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POLITICS: Mahmoud Abbas: New PLO Leader.

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 05:11 AM
After Yassir Arafat died on November the 9th, Mahmoud Abbas has been elected as the new leader of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). The election will take place on January 9th, 2005. Mahmoud was born in 1935 in Palestine and became a refugee in the 1948 war which immediately followed Israel’s independence. In 1993, Abbas was a key figure in the peace process and in the Oslo agreements. Recently, during his talks with the Palestinian terrorist organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Abbas asked their representatives to cease their military activities against Israel.
After that Abbas lost a lot of political power, but he remained Secretary General of the PLO. Since Arafat's death, Abbas has regained his power, and is now believed to be the number one candidate from the Fatah party for the position of the Palestinian Authority's new chairman.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Abbas claims that the intifada must carry on but not by way of violence, and also claims that suicide attacks are not permitted. This may be good news for the citizens of Palestine & Israel but whether it lasts will be a challenge. Hopefully this can be seen as a fresh start with better attitude and approach to the situation in the middle east.

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 06:32 AM
If he has been elected then I guess the year is 2005 already man where did that time go, oh wait its still 2004. He hasn't been elected yet phixion, I believe you should edit you first paragraph and probably title of this story.

PS> When he is elected it will hopfully help the peace process, but his election is not a sure thing

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posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 10:48 AM
We do not want peace between the Palestinians and the Isrealies. It is biblical that when there is peace it will usher in the 7 year tribulation leading up to Armageddon. The anti-christ is to assist in this treaty. Mahmoud Abbas=Mabas of Nostradamus? This should get interesting.

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 10:54 AM

Mahmoud Abbas=Mabas of Nostradamus? This should get interesting.

I thought the same thing...

If you look at Abbas' past statements though, despite his current stance of "playing nice", he shared Arafat's view of Israel's non-existance....

posted on Nov, 22 2004 @ 11:44 AM
Are you serious? This psychic person named Sollog sent an e-mail, and said that if this man is chosen, that he might be MABUS from the Nostradamus writings.

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