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Woman Forced to Expose Her Body and Remove Tampon as 5 Cops Watch: Lawsuit

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posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 11:36 AM



WTF is going on? America, the self styled keepers of conscience and human rights around the world, who leave no stone unturned to blame others around the world for 'human rights violations' are themselves guilty of the worst violations especially by the law enforcement agencies.

Here's an incident that reflects the rot that has set in by the keepers of law themselves.

CHICAGO — A woman is filing a lawsuit after being deeply humiliated when a group of male police officers forced her to strip on the road, joking about her body as they forced her to remove her bloody tampon.

It began when the woman and her two male friends were startled to see an unmarked car driving toward them on the wrong side of the street, according to Courthouse News. Officers emerged from the car and decided to perform a “search.”

They detained the woman and her friends and took them to a nearby alley where they could not be seen by residents in the community. At that point another cop, officer Wherfel, came to the scene and ordered the woman to remove her pants, while surrounded by five other officers — all males.

According to reports, the woman begged the officers to keep her pants on. She explained that she had a tampon inside of her because she was menstruating.

“Are you really forcing me to strip in front of these men?” asked the woman. “Yes,” said officer Wherfel, while snapping on latex gloves.

That’s when officer Wherfel ordered the woman to take out her tampon.

Full Story here...

I think they choose specific folks to do this to. They wouldnt want to do it to me. Id be smiling the entire time.. cause Id OWN them and their department and their future shortly thereafter.

Another keyboard warrior making brash BS statement.

If 5 large cops pulled you over you would comply. End OF!!

Well maybe. I would certainly comply, and I don't know if I would stay level headed enough to think "future lawsuit" while I was doing so; but in the case of Advantage... I have my doubts that it is just bravado.

I do agree completely that these cops pick and choose whom they victimize just like any predatory personality. Also, regardless of whether or not they had heroin on them, these civilians should not have been searched that way in the street. Being an addict does not negate your right to dignity. I know that plenty of people disagree, but the attitude that human rights only belong to certain people is a social slippery slope of epic proportions. It is however, a perspective that is gaining steam and that momentum is one of the biggest red flags that I see that we are headed somewhere as a country and culture that is very, very ugly.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by redhorse

My initial reaction was horror, then I wondered if they were well known drug dealers. But, even if they were and the small bag of heroin was found lon one of them, there is still no excuse for the humiliating searches carried out in the open by the police. If you have a bag of heroin then you take them to the station for processing.

Body searches should be carried out at a police station in accordance with procedure for such a search. How come they were doing this in public? Something is not right with this at all.

If this is true, I wonder how those men will face their girl-friends, daughters or wives once what they did gets out. The only way to stop this kind of behaviour is to shout the names of the offending officers loudly and to let everyone know what they did. Name and shame.

Interestingly I saw an RT news story that took place in the UK but did not make the UK news about a guy who was arrested for shoving one of our illustrious bully-cops. Fortunately people ignorred the 'Do not film coppers law' and filmed the incident.
Now 3 coppers are facing disciplinary proceedings and hopefully will be personally sued. Our coppers use to be held to a high standard of policing which they maintained for years, but that has certainly slipped and is apparent by the qualify of officers now recruited. Everyone once admired and respected them, now everything has changed and its in truth a terrible situation.

posted on Feb, 4 2014 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by OrionHunterX

The biggest problem with law enforcement is that there is no adequate law enforcement for the law enforcement. We should have an FBI type agency who's only job is to monitor, investigate and prosecute law enforcement agents. And be completely detached for all aspects of law enforcement over civilians. The police should not be monitoring the police, and having the FBI come in is a giant joke.

As well, officers should be held to higher standards and the penalty for violating law or ethics should be far more severe than for a civilian. As for these officers, imo they should be charged with sexual assault among other things.

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