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What are YOU doing to help the country's current state?

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posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 10:53 PM

reply to post by Wanderer777

Maybe there is a way. You got me thinking how we the people can make a difference.
Fight fire with fire.
America is quickly becoming a corporation made up of smaller corporations and that's who we're really going against. What if there was a kickstarter created to collect money and create a lobby for the complete legalization of Marijuana and Hemp. Create oil, plastics, medicines, fabric, you name it, and make it a major export.

Think of the jobs that could be created from a plant. Dispensaries, clothing factories, alternate fuel refineries, farms, etc.

This is how Big Pharma and Big Oil get it done so why can't we do the same thing?
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That alone could potentially take us out of debt. I've been praying for that day to come, but it won't if we keep letting them control us when we are supposed to control them

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 09:02 AM
Dont worry people we will be heard!!!!


Tucked quietly in the corner, to rant and rave, and if we step out of bounds, we get tazed. Welcome to America, where you can still get inches away from the constitution, you just cant have it apply to you. You cant dance around any monuments without getting arrested. You cant wear a shirt without getting profiled.

You cant voice your opinion in public, or you get a file and labled a terrorist. When you dont voice your opinion in public and decide to do it from the comfort of your home, you get a file and labled a terrorist.

You have your own government spying on you, and slowly taking away your liberities in the name of homeland security, you have police officers beating the innocent and taking their libirites away as well. Then we get dragged into a war. Where they use it as a platform to strip our rights even faster.

Then we bomb other countries, killing the innocet people there. Well we dont do it, our gov. does. Do we stand up? Not like we should.

Our gov. has gotten so out of control we are scared of them. When it should be the other way around. We have so much potential to turn this country around, we just cant get to gether because of our gov. They have us fighting eachother, creating false flag attacts, and misdirecting us every chance they get.

The shove smart phones in our faces, which is ironic, because thats where most of us get the news, and we get out raged..LOL

They have you chasing cars, women and money. They make you think that this is how you need to be. Fat. Slow. Greedy. Competitive. Stomping on your fellow "American" to get what you want. Wake up people, this tird is getting flushed. We need to start to rely on ourselves. Until then we will stay this way, or the whole thing will collapse, and many people will starve to death, because the supermarket ran out of food.

What do we do? We take it in the a$$. We let them do it, with no lube mind you.

We cant get 20 people in a room together, witout them fighting over something.

We are like a puddle of gas, and we need a spark, some hope that we can over come the traitors that took this country, and have a peacefull life.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 09:08 AM

Where you dont have to have a licence to fish off the land you own. You can hunt without a licence too, its just one more way for them to control you, right down to what you put in your body.

They want complete control, and while you cant live two seconds without your smart phone, they are making laws against you, and spying on your every move. They are probably reading this. I hope they do, because Im not happy with my coutnry, their foreign pollicies and their demeanor. We arent free. Not by far. When I can go out of my house, and fish and hunt without worring about some ranger asking me for papers like a nazi, then im free.

When I can leave my house and walk down the street get on a box and protest with a couple of thousand people without shock troops with tear gas shooting us, then Im free.

The list goes on and on. So enjoy your facebook, and dont worry about your freedom being taken away slowly.

If you read this, you know Im right. Oh and thank you for having a enough patience to read it, most people's attention span is measured in nano seconds.

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