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Americans Outraged at Multicultural Coca Cola Superbowl Ad - Racist?

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by buster2010

That post must require a lot of cognitive dissonance to write. I don't think you understand how a melting pot society works.

Pro Tip: It doesn't mean a person's native language/culture/outlook/economics/ethnicity/religion trumps the host society's, regardless of how patchwork that host society's formula is.

People discussing the subversiveness of a media broadcast that was watched by so many is anything but petty. The media has been one of the prime drivers of societal change in the last 50 years, almost without compare.

Putting it in a smaller context always makes the situation more apparent.

Example of a melting pot society that doesn't work that many people seem to think what's right. Get a group of 20 people. Each one speaks a different language from a different country with a different culture. Get them to work together on a project. Have them compete against a group of 20 other people all from the same country with the same language and culture to achieve an objective. The "multiculti" group, if and when it achieves the objective, will be well behind the cohesive group. Because of their different perspectives, their solution or approach may be more creative, but fraught with problems.

Example of a melting pot society that does work that many people seem to think is racist, or insular, or "petty". Get a group of 20 people, each one speaks a different language from a different country with a different culture. Get them all to learn one language and agree to a contract that they think suits them so they have the same general outlook as to what they expect in the future from one another and themselves. Now have them compete against a group of 20 people with the same language from the same country the same culture to achieve an objective. The multicultural group will be very close if not right there with the homogenous one, and their solution or approach will still be more creative if not better.

Now, get both groups to add a single new person. This single person speaks a different language, has a different culture, is from a different country than all the other ones. What do the two groups do? Let them just hang out and speak their different language and have their different culture that may run perpendicular to the groups already agreed upon expectations? The new person would be dead weight if that happened. The multicultural group gets into negotiations with the new member, group expectations are changed, individual expectations are changed, and compromise takes place to where all parties are satisfied. In the homogenous group, the new individual must assimilate or become dead weight, which is basically what is happening in Europe. Most immigrants claim some kind of assistance/pension/asylum stipend and are in their 2nd or even 3rd generation status with no meaningful contribution to the society all the while living in self imposed ghettos. Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. It didn't really need it in the first place.

Multiculturalism that works is about comparable to homogeneity that works. Both have their pluses and minuses. The US happens to be the former.

I think the reason Americans are getting upset over the ad is they feel it is pushing for the acceptance of the melting pot example that doesn't work. Whether or not that's what the ad conveyed is neither here not there, but that's how a lot of people took it and defenders of the ad have certainly been defending it with the non-working example of "melting pot", which in the eyes of those offended by the ad, only confirms their suspicions.

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Galvatron

I just got home from work and saw the reply to me, but now I see your reply to it and I find no need to respond, as you have done a beautiful job of saying it all! Thank you!

You know how strange it is, that I come from an immigrant yet understand this concept while others with families here longer do not? lol... It's strange how some people just don't appear to understand that this is not being discriminatory... but I think some have decided that it is somehow... thats just taking PC way too far!
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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 06:02 PM


You have no 1st amendment rights in this forum. Read the T&C it states guidelines as to what you can and cannot talk about if those rights existed here then a T&C wouldn't be needed. Also this forum is international and the 1st amendment only works within the boundaries of America.

Since I stated my opinion WITHIN the guidelines of the T&C's of this site, and ALSO within the guideline's of the 1st Amendment, which I am legally obligated to adhere to, regardless if this site is international or not, I have fulfilled my obligations to both. If you go back and read my reply, you will see I was pointing out to an INTERNATIONAL poster the limits of the 1st Amendment.

posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 06:03 PM
Let me tell everyone a story, and I think others should chime in on whether or not they see anything wrong with this experience I had.

I was with my granddaughter, who lives in texas. She is in Kindergarten. She asked me for something one day, and I did not understand what she asked for, so I asked her to pronunciate her word better, because she was not clear. (btw, this is the same thing my mother and father did with me as a child, pronunciate pronunciate... lol)

She said it again, and I still did not understand her. She then told me it was a Spanish word. I told her it is best to speak English since I don't know Spanish, and English is the language of the United States so the English word you must use first, if you are learning another language. (English first when I was growing up too! Even in the

She told me that while English might be the language of the United States, the language of Texas was Spanish. I said to her no it is not! Texas is in the United States, therefore English is official. She wished to debate this point with me and said "No, while English is the Language of the United States, Spanish is the official language of Texas." Then she said "Every day at school we say the Pledge of Allegiance, then after we are done saying it in English they say... and now in Spanish. This makes Spanish the official language of Texas."

Lol... ok, so she is a little me... but I was rather appalled that not even the pledge of allegiance is learned in English now... and that Spanish is so prevalent in Texas that a kindergartener thinks Spanish is the "official" language. (her own words by the way!)

Its seems more like a war was lost with Mexico without even one shot being fired.

I understand being accommodating while someone learns a language, I understand this more than most... what I don't understand is English not being learned at all.

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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by OpinionatedB

That's what I was getting at with my first post. Demographics is destiny. Multiculturalism only works if the host society actually keeps track of it. If it happens too quickly, or if it is forced, you see a gradual destruction of the host society along with the elements of that society that made it successful.

To use the example in my 2nd post, It would be like that group of 20 all of a sudden facing having to take in a group of 5, but those 5 all speak the same language come from the same country, and have the same culture.

Multiculturalism only works when it is a deliberate act of the host society and kept track of well. Massive influxes lead to low to non-existent assimilation, the unforced creation of ghettos, and a slow dilution of the formula that made the host society successful. To put it simply, mass immigration turns host societies into the societies of the immigrants.

The secret is the immigrants aren't leaving their societies for no reason, it usually isn't a nice place to live. To be completely open to immigration means the huge risk of having your society be turned into the bad one the immigrants are fleeing from, in a relatively short period of time, too.
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posted on Feb, 5 2014 @ 06:26 PM


So kind of big screw you to those members of the Puerto Rican National Guard who go off defend Americe because they do not speak english and thus no common ground. The common ground between Americans is not English and anybody who thinks it is had no idea about our history or anything this nation has stood for.

Members of the Puerto Rican National Guard, who have a great history of defending this country despite being from a territory of these United States with a population that 95% of it's residents speak Spanish as their primary language, are allowed to take the ASVAB in Spanish. Or were last I checked. Once accepted, those who do not speak english are 1st sent to Language School in San Antonio, Texas to learn the basics of English. Once they reach a certain level, they then can go on to boot camp.

No "big screw you", rather a big hooray to the proud members of the Puerto Rican National Guard for their service, and for going the extra mile to form a common bond with their fellow soldiers by learning English.

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