issue, to another poster, you can find those posts… here and here

Originally posted by MRSeeker
Remember that God instituted sacrifice as a means for the early Jewish nation to attone for their transgressions, or sins.
Those sins were made known by the law, and Jesus was the fullfilment of the law. He became sin for us, and by dying on the cross, He became a sacrifice for all.

God did NOT institute sacrifices at all; you need to read through my 2 posts links, and the entire thread; these issues have already been addressed.

Originally posted by MRSeeker
I don't understand how God judges and maintains balance, but I do believe He does. He is perfect, and in Heaven, everything must be perfect or it can't be there. Only through Jesus's sacrifice are we made whole and able to be in Heaven.

According to Jesus, in order to enter the Kingdom of God and be “saved”, you must become born of Water and Spirit. We learn this through Jesus message only, which is why the message saves.

The word “blood”, was a coded metaphor used by the Gnostic Christians to symbolize the “Holy Spirit”.

It’s the Holy Spirit, which is poured out for our sins, and we only learn how to receive it, by coming to know God through Jesus message, therefore it’s Jesus message that saves.

Originally posted by MRSeeker
Now when the Father wants to balance out the universe because of the sin we cause, He looks at Jesus, and Jesus makes the balance ok again, somehow, in a way I don't understand right now. Maybe one day we'll all understand, and I think when we do, we will love Jesus even more, and feel greater shame for the sin and pain we caused Him.

I understand right now!!!

Jesus made the balance by bringing a message, which saves us.

What I’ve described in my OP, is far more loving, than God sending his Son to be sacrificed like an animal, to pay for someone else’s sins; that’s not how God works IMO…

God wants people to seek him out, and to get to know him, which can only be done through Jesus message, and by Jesus message Alone!

Originally posted by MRSeeker
So in your analagy, I don't see Him as the messenger. If you want a messenger, John the Baptist would be the better example. Jesus, though, was the one who jumped on the grenade to protect us.

The message that He brought us, is Him jumping onto the grenade, that’s the whole point!

And it’s not just a message, from just a messenger, as you seem to be implying, because if that’s what you think, then you’ve completely misunderstood my entire OP…

It’s a message that came directly from God, to help save us from our sins…

- JC

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by jmdewey60

Originally posted by jmdewey
I think that we really know just about nothing about who Jesus called his heavenly father.
I think that this thing, God, is a lot more complex than most people imagine.

Jesus came to reveal the Father to us, and He said that those who believe in Him, believe also in the one who sent Him.

John 12:44-45
Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. 45 The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me.

So we know enough about the Father, through Jesus words/message…

Originally posted by jmdewey
Understanding Jesus I think is the closest thing that we will achieve in trying to understand God (at least in this life), and I think that is the point of the Gospel of John.

Well, other than the verse above, there’s also this verse…

Matthew 11:27
All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

According to Jesus words and message, He (The Son) reveals the Father to others, so Jesus is not just the closest thing, He’s the only thing IMO…

- JC

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