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Counter Communications System, CCS, Microwave Weaponry

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 06:25 AM
CCS is a part of a official plan approved by president Clinton in 1996, entitled US Military Control of Space.

Center for Defence Information i Washington DC has allerede protested against CCS. Vice adm. director Theresa Hitchens said on the 1. november that it looks as if the control of space not longer limits to friendly systems " She thinks that there is a real danger of a new weapons race.

CCS is driven by a new unit est. 2001, by the name US Air Force 76th Space Control Squadron.

The systems are based on high-effeciency generators, transmitters and antennas. The systems are groundbased transmitters, which uses electromagnetic waves to disable satelites.
It is said to be fully reversible, so any circuits are not supposed to be "fried".
-US Air Force want to control all satelites, and it will only be used in armed conflicts...

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 06:33 AM
"Some of the US’s closest allies worry about the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) policy of “negation.” The NRO, America’s largest intelligence agency by budget and in control of all US spy satellites, is talking openly with the US Air Force Space Command about actively denying the use of space for intelligence purposes to any other nation at anytime, according to NRO director Peter Teets.

He has proposed that US resources from military, civilian, and commercial satellites be combined to provide “persistence in total situational awareness, for the benefit of this nation’s war fighters.” Beginning next year, NRO will be in charge of the new Offensive Counter-Space program, which will come up with plans to specifically deny the use of near-Earth space to other nations, said Teets.

The program will include two components: the Counter Communication System, designed to disrupt other nations’ communication networks from space; and the Counter Surveillance Reconnaissance System, formed to prevent other countries from using advanced intelligence-gathering technology in air or space. (EE Times)"

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